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Are you curious about Putin's NEW CHECHNYA ? So beware of your throat.

"But we have not to try at any cost to find the bio of Dominik Stillhart. The policy of pleasing Putin's Russia by ICRC is not a fact of sympathy towards the terrorist gang in the Kremlin, or a question of ideological love for Putin's terrorist Eurasian-ism, but dictated by ....fear."
Good evening and peace in Christ. You have to know before the core argument of this post, how the International Committee of the Red Cross, just because his mission is to enter in the most threatening war zones without to take the side with one or the other fronts, has therefore as first duty, to save itself, keeping the mouth absolutely shut and closed eyes and closed ears about the truth. But when you have at the top of it a guy which mind has been shaped by an istitutions, LSE, smelling to be a den of Putin's Western ideological minions, things go ever worse and ICRC can easily transform simply in a propaganda tool at disposition of the most cruel and powerful army  in the zone where ICRC operates:

Above image - Dominik Stillhart "bio" at ICRC official website - how much Putin's ISIS & Al Nusra are blackmailing  the  International Committee of the Red Cross in Syria, by the throats of the there present ICRC personnel...???
Thursday, October 29, 2015
FSB/GRU significant mingling with SADDAM's regime in the years of FEDAYEEN SADDAM [further evidence of ISIS as FSB/GRU/Saddam creature]

If you are exposing  the evidence of the pro-ISIS and pro-Nusra Syrian Campaign of Putin you can say bye-bye to your throat. It is a very easy life, to "expose the CIA",  behind the computer on the websites of Comedonchisciotte, Alex Jones, Luogocomune, Blondet, Michael Chossudowsky,  Global Research, etc.  But well, before to talk of that, read first this article [I added the URL of website on my blog roll list]:

"...Russia lied about targeting ISIS
Exclusive – Raqqa is being slaughtered silently

since the beginning of the flights that carried out by the Russian air force at the Syrian airspace the Russians consistently promoted that their airplanes working on targeting the extremism groups in Syria especially ISIS.
But in time it turned out that the Russian strikes didn’t effect greatly ISIS, where it was targeting the civilians directly in Raqqa the main headquarters of ISIS, most of the raids also focused on the areas where battalions of the FSA and its headquarters in each of Idlib and Hama and in both cities there isn’t any camp or cell for ISIS, we will list and detail the raids carried out by Russian troops in the city of Raqqa since their intervention in the conflict in Syria directly
The first Russian raid on Raqqa city was on 17th of September this year, before the official announcement for the Russian attacks in Syrian space, the raids targeted many locations in the city and it was (Jawd Anzoor school – the Real Estate – Aldrae’a neighborhood next to the directorate of feed – Alfardos neighborhood next to Sada internet café – hospital of obstetrics – the industrial area) and it led to a nearly 40 martyrs and 75 wounded among civilians

After that, the Russian raids rolled to target Raqqa city frequently in close times, and were as follows:
September 21st, the Russian aviation carried out 12 air strikes targeted many of sites in the city ( Alzahra’a school at Althakaneh neighborhood – the summer hall for Alkarnak hotel at Althakaneh neighborhood – the garage of the fire extinguishing, Alquadisia Sq. Alromania neighborhood – Alforosia area – the yellow warhous – Almashleb neighborhood – the national hospital) , these raids have left 22 martyrs in addition to the 50 injured, all of them civilians.

September 24th, the Russian aviation carried out 2 air strikes on Ma’adan city east of Raqqa city which cause the martyrdom of one person and the injured of other five of the civilians.

September 26th, the Russian aviation attacked Ma’adan city again with two air strikes it led to the 2 martyrs and 4 wounded among civilians
September 29th the Russian aviation carried out a raid on the sides of the city from the eastern side, the raid did not result in any material or human damage, while some sources that close from the regime said that four members from ISIS were killed, but the reporter of the RBSS confirmed that the targeted location was evacuated in an earlier period as a result of targeted repeatedly by the international coalition aviation

This October 1st, the Russian aviation carried out many night raids on a location for ISIS west of Raqqa city, they also targeted the avant-garde camp south of the city, which led to the killing of a number of ISIS members known of them (Abo Bilal the Tunisian) that known as a one of ISIS member who participated in arresting the Jordanian pilot Moa’az Kasasbeh

October 7th The fall of the Scud missile on the Sides of Altabqa city west of Raqqa, believed to be a missile which was shoot from the Caspian Sea by the Russian Navy, where they found the remains of the missile and the writings on it was by the Russian language .
The missile has led to a large mass in the place where it fell, despite the fact that the area is far from the city and from any of ISIS headquarters.

October -13th, a long – range missile targeted a gas station (Alrawi station) on the international road Raqqa-Aleppo, which led to the martyrdom of 5 civilians

In sum, and as a result of tracking and monitoring the overall of Russian raids, we find that the number of strikes reached nearly / 36 / raid in addition to the fall of two missiles from long-range missiles, noting that these raids didn’t effect on ISIS directly, where the sum of ISIS killed members was little comparing with the total martyrs among civilians, The death toll from ISIS was/ 4 / members while fell out of the civilian about / 70 / people
On the other hand, two sites belonging to ISIS has been targeted while the number of civilian places that have been targeted about /
22 / position.

as a result for this reality
ISIS realized that the Russian aviation is like the Syrian one doesn’t constitute a major threat to the members and locations , that’s why they are no longer address these raids through the ground-based seriously because they know that It is imprecise and indiscriminate and it’s only targeting the civilians mainly , although the Russian Aviation superior to his Syrian counterpart in terms of maneuverability, speed and amount of the load and the size of the explosions, which left behind.

Thus the sky of Raqqa city is witnessing state of crowed by the flight of the various countries of the world, starting with the aviation of the Syrian regime to the international coalition aviation and the end of the Russian aviation hearing the sounds of the ambulance and the sirens that lunched with the ground-based daily and normal in the city

.And hearing the sound of the airplanes is ordinary and the absence of it is the exception to
the civilians who persecuted by the destruction and death from all over the world, who did not die as a result of the ISIS practices on the ground, his fate will be the death coming from the sky sent by the Russian aviation and its ally the regime, or death as a result of mistakes committed by the international coalition aviation." [end]

Clear? So look what happened to two journalists writing in the blog RSS, from where the above quoted report about the Russian lies: CUT-THROATED. [pls, compare the difference between the dates of both articles: ten days only]

"...Turkey: Two Syrian anti-Isis journalists found beheaded

    Gianluca Mezzofiore
    By Gianluca Mezzofiore
    October 30, 2015 11:13 GMT

Two Syrian journalists known for their anti-Islamic State (Isis) stance have been found beheaded in the south-eastern Turkish city of Sanliurfa, according to local sources. One of the two journalists, aged 28 and 30, was Ibrahim Abd al Qader, a member of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RSS) group. They were found with their throats slit in the city, which is near the Turkish-Syrian border.

RSS, a citizen journalism blog exposing the atrocities of the IS in their de facto capital of Raqqa, confirmed the report on Twitter:

The group has published first-hand accounts, videos and pictures of the Syrian city under IS. and was awarded the International Press Freedom Award 2015 from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Seven Syrians were taken in police custody for the murder, according to Radikal newspaper. [end]

OK, forget now other symbolically related events and focus on those journalists. Hard life for the ones exposing the Russian New Chechnya, the systematic bombing of Syrian Sunni civilian targets,  with the clear intent - being not yet ready the Zyklon B gas can for Sunni - to push back the Sunni population of Syria to the Evolutionist "Stone Age", and of course pushing them  inside EUROPEAN UNION. There   the parties financed by the same Putin (Front national of Marine Le Pen) are "warmly" waiting them, because they know how to use all those Sunni refugees in order to get more votes from the anti-Islamic fake Christian heathen mob, and to conquer the power in EU, like in Germany in 1933, making out of European Union the Dream-land of the Jesuits' Reductions. 

  But  Dominik Stillhart knew all that before, and he knows that ICRC must keep the mouth shut on the Russian systematic targeting of Syrian Sunni civilian targets, if he wants to save the throat (or his future career....) of his personnel in Syria:

" we will list and detail the raids carried out by Russian troops in the city of Raqqa since their intervention in the conflict in Syria directly"

Because this similar attitude costed the life of 6 (six) aid workers of ICRC in the First Chechnya (Chechnya, being Syria the Second one) War, in 1996, the year before the beginning of Putin's political/emperial career:
How the Chechnyan Red Cross murders affected central Africa
Ruaridh Nicoll
In December 1996, Red Cross workers in eastern Congo were forced to quit the region, and refugees were left to their fate
Thursday 25 November 2010 11.02
  Therefore,  my "truth-sayer" darlings, the Syrian Genocide of Sunni has to be free from witnesses and this homicidal campaign of suppression of the information is well supported by the "free" Western world, intended, free from every kind of morality, that breath of God which can be present even in the people the most ignorant about the Power of the Lord. 

Ah there was already launched the blame on the Erdogan government for that murder,....

Oct 30
ISIS/Turkey hit squad^tfw

..... but take care, dear truth-losers, that you be not cut by the same hypocritical knife with which you stab at the back the Sunni, because if it is plausible that Ankara led to the slaughter of these two witnesses, it could be even more plausible that they could have been murdered by Assad's regime proxies, which fear that the ISIS could be exposed as a tool of the Putin's Syrian Regime, not much in information about identified members of Assad services dressed up as ISIS' millitiamen, but especially for its strategies and collaborative relations with the Assad's army strategies, from which it comes clear that ISIS is a proxy of Putin's Russia.

If Erdogan's government will cover up also this murder, it will be not a strange fact. Everyone knows that Erdogan's group of power is on the payroll of Putin, therefore will commit every kind of atrocity in Turkey in order to protect the interest of his Russian benefactor:

"Erdoğan's decision to grant the nuclear power plant bid to Russia would be inexplicable were it not for the fact that his [of Erdogan] business cronies have invested billions of dollars in Russia, particularly in construction."

Monday, October 12, 2015
Appendix to "Correction: etc": the Cat, the Mouse, and the CHEESE.
 This is the Russian cheese for the Mouse Erdogan, the big contracts for building in Russia and to make the corrupted elite at power at Ankara even more rich. And disposed even to offer support to the Assad murders squad, cut-throating the witnesses of Putin's overseen Genocide in Syria, only if it could help to get in the wallets of Erdogan's clan even more cheese from  the Kremlin. 

I can conclude with no better link than the one with Stilyianov's post, because the title says, condensed, all what is cointained in hundreds of my words:

"Pro-gov’t journalist claims Erdoğan to become caliph if presidential system adopted

A journalist from the staunchly pro-government Yeni Akit daily has suggested that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be the new caliph of the Muslim world and host representatives of Muslim countries at his palace if Turkey adopts a presidential system."....
 събота, 24 октомври 2015 г.
Turkish Dugin

The Erdogan/AKP's New Ottoman Empire - built also with Putin's Rubles & Way:

"...Reciprocal investment is not the only tie between modern Turkey and Russia: they increasingly have begun to resemble one another...." etc etc

See of course my previous post about the Ankara Bombing 2015, which  should be revised now, but you can do this yourself, with the new light you get from this post, on condition GOD gave you the eyes to see it. More than of the Turkish Indifada, for now Putin is the true leader of Erdogan's AKP:

Sunday, October 11, 2015
Correction: Putin will NOT visit Turkey on 15 Oct: he is ALREADY leader of the "Turkish Intifada"
God bless you and may give you His peace in heart:

15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. 16
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
Colossians, 3:15-16

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Assassination of Russia (Blowing up Russia) HQ [video documentary]

An exposition of Jesuit's Russia, aka the Eastern Roman empire, soon to be melted with the Western one (Catholicized EU) - remember on how the "truth movement" about the 911 has the duty to ideologically cover the Putin's crime in the Western world, a way to render the blackmail to his regime, by the Jesuit Order, more effective: when you blackmail a person in order to press him/her to do a dirty job, the blackmail must remain secret; and the 911 "conspiracy theories", with their ridicolous "thermite theory", has been engineered exactly for this purpose:

Above video - Assassination of Russia (Blowing up Russia) HQ 

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вторник, 20 януари 2015 г.

Friday, October 10, 2014"
I looked the man in the eye" [..and saw the truth of Moscow bombings].

Thursday, October 29, 2015
FSB/GRU significant mingling with SADDAM's regime in the years of FEDAYEEN SADDAM [further evidence of ISIS as FSB/GRU/Saddam creature]

THE DANCE OF THE ZOMBIES [Michael Jackson was right]


(Being the Antichrists ever existed, and many, but the Special One(s), were ONLY the Pope(s), in EVERY age of existence of this disgusting figure of Hell,  and NOT in a "future" (Futurism is a Jesuit deception). The Popes ever have been the Special Antichrist, because they expressed their Antichrist feature in the same name of Christ. For this reason it will be MORE tolerable for Muslims - as once said by C. Stilyianov - at the Judgement Day, because the Islamic Apostasy and blasphemy is NOT performed in the name of GOD the Son - amen)
Above video - POPE is POP - The song of Pope Francis (Part 2)

"Pope is Pop", the inmates of Rebibbia dancing for Pope Francis. The first flash-mob in a jail (VIDEO)
Drawing, The Huffington Post
Posted: 10/21/2015 24:23 am EDT Updated: 21/10/2015 24:50 EDT

"Pope is Pop", the ballet improvised in honor of Pope Francis enters the Rebibbia prison and involves held that October 29th will dance for Bergoglio although the papal visit in the prison has not yet been confirmed.Are fifty girls who will make up the flash-mob and that from April joined the initiative of "Poppers", the Roman group that devised this form of musical event for the pontiff.So far the organizers of "Pope is Pop" danced in the various squares in Rome, now debut in Rebibbia and soon a collective dance during the Wednesday audience of Pope Francis."The flash-mob to Rebibbia is in the spirit of our initiative," says Igor all'HuffPost Nogarotto, animator of "Poppers" and composer of the song "Pope is Pop". "Pope Francis is a pope who preaches forgiveness and mercy, prisoners need to be rehabilitated and return to society and the dance is a moment of socialization that can help these women to feel part of the community."Among the dancers who will perform for Bergoglio there are Italian, Armenian, South American and girls of Arab Muslims. "They joined because 'Pope is Pop' goes beyond religion, our message is one of peace," said Nogarotto.

POPE is POP (Lyrics & Music by Igor Nogarotto)
Please don't cry, don't run away, take your time, look deep inside, Hallelujah, hallelujah
So tonight you are not alone Francis is there everywhere, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Pope is pop, Pope is popular, Pope is pop, Our hope is Pope, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Feel your heart and dance whit him live your passions save your dreams, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Pope is pop, Pope is popular, Pope is pop, Our hope is Pope, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Play the disco in San Francisco, tout le monde chantera avec Pape François, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Pope is pop, Pope is popular, Pope is pop, Our Pope is hope, Hallelujah, hallelujah...."...

 3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
[below paragraph edited: erased ", or at least in many of them."]

I believe the singular case of the words inspired by the Holy Ghost to Paul of Tarsus, also as a generic reference to a type of persons, who ought to perform the prophecy. The Popes, who die and immediately are substituted by another one, in order to always have one man of sin in a false temple of God. Maybe for this reason the appearance of heathenism of the Catholic church sometimes touch the pure open exhibition, as to say: "oh no, this is NOT the temple of GOD" - therefore "Oh!... the word of God of 2Thess 2:3-4 do not apply here"..... Satan's refined machinery found the best manure in the darkness of the heart of the Catholic "fathers" of the "church". Then that Evil seed of deception has been trans-planted in the safe vessel of the Jesuits' ruthless mind & heart. But nothing out of the disposition of our Lord.  Because he will take care that this evil seed with the face of a Franciscan Pope, have to flourish in all his Satanic power, in order to constrain every man on earth to see it, before to cut it at the roots with the axle of His righteousness and throw the entire evil plant in the eternal Lake of Fire. Therefore till the man of sin (and therefore everyone of his predecessors) will be (are) revealed.

 Above image - other kind of Majorettes of the Pope: E.N.I. mjorettes.
 I prefer another dance, which shows you the true reality. Deceiving people about the true nature of Pope is among the worse sin you can do - it will be more tolerable for you at the moment of the Judgement Day, if you pollute your ears with Michael Jackson's music than the "Pope is Pop" notes of the Antichrist - Michael Jackson is more adherent to the truth as impersonating in himself the double feature of the figure of the Pope, a reflex of Satan's duplicity:

Above video - Michael Jackson - Thriller

[I wish do a remake of this video, only putting on Michael the T-Shirt POPE IS ANTICHRIST, as well on the other zombies, wearing all the masks of Loyola, Pious XI, Pacelli, Torquemada, Vladimir Ledochowsky, etc. - But hardly I will find a producer....]

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After Charlie Hebdo another revenge of Catholic Pedophile Mafia?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
A very human pope.
Don't forget also the last post, about the Villain Archon, Putin:

Thursday, October 29, 2015
FSB/GRU significant mingling with SADDAM's regime in the years of FEDAYEEN SADDAM [further evidence of ISIS as FSB/GRU/Saddam creature]

Thursday, October 29, 2015

FSB/GRU significant mingling with SADDAM's regime in the years of FEDAYEEN SADDAM [further evidence of ISIS as FSB/GRU/Saddam creature]

 It a bit profane, but I suggest to you to put on the right soundtrack for this last Editing. It is so important that I needed of the right atmosphere. Go to the video page: Escape from New York ( I am writing even a post about). And play it loud:

 Above image - the Jesuits' Order logo.
 Above image - the Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) logo.

  Above image - the flag of ISIS.

   *   *   *

Red Cross in Syria blackmailed by Putin's ISIS?

"....No firsthand info on alleged Russian 'airstrike' on hospital in Syria – Red Cross top executive
Published time: 29 Oct, 2015 12:22

Red Cross personnel on the ground in Syria have not reported any 'airstrikes' allegedly delivered by Russian jets on civilian targets including hospitals, the medical charity’s top executive told RT.

Since Moscow started its air campaign in Syria on September 30, Western media have been publishing reports that Russian jets are targeting civilians.

READ MORE: RT fact checks 4 media fails on Russia’s anti-ISIS op in Syria

Last week, Russia was accused of bombing a number of hospitals in Syria, an allegation flatly denied by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Dominik Stillhart, director of operations at the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has people on the ground in Syria, told RT he is unaware of any such incidents...".

The fact is the one described in  2nd Edited 25 October 2015, with a video supporting the thesis of an intelligent bomb. It could even be the video of the bombing of bakery in Ter Maaleh  [1st Edited 27 October 2015]. About Dominik Stillhart I found NO page on Wikipedia.
Even the page of ICRC is less rich of data than the related page of FB:

Page of Dominik on the ICRC official site: very poor of bio:

Dominik Stillhart

Director of Operations
Director of Operations at the International Committee of the Red Cross (@ICRC). Tweeting about ICRC activities worldwide.

The German Wiki is void:

Mr Dominik Stillhart, a perfect Mr Unknown.  

[Edited 29 Oct. 2015]......

....Or not?  

What says the FB page of Dominik Stillhart...????...

"Studied at The London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE"
 Yea, it seems this guy is linked with a nest of PRO-PUTIN intellighentsia members.... Check it out another scholar, Italian one, coming from the LSE, and a warm supporter of Putin:

Above image - Roberto Orsi, of L.S.E., another supporter of PUTIN.
Monday, December 15, 2014
"Don't demonize Putin" [a way how LSE spreads pro-Putin propaganda?]

Roberto Orsi, allegedly also Dominik Stillhart, someone indirectly, with the silence, others more bold with an open praise, but what links all these intellectual is: Praise Putin and Pass the Ammunition.

--------------------[end of Editing]

But we have not to try at any cost to find the bio of Dominik Stillhart. The policy of pleasing Putin's Russia by ICRC is not a fact of sympathy towards the terrorist gang in the Kremlin, or a question of ideological love for Putin's terrorist Eurasian-ism, but dictated by ....fear. Pls, give a look to this article of The Guardian, of well 5 (five) years ago. It explains very well why the ICRC is today without eyes, without ears and without mouth in Syria. Because  Putin's ISIS or Al Nusra could cut their eyes, their ears and their tongues as well as did in Chechnya in that far 1996......:

"...A Russian special forces officer, Major Aleksi Potyomkin, has claimed that six Red Cross (ICRC) nurses killed in Chechnya in December 1996 were murdered by his FSB unit and not, as originally believed, by Chechen insurgents.

The story is horrible in every way. The nurses, who came from Spain, Norway, Canada, New Zealand and Holland, ran a medical centre south of Grozny. It was shortly after a truce had been declared. The hospital guards, in line with ICRC policy, weren't armed and the nurses were murdered in their beds.

The FSB, Potyomkin told the Times, had seen Chechen insurgents enter the compound and went in after them. He says the killing of the nurses was a mistake and recalls the leader of the unit radioing back to say there had been a mistake: "No beardies – only foreigners." But, he admits, this may have been a ploy from on high. The FSB had a policy to leave no witnesses.

All this seems long ago and far away; more deaths in a horror story containing endless, nausea-inducing atrocities. The massacre led to the ICRC pulling out of Chechnya and most of the other aid agencies following its lead. "It has had a lasting impact," a spokesman said. That would be tragic enough for the region.

Yet this massacre's effect was felt not just in Chechnya. I remember it well, even though I was half a world away.

In December 1996, I was in eastern Congo or what was then called Zaire, in a town called Shabunda. There was a small squad of terrified Zairian troops, and an equally small group of ICRC staffers, the residents and roughly 50,000 refugees. The refugees were Hutus who had been in the Goma camps after fleeing Rwanda following the 1994 genocide. The Zairian troops were frightened because the Rwandan army were approaching.

The ICRC had set up in a mission house, by then deserted by the nuns. Using an old Dakota plane, they were feeding the refugees who had established a camp in a bend in the Ulindi river. As rumours of the Rwandan army's approach spread, the soldier's captain became ever more nervous. He was extremely keen that the head of the ICRC mission fly him and his soldiers out, something the agency couldn't do if it was to maintain its neutrality.

On Christmas Day, the tension was unbearable. The head of mission was at the town's hospital, where a group of orphans were being looked after. These children had watched the genocide – one told me of seeing bodies being thrown into Lake Kivu before he was told to shut up – and had just walked over 200 miles. Come Boxing Day, the head of the mission had decided she had to leave these children, and all the refugees to their fate.

As this decision was made, six ghosts swirled around this small group of extraordinarily brave, determined, ingenious, international aid workers. Those ghosts were their fellow ICRC workers who had just been killed in Chechnya. I have no doubt their fate affected the decision to leave. It wasn't easy in any way – the teachers who were looking after the orphans had to be lied to, as were the army and all the refugees who were helping carry food to the camp across the river. We called in the plane and ran for its door as the soldiers began to realise what was happening.......". etc etc etc.

At the webpage:

How the Chechnyan Red Cross murders affected central Africa
Ruaridh Nicoll
In December 1996, Red Cross workers in eastern Congo were forced to quit the region, and refugees were left to their fate
Thursday 25 November 2010 11.02 GMT Last modified on Tuesday 20 May 2014 05.20 BST

Yes my dears, this is Putin's Terrorism. It works well. Shut the mouth and lick the Russian boots and you will save your life. This is called -  in Italy -  "Mafia".  And Putin's Russia can well teach the world about. Of course till the moment when the Jesuits will say "no more" and the villain archon, Putin,......

петък, 16 октомври 2015 г.
Putin, the villain archon [by C. Stilyianov]
 ...... will fall, and drag with him a great part of Russian people. 

 "......Chechnya's security chief, Abu Movsayev, has accused Russian secret services of organizing the killing of the ICRC workers and of the six Russians who died the following day. The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) have denied involvement and the Russian Interior Ministry accused the Chechen leadership of being unable to protect people from "rampant banditry." Various sources indicated involvement of either Adam Deniyev or Arbi Barayev....".

Arbi Barayev:

 "Arbi Alautdinovich Barayev (Chechen: Арби Алаутдинович Бараев; 27 May 1974 – 22 June 2001), nicknamed "The Terminator", was a renegade Chechen warlord often accused of clandestine links with the Russian special services. In 1996 he became the founder and first leader of the Special Purpose Islamic Regiment, which was regarded as one of the main hostage-taking, kidnapping, and oil-smuggling groups operating in Chechnya during the lawless interwar period that followed the 1994–1996 conflict with Russia.[3]"

Adam Deniyev:

"....Russia backs 'nurse killer' in Chechnya

Russia: special report

John Sweeney

Sunday 19 March 2000 00.07 GMT
One of the Kremlin's candidates to rule Chechnya is the man the Chechen government-in-exile holds responsible for the murder of six Red Cross nurses in 1996.

Adam Deniyev, self-styled president of the Movement for Chechen Revival, is also singled out in a US State Department report last year as a suspect for the worst loss suffered by the world's oldest humanitarian organisation.

Andrei Babitsky, the Radio Liberty reporter who disappeared for a month after Russian troops handed him over to 'Chechen rebels' in a prisoner exchange widely held to be a fraud, also blames Deniyev for his imprisonment. He says Deniyev's forces detained him until international pressure forced Moscow to order his release.

The charges against Moscow's favourite Chechen - rumoured to be closely linked to the FSB, the new name for the KGB - will be an embarrassment to the Kremlin and to Tony Blair, who last week in St Petersburg defended acting President Vladimir Putin's war against what he called 'terrorism from Chechnya'.

No charges have been filed in the investigation into the atrocity, the worst in the 136 years of the Red Cross. Six nurses were found shot dead in their beds. Thierry Meyrat, head of the Red Cross delegation in Russia, described the killings as a 'professional assassination', but had no idea who was behind

One Chechen woman who worked for the Red Cross at Novye Atagi hospital, near the capital, Grozny, said: 'It never made sense to us that Chechens were responsible for these killings. They were helping our people.'

The State Department's 1998 report on human rights practices in Russia states: 'Chechen authorities named Adam Deniyev, who they said was an ethnic Chechen working as a colonel in the Russian army, as the individual who has organised the killings of the aid workers. Russia's Ministry of Interior had promised to surrender Deniyev, if his guilt could be proved.' The report added that the Chechens said they had sent to Moscow sufficient information to implicate Deniyev, but the Russians had failed to hand him over for questioning.
Deniyev, according to Chechen sources in Britain, Denmark and Georgia, is a man with an interesting past. Aged 40, he comes from the Chechen village of Avtoura in the foothills of the Black Mountains. In the 1980s he went to Baghdad. The Russians have long been friendly with the Iraqi regime, supplying men and material.

Stop for a moment. See the blog The Syrian Intifada about Fedayeen Saddam as first embryo of ISIS:

A Case Study of the Islamic State as the Saddam Regime’s Afterlife: The Fedayeen Saddam
By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on August 31, 2015

Well, the connection of FSB/GRU of Putin to the ISIS are even more evident. Let's re-take the article:

"...In the early 1990s, Deniyev was spotted by fellow Chechens in Russian uniform with the rank of colonel. He returned home, but was expelled from Avtoura, accused of being responsible for the murder of four Chechen villagers. Reportedly, he shot a rival dead, and while his family were preparing for the funeral his men attacked the house with a rocket-propelled grenade.

He returned to Iraq in 1993 and 1994,.....

My note: Yea, just the years of the birth of the embryo of today ISIS, the birth of Fedayeen Saddam (see link with Kyle Orton article above).

......and then was based in Moscow, where he established a warehouse business. He is accompanied by armed Chechen bodyguards when he moves around Moscow, according to the Chechen sources.

Deniyev is not accused of carrying out the Red Cross murders personally, but ordering his pro-Moscow Chechen subordinates to do so.

•Acting President Vladimir Putin has reacted to The Observer 's story last week, detailing suspicions that the FSB bombed Moscow last autumn to trigger public support for the Chechen war. He dismissed the allegations as 'delirious nonsense'.". [end of article]

See editing 1st Edited 25 October 2015

Above image - Roman Catholic Tony Blair with his mastermind, Pope Benedict XVI.
Above image - an excerpt from the above quoted article "Russia backs 'nurse killer' in Chechnya"

"....Tony Blair makes qualified apology for Iraq war ahead of Chilcot report
Former British PM admits ‘mistakes’ and conflict’s role in rise of Islamic State but defends armed intervention in 2003
The moment Tony Blair apologises for Iraq war mistakes. Photograph: Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters
Nicholas Watt Chief political correspondent
Sunday 25 October 2015 10.57 GMT
*   *   *

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Saturday, October 24, 2015
Syria: Russian Defence Ministry confirm military drills with Israel [RussIsrael preparing the final Genocide of Sunni?]
 Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Italian Catholic Corporations helped Putin to strenghten his dictatorship over Russia.