Monday, December 7, 2015

ISIS & Kremlin, the best allies of Marine Le Pen

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In France, Extreme Right National Front Wins as Terror Attacks Ripple Through Elections
Culture | By Sharon Waxman on December 6, 2015 @ 10:20 pm

A ripple effect from the terror attacks in Paris on Sunday should send a chill through anyone concerned with the rise of extremism: The far-right wing National Front party won sweeping gains in regional elections in France, surprising even themselves by the margin of their success.

The party founded by avowed anti-immigrant, ultra-nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen — the man who famously called the Nazi gas chambers “a detail” of history — has grown and taken root as a family 

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"...... It is the design of the Jesuit Papacy to unite the White peoples of Europe, Roman Catholic and apostate Protestant alike, into “New Right” Jesuit Fascism.  To accomplish this tremendous feat, tens of millions of Pakistani, Middle Eastern and African Muslims have been brought into Europe, financed by the Pope’s oil bonanza, “Saudi” Arabia. [by Eric Jon Phelps]
Saturday, November 21, 2015
True colors of the Catholic Whore - Eric Jon Phelps in ONLY one point unrighteously blamed pt.2
"Annexing Europe - that is Russian! The idea of establishing a russian protectorate over the EU, a new Byzantine empire, only seems strange at  first sight. A closer look reveals that the project can not only become the new national idea  of Russia, but could benefit both Russia and Europe much.
  So Europe, we will suggest to remain her own, we will simply establish a protectorate and thats all. That is also the question of Europe being weak in terms of military power. Of course, we don't need to wage war. Why would we seek armed conflict? Lets use soft power, lets offer Europe protection from gays, Pussy riot, save Europe from herself.  Europe's conscience is even now dissolving, isn't it? All sane Europeans understand that not much longer and Europe will turn into an abyss, there will be enclaves of decadence, immigrants, who will simply destroy European identity, they [understand] they need to do something."

понеделник, 23 ноември 2015 г.
Dugin on the annexation of Europe (2013)

 "The loan has arrived", confirmed a member of the political bureau. A close adviser to the president of the Front National also confirmed the signature on the loan, at an interest rate of 6%, that offers the party a right to withdrawal "according to the need". Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, European deputy and former consultant to Dassault, presumably served as the go-between in Russia.
Unblocking this loan to the Front National from a Russian bank comes at a critical moment in the relations between the European Union and Russia, hampered by the crisis in Ukraine. Five Russian banks (Sberbank, VTB Bank, Gazprombank, Vnesheconombank and Rosselhozbank) are being hit by sanctions and 119 persons, among them oligarchs and bankers, are forbidden to enter EU territory. One of the FN's contacts, deputy Alexander Mikhailovich Babakov, is among them.

  Friday, January 9, 2015
"Nine million euros from Russia " [the integral article + Jean d'Arc, Bitch of Satan]

 Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time? Luke 12:56


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