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"Born Jewish, raised Baptist and converted to Catholicism" [...and serving the Iran-Isreali Pact]

Above image -   Never forget that the greatest diplomatic body in the Vatican, after the Dominican Republic one, is of IRAN.... URL:
Sunday, September 20, 2015
the Great Farce of the "Israeli vs Iran" clash is definitively exposed? [Stiliyanov was right, and I wrong - Galatians 4:30-31]

Jews are fooled about Russia , they believe that as Stalin "freed" Auschwitz, so now Putin will protect Israel. The same as regard the Christian Zionists. They believe that Israel archenemy is Iran meanwhile it is only an ally of the "protector" of Israel (truly to be spiritually and maybe politically annexed by Moscow as happened with Crimea): Russia. Now the New Iranian Empire with its great economical opportunities will forever change the Geo-religious map of the world:

"By unearthing new evidence from the National Archives in Washington, DC, and the German Foreign Office Archives in Berlin, Küntzel reveals that there has always been a hidden dispute between the White House and the German government over how to tackle Iran, and this dispute has deep historical roots.
 In this fascinating study, Küntzel shows how, during the First World War, Kaiser Wilhelm was acclaimed Hajj Wilhelm Muhammad by Shiite clerics, and later how Adolf Hitler was celebrated as the Twelfth Imam. As Küntzel carefully documents, the now 35-year-old special relationship between Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran is critical to understanding the ongoing controversy over Iran's nuclear program." [see references]

"VW scandal: $7.3B profit warning but damage could hit Germany
Catherine Boyle    | @cboylecnbc
3 Hours Ago"
"Therefore it is not surprising that when Putin is landing in Syria, with the not-so-secret approval of Israel, the Jesuits' global machinery requires another scandal to make again incandescent the US-Germany relations, and to paralyze both countries in front of Putin's expansionism (or to supply their ruling elite with a plausible lie to justify themselves in front of a God-less public opinion). The scandal of the Volkswagen's lie about the emission technology. "

The "dispute" has been re-started with general Clark?????

" “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies. People will tell you in the region that if you want somebody who will fight to the death against Hezbollah, you don’t put out a recruiting poster saying ‘sign up for us we’re gonna make a better world.’ You go after zealots and you go after these religious fundamentalists. That’s who fights Hezbollah. It’s like a Frankenstein.”" [gen Wesley Clark]

So the "revelation" of general Clark smells to be only part of the great competition in order to achieve the favor of the New Iranian Empire (300 millions of potential customers market). After half year is followed by a blow to the German economy with the Volkswagen scandal. The sale of cars in that new Shiia controlled market is a very big affair. Germany traditionally has a good part of the market in Middle East. A deadly blow against the German car industry is exactly what the Jesuits' war requires. An economical weakened Germany, which cannot grasp higher quotes of market in the New Iranian Empire, is an easy pray for the Catholicization - so the Jesuits' and Vatican economical planning is: Continuing Great Depression and letting only the favored countries to emerge from the water and breath the economical oxigen in the New Iranian Imperial Market:

Don't worry, general Wesley Clark, who helped Iran in February,.....

"Clark's father's family was Jewish; his paternal great-grandfather immigrated to the United States from Belarus in response to the Pale of Settlement and anti-Semitic violence from Russian pogroms."

"The Pale was first created by Catherine the Great in 1791, after several failed attempts by her predecessors, notably the Empress Elizabeth, to remove Jews from Russia entirely,[citation needed] unless they converted to Russian Orthodoxy, the state religion. The reasons for its creation were primarily economic and nationalist.[citation needed]
The institution of the Pale became more significant following the Second Partition of Poland in 1793, since until then, Russia's Jewish population had been rather limited; the dramatic westward expansion of the Czarist Empire through the annexation of Polish-Lithuanian territory substantially increased the Jewish population. At its height, the Pale, including the new Polish and Lithuanian territories, had a Jewish population of over five million, and represented the largest component (40 percent) of the world Jewish population at that time."
 Difficult to admit how a person with an heritage involving such painful tragedies as the ones suffered by the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe and Russia, often target of pogroms, could be a joyful servant of the same anti-Christian powers who threatened to wipe away Jews as a way to kill Jesus. But the contradiction is quickly solved:

Age: 58
Birthdate: December 23, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois
Religion: Born Jewish, raised Baptist and converted to
Catholicism around the time he married in 1967."

GEN. WESLEY KANNE CLARK (RET.) Age: 58 Birthdate ...

Little Rock, Arkansas. Religion: Catholic. Family: One son, Wesley Jr. (34) ... Born Wesley Kanne in Chicago, IL to B.J. and ... Wesley Kanne was born.

Here interesting info about general Clark the Catholic:

So how did you end up as a Baptist as a child?

My mother told me once that she and my father agreed that I would not be brought up Jewish in Chicago. She had me going to a Methodist church. When we went back to Arkansas, she told me when I was four and a half years old, "You'll have to choose the one you want to go."


Flashing forward a little bit, tell me how you became interested in Catholicism and how you ended up converting.

I wouldn't have known anything about Catholicism if I hadn't been dating Gert [Sophia?]. In those days, Catholics were much less ecumenical than they are today. Gert was always of the mind that she wouldn't go to another church except the Catholic Church. So when I would date her in New York City and later when we went to Oxford before we got married we always went to the Catholic church.

What had happened to me was, I had tried to go the Protestant churches in England and I had sought out a Baptist church and a Methodist church. And that was during the Vietnam War and in both cases the sermons were anti- the American military and full of wildly overstated claims about how bad the American military was. My West Point classmates -- my roommate was serving over there-he was killed during that period.
That's the way we lived. That's what I believed. And when I saw and felt this animus out of these Protestant churches in England during the Vietnam war, it just turned me off.
Do you recall the prayers?

I said the rosary and I said the Our Father, as they call it in the Catholic Church. One of the things I learned in the conversion process was to say the rosary and I had a set of rosary beads. So I said Hail Mary, full of grace.

Above excerpts from:
[warning: is an EURASIANIST pro-Putin site which borders on bigotry. Anyway many interesting info in it, just use the filter of a pure mind of Christ and burn away the pro-Russian/Soviet straw:]

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Truth-sayers??! Or.... LIEs-sayers?

Friday, September 18, 2015
Lies in exchange for business - in Italian sauce [part 1]

*   *   *
Ok let's turn our attention to the Israel-Iran Pact, but before some very revealing info:

"In August 2015, shortly after the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran, the supreme Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei published a book of 416 pages under the title Palestine. The book carries one central message: the urge to annihilate the state of Israel and establish the state of Palestine in its stead. According to Amir Taheri, who got hold of the book early, the three key words are: “nabudi,” which means “annihilation,” “imha,” which means “wiping,” and “zaval,” meaning “effacement.”
Khamenei claims that his strategy for the destruction of Israel is based on “well-established Islamic principles” one of which is that a land that falls under Muslim rule can never again be ceded to non-Muslims. He provides various reasons why Israel, which he terms “adou” and “doshman” (enemy), should be destroyed. First because it is the loyal ally of “the American Great Satan,” second because it has waged wars against Muslims on various occasions, and finally because it occupies the third holiest city to Islam: Jerusalem.
In what has become standard language in the anti-Semitic jargon, Khamenei describes Israel as “a cancerous tumor” whose elimination would mean that “the West’s hegemony and threats will be discredited” in the Middle East. In its place, he boasts, “the hegemony of Iran will be promoted.” The message is hardly a subtle one."

"Thus the establishment of Shi’ism as the religion of the state in Iran at the beginning of the 16th century was crucial for the standing of the Jews who had lived in those lands one millennium before the advent of Islam. Among all Muslim sects the treatment of Jews was the worst under Shia rule, especially in Iran, the only place where Shi’ism has been the religion of the state since the 16th century and where Shias came to represent 93 percent of the population. In Shia Iran the Jews were persecuted and had to wear a special badge on their clothing to distinguish them from the Muslims. There were also occasions of massacre of Jews or forcible conversion to Islam. One of the most famous cases was the pogrom against Jews of Meshed in 1839, which was followed by forced conversion of the entire community.
What is the explanation for this Shia stance? The Jews are considered by the Shia to be ritually impure (nijs), and any part of their body such as blood or sweat may cause ritual impurity to Shia Muslims. For example, the Jews were not allowed to go out when it was raining or snowing so that their shoes would not leave impure remnants on the ground. Uri Lubrani, the last head of Israeli diplomatic missions in Iran (ambassador from 1973-1978), noted how his Iranian counterparts would take all necessary precautions not to get in touch with such impurity.
The anti-Jewish attitude inherent in Shia beliefs and practices received a boost during World War II. According to the German scholar Matthias Kuntzel, who recently published a book titled Germany and Iran: From Aryan Axis to the Nuclear Threshold, between 1939 and 1945 the Nazi’s anti-Semitism was exported via a daily Persian-language broadcast from Berlin to Iran. This broadcast was popular and its main radio speaker, Bahram Sharokh, was a celebrity during those years. The Nazis based their anti-Semitic incitement in Persian language on Islamic roots. Ruhollah Khomeini was, according to Amir Taheri, a regular and ardent listener of “Radio Berlin.” According to Kuntzel, Hitler was celebrated by Shia clerics as the Twelfth Imam. Furthermore in Kuntzel’s view the special relationship that has existed for 35 years between Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran is critical to understanding the ongoing controversy over Iran’s nuclear program.

A great bunch of Satanic guys the Shii'a of Iran, aren't they? General Clark is not of the same opinion. But  the most interesting info, is this:
"Khamenei claims that his strategy for the destruction of Israel is based on “well-established Islamic principles” one of which is that a land that falls under Muslim rule can never again be ceded to non-Muslims."

From: Do Iranian Clerics Dream of Eliminating Israel?
The enlightened-benighted paradoxes of the Shia state have deep roots, and relations with Jews are at a historical nadir
By Ofra Bengio

Germany and Iran: From the Aryan Axis to the Nuclear Threshold (hardcover)

Germany and Iran: From the Aryan Axis to the Nuclear Threshold

by Matthias Küntzel
Translated by Colin Meade
Also available in eBook format from (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (NOOK).
Why has the international community failed to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability? Why is Germany, even today, the mullahs' biggest trading partner in the West? What underpins the strange friendship between Germany and Iran that goes back to the beginning of the last century and has survived every war, catastrophe, and revolution?
Matthias Küntzel's Germany and Iran: From the Aryan Axis to the Nuclear Threshold helps us to answer these questions. By unearthing new evidence from the National Archives in Washington, DC, and the German Foreign Office Archives in Berlin, Küntzel reveals that there has always been a hidden dispute between the White House and the German government over how to tackle Iran, and this dispute has deep historical roots.
In this fascinating study, Küntzel shows how, during the First World War, Kaiser Wilhelm was acclaimed Hajj Wilhelm Muhammad by Shiite clerics, and later how Adolf Hitler was celebrated as the Twelfth Imam. As Küntzel carefully documents, the now 35-year-old special relationship between Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran is critical to understanding the ongoing controversy over Iran's nuclear program....ETC ETC ETC.

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85 million amendments?....

 Above image - from Il Corriere della Sera online.

Just another excerpt:

About 153,000 results (0.34 seconds) 

"...Search Results

Story image for 85 milioni from L'Espresso

Senato, Grasso ferma la buffonata di Calderoli Cassati 85 milioni di ...

L'Espresso-3 hours ago
Senato, Grasso ferma la buffonata di Calderoli Cassati 85 milioni di emendamenti del leghista Roberto Calderoli Fa fatica a restar serio, ...
Lega: "Da Grasso precedente gravissimo"
Opinion-Rai News-6 hours ago
Story image for 85 milioni from La Repubblica

Riforma Senato, intesa nel Pd. Lega, valanga emendamenti. Ma ...

La Repubblica-Sep 23, 2015
Bersani: "I dettagli nella legge elettorale". Renzi critico sugli 85 milioni di correzioni presentate da Calderoli: "Siamo nel campo del ridicolo".
Riforme: accordo nel Pd, dalla Lega 85 milioni di emendamenti
AGI - Agenzia Giornalistica Italia-Sep 23, 2015

In order you could understand what are about those 85 millions, I translate an excerpt here (L'Espresso):

"Senate, Grasso [President of Senate] stops the farce of Calderoli [of Lega Nord party]Cancelled 85 million amendments of Lega [Nord party]
The president of the Palazzo Madama [Senate] declares inadmissible the amendments proposed by the former Minister of the Northern League [Lega Nord] and generated by an algorithm. The inevitable controversy breaks out in what seems to be a comic [play].Luca SappinoSeptember 29, 2015

Senate, Grasso stops the farce of Calderoli - Cancelled 85 million amendments of LeagueRoberto CalderoliIt is hard to remain serious  for Roberto Calderoli. He knows that his 85 million of amendments to be "abnormal." But in the classroom, when President Grasso cancels them (or rather, declares "inadmissible" the approximately 75 million who Calderoli had not withdrawn), stands up and says: "Eighty million amendments are an abnormal number? It may be but according to you, President, is not abnormal a government that refuses to discuss with its own majority? ". Calderoli complains that the government has got to overcome the transition committee for Constitutional Affairs, bringing reform in the courtroom without speaker: "We have not even had time to discuss the amendments," Calderoli said, "and there was not stonewalling."At the opening of his speech in the courtroom after the Senate president he said Grasso inadmissible its more than 70 million of amendments to the constitutional reform, the Northern League senator Roberto Calderoli pays tribute to the accounts of his "adversary": "You say that it would take 17 years to read all the texts [of proposed amendments]? I checked with my algorithm and it is plausible. " But then Calderoli defends his obstructionist tactics: "Faced with to  authoritarianism to which will bring these reforms, there is no obstruction that is too abnormal." He attacks the Minister Boschi: "Talk of outstanding solutions to overcome our opposition, reminds me of the special courts of Fascist". Finally, the Northern League Senator gloss citing Pietro Ingrao, the former communist leader whose death was commemorated earlier in the [Senate] hall : "He said that the constitution should not be torn, do not go bargain even Regulations..."...etc etc etc.

Roberto Calderoli is an important functionary of Lega Nord party. The supreme leader of the party  is Matteo Salvini. We have already encountered him when we dealt with the Italian pro-Putin Eurasianists. Indeed Lega Nord party of Salvini and Calderoli is pro-Russia Eurasianist party:

Above image - Roberto Calderoli (left) and Matteo Salvini (right).

" Salvini's blitz in Moscow against renewing sanctions: "Russian loan to the League [Lega North party]? I would not say no""
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THE BATTLE OF WIEN [1683 - 2015]

 Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Israel, the 86th republic of the Russian Federation.

Israel, the 86th republic of the Russian Federation.

>I just received a warning from intelligence, as communicated with wife and after having published this post, the keyboard of my smartphone, just some mins ago, turned in CYRILLIC characters, NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.....and of course i cannot use skype. Don't worry, it their methods, the "Putin's methods", now adopted by many other Western countries, my country too. For this reason I start to feel under threat and it is possible I could close my blogs. For whom to risk the proper life? For a world of "truthsayers" who praises Putin???

Above image - "86th victim - 86th republic".

 85 victims - 85 republics?
"......The federal subjects of Russia, also referred to as the subjects of the Russian Federation (Russian: субъекты Российской Федерации subyekty Rossiyskoy Federatsii) or simply as the subjects of the federation (Russian: субъекты федерации subyekty federatsii), are the constituent entities of Russia, ....(....)....  In 1993, there were 89 federal subjects listed. By 2008, the number of federal subjects had been decreased to 83 because of several mergers. In 2014, Sevastopol and the Republic of Crimea became the 84th and 85th federal subjects of Russia....".

"......The AMIA bombing was an attack on the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA; Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) building. It occurred in Buenos Aires on July 18, 1994, killing 85 people and injuring hundreds.[3] It was Argentina's deadliest bombing ever. Argentina is home to a Jewish community of 200,000, the largest in Latin America and sixth in the world outside Israel (see Demographics of Argentina).[4]....".
*Editing:  the below red paragraph:

 85 + 85 = 170
170... "17"... years 1517-2017
2017... 20 + 17... "37" 
86th victim - 86th republic?


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PUTIN's gun - with ARGENTINIAN bullets - 2: Numerological smoking gun [case closed]
 Thursday, September 3, 2015
Nisman assassination: CASE CLOSED [Nuclear Deal]

"......During a meeting with a delegation of Israeli and Russian Jewish religious leaders in July 2014, Putin said he identifies with and supports the “struggle of Israel” against the native Arabs whose land and resources have been consistently usurped by European and Russian Jews who mass migrated to Palestine and then took much of it over through violence and terrorism in 1948. One rabbi at the meeting ‘blessed’ Putin’s leadership in Russia, saying it was the ‘will of god.’ Putin told the rabbis that he is a “true friend of Israel” and of its extremist prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.[2]
Putin has described Israel as part of the “Russian world” because 15 percent of its population is of Russian origin.[3] Despite living in Israel, many of these Russian-Israelis vote in Russian elections, and a good number of them cast their ballot for Putin.[4] At a 2011 dialogue conference featuring organizations representing the major religious and ethnic groups in Russia, Putin stated that Israel is “a special state to us” because it is “practically a Russian-speaking country.”[5] Russian-speaking Israelis form the base of the ultra-Zionist Yisrael Beiteinu political party[6], headed by Israel’s former foreign affairs minister Avigdor Lieberman who recently called for “disloyal” Arab citizens of Israel to be “beheaded.”[7]
During a 2013 joint press conference, Putin and Netanyahu both affirmed that ties between Russia and Israel are getting ‘stronger and stronger.’[8] Putin said that “our relationship with Israel is both friendly and mutually beneficial.” He stressed that Russia and Israel cooperate in a “wide variety of areas,” including political, cultural, economic and military. He proudly noted that under his watch the Russian city of Gelendzhik was twinned with the Israeli city of Netanya...." etc etc etc, read the entire article at:
Mixed Signals from Moscow: Putin’s Russia, Israel and the Middle East
Posted by Brandon Martinez on September 28, 2015 in Middle East, News & Analysis, World | | Leave a response
By Brandon Martinez

See also:

" In the skewing of prophecy, Rome is attempting to portray itself as a partner in blood of the new Israel, repeating literal time-specific prophecies to fool the dispensationalists . This is preciselly why modern dispensationalists, born in the halls of Dallas jesuitical theological seminary, shun spiritual fulfillments furiously bigotedly shouting "allegorizer" and quoting the temerity of Origen." [by C. Stiliyanov] 
 събота, 29 август 2015 г.
Pope Lamech and 49 revised and expanded
 See also very important Stiliyanov's ......

понеделник, 19 януари 2015 г.
Leviathan in Russia

....and the possible outcome or all this devilish Geo-political and Geo-religious apparent "chaos"....:

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Russia-Israel-Iran alliance: the PURPOSE.

Monday, September 28, 2015


 Above image - also these Gentile Pharisees, have been already condemned by Jesus Christ the Lord: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are as graves which appear not, and the men that walk over them are not aware of them." Luke, 11:44

From the site of Beppe Grillo, leader of  5 Star Movement party. Beppe Grillo is married with an Iranian wife, his cousin is building highways in Iran. Like Pino Cabras, Beppe Grillo is an expression of the Genocidal Roman Catholic church, mediated by the Italian Apostate Anti-Christian  Capitalism:

Tuesday, March 05, 2013
From Dingle Bay to Bering Straits - with the amazing circus of the Five Stars.

See Pino Cabras and how Iran is funding the "truthsayers":

Saturday, September 19, 2015
Appendix to "Lies in exchange for business - part 1": al-Zarkawi and Iran.

*   *   *

ISIS is a creation of the West, by Monsignor George Abou-Khazen

Monsignor George Abou-Khazenm. a Franciscan of the Custody of the Holy Land, is bishop of the Syrian city of Aleppo. For the last 11 years he’s been living in Syria and he has personal experience  of one of the bloodiest wars of this century. “We are well aware of this. Everyone knows it and everyone is aware but everyone pretends not to know: ISIS was created by western powers.” Monisgnor George Abou-Khazen
Blog - What’s Syria like?
Mons. George – The situation is very difficult, as everyone knows, and unfortunately, this dramatic situation is making people flee and escape elsewhere. There are a few reasons why these people are escaping, like suffering and the danger of death. There are many areas [in Syria, editor] where’s it’s impossible to live because of this civil war and we are sorry about this. Unfortunately, Syria is becoming empty. It is losing its population. And who’s leaving? The young people. And a nation without young people is also a nation without a future. The ones leaving are the ones with education and qualifications.
Blog - What’s Europe doing?
Mons. George – We thank Europe for its humanity and for the welcome it’s giving to these refugees. However, this is what we think: instead of dealing with the effects, why not go straight away to the roots, to the cause? By resolving the root causes, the refugee issue is solved. Instead of arming the various groups, training them and giving them incentives to fight each other, why not make them sit down together and talk about things and make peace? To be sure, it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible.
Blog - Many analysts are saying the war in Syria is a “proxy war” ...
Mons. George – We too think it’s a proxy war, unfortunately. Each of these armed groups is related to an external country that’s providing weapons and finance. Thus if there’s the will, this war could be stopped.
Blog - The USA is calling for Assad to step down. Moscow wants him to stay in power so as to start a peaceful transition. Which of the two is right?
Mons. George – The Americans say that to resolve everything, Assad has to leave, but leave what? And who would fill the vacuum? On the other hand, the Russians say that Assad is the President of a free and independent nation, re-elected by the people and thus it should be up to the people to decide whether he should stay or go. And I believe that this point of view is more just.
Blog - Do you think that a NATO-led military intervention could be the solution?
Mons. George – We are against any military intervention. War has never resolved issues. We are 100% convinced that what they think can be achieved with a military intervention can be done in a peaceful way. You just have to turn the tap off and things will be OK.
Blog - Germany announced that it wanted to welcome the Syrian refugees, then it had second thoughts. Even the USA is opening its doors. Why do you think this is?
Mons. George – Northern Europe and the United States have said they are ready to welcome these people from Syria, that’s true, but I think they’ve done that as a way of making amends for a guilty conscience.
Blog - What are you referring to?
Mons. George – You see, the international community is in difficulty because it wants to create peace, but it’s continuing to sell arms and these arms are mixed up with the blood of innocent people. Thus, this is my message, please do not sell any more arms. Anyway, we even know that ISIS is now in possession of petroleum and gas deposits and that it’s selling these. But who is buying?
Blog - Turkey?
Mons. George – Yes - Turkey and a few other countries via Turkey. However, what’s even more dangerous is that they are selling the artistic and archeological treasures of Iraq and Syria. And what they cannot sell, they are destroying. We are talking about billions for these art treasures.
Blog - And yet, even though there are setbacks, negotiations for Ankara to come into the EU are still ongoing ...
Mons. George – The European Community had started a process that we thought was logical: anyone wanting to be a member or to have a relationship with the European Union had to accept certain rules, like human rights, religious freedom etc. And let’s hope that Europe continues in this direction, because what we are seeing, even in Turkey for example, is that there’s a religious radicalism that is slowly developing. Before, it was a secular country, whereas now the people governing it are no longer secular but Islamic. And then, we have had an unhappy experience [with Turkey, editor], because many of these foreign combatants come from there. Basically, I think it’s never a bad thing to open people’s eyes.
Blog - What is ISIS?
Mons. George – There’s this organization of Islamic State that is occupying a large part of Syria, it’s said to be more than 50% of the territory, the part where there’s wealth underground, and, obviously, where there are very few people. The point is that we know this very well. Everyone knows it and everyone is aware but everyone pretends not to know. This is how we see it: ISIS was created by Western powers and today it’s also supported by other countries, like the Gulf States.
Blog - Going back to the issue of refugees: how can the boats be stopped?
Mons. George – I’m wondering why Europe and the West, that are exploiting Africa to find gold and petroleum, why are they not thinking up a development plan for these poor people? That is, create job opportunities, factories, education and knowledge in their countries. This can be done and it gives economic advantages for any exporting country as well as for the importing country, where these development plans are brought to fruition. There are a lot of Christian communities and minority groups from Syria that are leaving their lands, they are peoples like the Chaldeans, Assyrians, and the Syriacs that have thousands of years of history, language and traditions and they lose these when they are obliged to leave their cities. This is sad and it impoverishes everyone. Why are they not helped with development so that these people can stay in their own lands? It would cost Europe and the West a lot less than to receive and welcome the migrants.

*   *   *
 "ISIS is a creation of the West"

[by Monsignor George Abou-Khazen]

     So you, Monsignore Abou-Khazen,  have you the courage to say now that Paolo dall'Oglio SJ is prisoner of the Western Powers? Meanwhile your fat belly is filled up from those the same Western powers "who created ISIS"? You viper, you hypocrite Franciscan, your spiritual fathers murdered the Christians all along 17 centuries of Crusades, and you built 'em the graves of oblivion and mocking, and now are you, children of Satan, again going to murder children and their mothers (meanwhile you are worshiping their icons in your perverted cult) in the Genocide of Sunnis. But more you cannot do with your poisonous tongues, after you destroy the bodies you have nothing else to do, because you are only going straight to the Eternal Lake of Fire:

  Wednesday, September 17, 2014
"Father dall'Oglio is a prisoner with the two Italian" [& with JAMES FOLEY]


 Saturday, March 21, 2015
"Focused on ISIS" - 6: Provokatsiya.

 "...For instance, even if there are three cars travelling in the countryside Assad’s air force will strike them in the belief that it must be a convoy. Now you tell me, when movement is coming under such intense scrutiny how was ISIS able to move a convoy of 200 vehicles from one province to another and finally into Iraq without coming under one single attack or meeting resistance at any regime checkpoints?"

Quoted in:

Saturday, September 12, 2015