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Failed Russian space cargo ship to fall back to Earth and my flight


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Above image - ".....According to Holger Krag, Head of the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office, the spacecraft will fall somewhere between 51 degrees north latitude and 51 degrees south.
It’s anticipated most of the spacecraft — which weighs seven tonnes — will burn up during reentry.
“However, we cannot exclude the chance that some portion of its structure, for example the heavy docking mechanism or tanks and thrusters, could survive reentry to reach the surface,” Krag said on the ESA blog.
The good news is that, due to the fact that our planet is more than 70 per cent water, anything that survives the burn will end up somewhere unpopulated.
Krag said that on May 8 the agency will be able to better forecast the time of reentry as well as be able to exclude any areas. He also stressed that in over 60 years of spaceflight no one has ever been injured by falling satellite or spacecraft debris and that the risk to anyone on the ground is small........".
On the ground, but in air not so small. Today the tv news announced that a target area, next week, could be the Indian Ocean, Eastern Africa proximity. Just around where I will fly the day 12/13 May, from Venice to Abu Dhabi.

Then on 13th May at 10:10 AM I take the flight from Abu Dhabi to Manila, to arrive there at 23:15PM.

At the beginning I booked the flight for the day 13/14 May to arrive in Manila.

Then the air company mysteriously moved my flight to a following day, I refused and I chose a day before, the 12/13 May. 

Time ago I did an hypothesis, that falling satellites could be used to simulate an air accident, masquerading a bomb or other on board with  "flying debris" reentering from the orbit. 

Anyway you hat soon or later to face God and this is not a decision of the ones who are sabotaging the flights and causing the air crashes.

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"....ALARM at terminal 3
Fiumicino: fire at the airport

'Short circuit, excluding malicious act "

from Corriere della Sera online
Flames games "behind the fridge of a bar," 3 intoxicated. A slow return to normality for the airport closed until noon: broken down the first flights, delays and long queues at check-in. The prosecutor is investigating arson: seized the area
Valeria Costantini and Drafting Rome Online
...." etc. etc.

"..... Posted May 7, 2015 by Michela Becciu
Fire at Fiumicino Airport: 3 intoxicated, airport closed until 14

A fire broke out in the night in the luggage of Terminal 3 at the international airport Leonardo da Vinci airport: 3 people were slightly intoxicated, airport closed until 14.

A fire broke out in the night in the Terminal 3 area used for international flights, the international Leonardo da Vinci airport. The area has been evacuated three people have been slightly poisoned by the smoke, were rescued by the fire brigade intervened to quell the fire, which broke out in a luggage...." etc. etc.

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As I told you I express my faith in the work place within a company forum.
For this expression of faith I am targeted by a mobbing "under the radar". They want to crack me psychologically. Recently there's a inner law for which i cannot speak of my job elsewhere i could lose the job. I don't have fear to be un-employed because I am targeted by Criminal Satanists who are using the public administration to destroy my person. I don't care to be un-employed. If a Criminal State, a rough State like the one called "Italian Republic" persecutes you, you cannot be afraid of the consequences, because they are the criminals, not you, and with you there's God the Son and God the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Of course all that comes from the Catholic church, namely the responsible/controllers of the Catholic church in Trieste, the bishop Gianpaolo Crepaldi and the Jesuits whose headquarter is located in Trieste in via del Ronco, 12.
I don't trust anyone and anything in this country. I will tell all only to a foreign authority/person/etc. (possibly not-EU) whom i trust, because in Italy there's only a giant, persecutorial Catholic Mafia, which uses Fascists, Communists, Masonic lodges and all what has been created by the CATHO-GNOSTICS in the last two centuries.

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This is how the Catholic church blesses the DUCE (Mussolini) in ITALY for having provided the LATERAN TREATY in 1929, with which Mussolini, obeying his Jesuits' controller, Pietro Tacchi-Venturi (*),  mastered by general superior Wladimir Ledochowsky SJ.....

...... restored the evil temporal power of the Vatican city. Mussolini was the temporal sword of the Catholic church and simply the descendant of the assassin who did the Holocaust of Christians in Italy since Constantine age (Fourth century) on. "Anti-fascists" anyway are not better. They always forget that the most important heritage of Mussolini to Italy and the world is just the LATERAN TREATY, and truly speaking  blame the Fascism in order to not blame the Catholic church. Then the Communist "Anti-Fascist" are too Holocaust deniers like their "enemies" the fans of Hitler, being the Marxism ideology the denial of existence of any sort of Christian church outside the Catholic church all along 2000 years, therefore "No Christians? No Holocaust of Christians!". Hypocrisy as usual, because i told you already the Italian flag colors' true significance: Red the blood of those Christian martyrs, White the tunic of the pope, Green the color of the fields and valley hiding the hundred of thousands of those Christian martyrs:

A plaque to commemorate the Duce
Shame on Giulino Mezzegra
In the Como mayor (Northern League party member) and pastor participating in a fascist celebration in the day and in the place of the shooting of Mussolini and Petacci.
Massimo Franchi
April 30, 2012
listen this page
A - A
Fascists alive and well in the Como. With even a priest to bless them and the plaque in the place where they were shot Benito Mussolini and Claretta Petacci on 28 April 1945 .. It happened yesterday in Giulino Mezzegra. A sixty-seven years exactly from the death sentence decided by the Committee of National Liberation, the self-styled National Union fighters of the Italian Social Republic has seen fit to celebrate the memory of (their) Duce and his mistress with a marble memorial depicting an open book with the effigies that Mussolini and Petacci are portrayed in civilian clothes.

This is the second attempt, because years ago the fascists themselves hung a black cross with the name of the leader on the wall near the house where Mussolini and Petacci spent the last night. In procession, with a tricolor flag with an eagle at the center, about two hundred nostalgic clothes almost all the black shirt reached the place, and when he was called out loud the name of Benito Mussolini, have responded three times "Present" , making the Fascist salute. After the "silence" sung by a former soldier, a plaque was blessed by Father Luigi Barindelli, parish priest of Mezzagra, which this year celebrated mass for the veterans of the RSI for the anniversary of the death of Mussolini.

The event was also organized to celebrate the hundredth birthday of Mario Nicollini, a veteran of the CSR, that every year on April 28 organized the commemoration of the leader. Just Nicollini, that yesterday was not present, sent a message in which he said he was happy that on the tombstone there is also a photograph of Petacci. The initiative was endorsed by the mayor of the town, the Northern League Claudia Lingeri with the incredible motivation, "the plaque is no explicit references to the fascist period." Yesterday the mayor was present at the celebration. ANPI, the Association of partisans, who had asked to put on the road, instead of the rather hermetic sign that simply indicates "historical fact in 1945," the most explicit indication of the place that marked the end of the fascist dictatorship, the 'administration has responded "No" under the guise of formal issues, related to the road signs and the fact that the statement is part of a route between the places that marked the end of fascism wanted by the provincial administration. Saturday instead in Lecco, on the site of the shooting of 16 officers and non-commissioned officers of the RSI, the ceremony was also attended by the councilor of the PDL James Zamperini, who succumbed to the temptation to do the salute. Bergamasco outrage in a completely different sign also commemorations in another village Lombard. A Schilpario, in Bergamasco, was recalled the '' Massacre of the Funds', 12 partisans killed in an ambush by the fascists of the Tagliamento.

In the church of Santa Barbara it was celebrated a Mass with school children who have brought a candle on the altar for each partisan killed. But on that day 67 years ago, 43 soldiers of the same Legion Tagliamento were killed in action in Rovetta whose responsibilities are still discussed. And to remember that every late May arrive in the country veterans nostalgic Republicans and neo-fascists. For this a few days ago a local group had distributed in mailboxes a dvd to reconstruct the facts. The replica of nostalgic not long in coming with two banners posted in the country, one of the town hall ("Those heroes that have massacred are still here"), one of the park near the cemetery ("Honor and Glory"). Both, fortunately, they are removed by local police [end of the article].
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(*): "Venturi had no official rank in the church to match his extraordinary influence, and was known in Vatican circles as the "man in black".

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Vatican-Iranian Provokatsiya 4 - ...and ISIS saved the Catholic church in USA.


"...Texas shooting: Two gunmen shot dead outside Muhammad exhibition – rolling coverage

    Two shot dead and security guard injured in Dallas suburb of Garland
    Bomb squad called in after reports of an incendiary device
    Exhibition and contest showcased depictions of the prophet Muhammad
    Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders spoke at the event

*   *   *

Do you need to conceal the Catholic invasion from Mexico and all the Latin America, in the still nominally "Protestant" and "Baptist" North America? No problem. Just create another faked invasion, a very exhibited as well incosistent, if we have to go beyond the special effects of no matter which degrees of spectacularity (with many casualties too), coming from the opposite direction of the true invasion. You have now well clear the geo-religious reason not only of the nearly un-existence of the Islamic invation threat in North America, also are very clear the reason why the fleshy Israel is in good relations with Qatar, the sponsor #1 of Hamas:

"Islam in the United States is the third-largest faith in America, after Christianity and Judaism, representing 0.6% of the population" [Wikipedia].

Quoted by Stiliyanov in:
събота, 7 февруари 2015 г.
I would laugh if it wasn't worth crying

In USA the nominal  "Protestant" majority has not to be awaken from her apostasy,  stimulated by the massive Catholic invasion from Latin America.  Therefore an Islamic terrorist threat must be created in order not only to make their eyes to turn on the other side, but also to make an ecumenical alliance with their future Catholic terminators. Because the rate of conversion from Catholicism to the anti-Catholic denominations in USA is still high among the immigrates from Latin America. The Catholic church tries to repair this "fault" playing, with her left-wing hand, the card of the "racial wars" from a side, (allegedly aided by her knights of Columbus who are in control of the Police in USA); and playing with her right-wing hand the card of the "Islamic" home terrorism.
Why the Holocaust Denial contest two months ago in IRAN was concealed to the world - to exalt the Mohammad pictures contest in Texas and the consequent terrorist answer? Propping up the Catholic narrative about Islamic terrorism?

"Iran launches Holocaust denial cartoon contest"

Sunday, April 26, 2015
the Greatest Holocaust 2 - Armenian vs Jewish Holocaust in order to hide CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST 

Still from the above quoted Guardian article:

"A Guardian Australia reporter was able to take a screengrab of it before the account was suspended. It is timestamped at 9.35am Sydney time, which is 6.35pm Central Daylight Time in Texas. That’s 15 minutes before Garland Police Department received its first reports of gunfire at the Curtis Culwell Center.
The account had posted a number of tweets supporting Islamic extremism, including the Islamic State terror group in the Middle East. Its profile picture shows Yemeni-American al-Qaida recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki, who in 2011 became the first US national killed by a drone strike.
Other tweets grabbed before the account was shut down suggested the individual behind the account was a newly converted Muslim, including statements like “I don’t know Arabic” and “my fam didn’t trip when I became a Muslim”."


Saturday, January 24, 2015
USA definitively ousted from Russian controlled Yemen


Saturday, February 21, 2015
"Focused on ISIS"


  article quoted in my:
Monday, April 6, 2015
Vatican-Iranian Provokatsiya - Spotted In Africa


September 27, 2013, Friday

Iran supports al-Shabaab in Somalia

“Below the waters, you will find Iranian clandestine operations that are not always easy to detect,” an Ankara-based African ambassador told me in confidence recently while discussing the terrible killing spree by militants belonging to the terrorist al-Shabaab organization that killed at least 72 people in a Nairobi shopping mall.
“The Horn of Africa is kind of a launching pad for Iran to maintain its disruptive campaign on both the Arabian Peninsula and in Sub-Saharan Africa in a bid to destabilize existing regimes,” the same diplomat added.
For evidence, you just need to glance at numerous reports from one monitoring group on Somalia and Eritrea, set up by the UN Security Council (UNSC) Committee following resolutions 751 and 1907. There is an overwhelming body of evidence indicating that Iran has been providing direct and indirect military assistance to extremist groups in Somalia for years. The incidents mentioned in the UN reports represent only the tip of the iceberg, as most went unreported and undetected. Still, the ones that made it into reports from the monitoring committee are enough to give us a fair understanding of the dirty picture of Iranian efforts to destabilize countries in the Horn of Africa.
Iran uses various routes and brokers to provide weaponry and funds to extremist groups operating in Somalia and its neighborhood in order to evade detection. It only uses direct aid when absolutely necessary. For example, in a July 2013 report, UN experts were able to trace newly seized RPG-7-type launchers from al-Shabaab militants to an Iranian manufacturer, even though they were modified and the serial numbers were stripped off to prevent tracing. The UN experts were also able to trace some of the guns and ammunition provided to Somali militants to Iranian manufacturers. For example, the Ammunition and Metallurgy Industries Group (AMIG) in Iran supplied MGD 12.7 mm heavy machine guns, which can be mounted on trucks, to a militia in Somalia. This gun is a Cold War-era relic but is still manufactured in Iran.
Most arms flowing to the al-Shabaab organization enter via Eritrea, a close ally of Iran in the region. The UN's latest report identified Mohamed Mantai, Eritrea's ambassador to Sudan and non-resident ambassador to Iran since December 2012, as a contact of al-Shabaab. According to UN intelligence, he is “a central figure in Eritrea's regional intelligence machinery.” Mantai is a former operative of Brigade 72, the military intelligence wing of the Eritrean army. He was deported from Kenya following a September 2009 visit to Somalia, where he met with members of al-Shabaab. In Khartoum, he has been busy recruiting Somalis while maintaining close links with Iranian diplomats. Based on UN interviews from February 2013 with two former Eritrean officials who worked in Sudan, experts verified that Mantai has had regular contacts with the Iranian ambassador to Khartoum.
Iran forged diplomatic ties with Eritrea in 2002 through its contacts in Khartoum. The relations were strengthened in 2007 when Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki made a deal with then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to use Eritrea as a strategic backwater and transit point in exchange for financial assistance. The UN investigators identified a man known in Sudan as Amr al-Musawi, a former cultural attaché to the Iranian Embassy in Khartoum and now believed to reside in Tehran, as the key figure coordinating Eritrean-Iranian relations since 2007. Al-Musawi makes frequent visits to both Sudan and Eritrea.
“The Monitoring Group has also obtained further information on increasingly close links between Eritrea and the Islamic Republic of Iran in support of its regional intelligence structures,” the UN report concludes. Despite UNSC resolution 1907, which imposed an arms embargo, travel bans and an assets freeze on Eritrea in 2009, military cooperation between Eritrea and Iran has continued unabated.
Iran's interest in Somalia is not new. Tehran had also supplied arms and munitions to the late Gen. Mohamed Farah Aideed, a notorious warlord who escalated a power struggle that helped to accelerate Somalia's descent into chaos, in the early 1990s, in clear violation of the UN sanctions regime. Tehran later provided funds and weaponry to Somalia's Islamic Courts Union (ICU), the godfather of the al-Shabaab militia, which pushed US-supported Somali rulers out of the capital Mogadishu in June 2006 and ruled for six months before Somali and Ethiopian forces ousted the movement.
UN monitors identified at least three separate consignments of arms and ammunition sent by Iran to ICU militants in 2006. One was a flight dated July 25, 2006, which carried cargo from Iran, including machine guns, grenade launchers and shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles. Another one was recorded in August, when military cargo and millions of dollars in cash were sent to Somali militants. When the UN asked Iran about the shipment in August 2006, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's then-representative at the UN and current foreign minister of the Rohani administration, lied through his teeth in a letter to the UN the following month, denying that his government had any knowledge of the flight. More worrisome news came when the UN documented the same year that two Iranians were located in Dhusamareb, the capital of the central Galguduud region of Somalia, trying to offer arms in exchange for uranium.
In addition to Eritrea and Sudan, Tehran also cultivated ties with al-Shabaab and its parent, the ICU, through its proxy militia group Hezbollah in Lebanon. Tehran masterminded plans to recruit Somali militants from the ICU to fight alongside Hezbollah guerrillas in the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War. According to the agreement, an approximately 720-person military force, hand-picked by the ICU's Hizbul Shabaab leader Aden Hashi Farah, was sent to Lebanon to fight with Hezbollah against the Israeli military.
In fact, the Iranian plane that Zarif denied ever existed actually transported some 40 wounded ICU militants who fought in this war back to Somalia in addition to the arms consignment. In the same year, according to UN findings, a large dhow containing Iranian arms, including 80 shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles and rocket launchers destined for Somali militants, arrived in El-Adde seaport, Mogadishu. Hezbollah not only procured arms for Somali militants from Iran, Syria and other countries but also provided training to these terrorists.
According to the UN, Somali fighters were offered the following incentives to join Hezbollah: $2,000 for the families of individual fighters to use while the fighters were in Lebanon; in the event that a fighter was killed, between $25,000 and $30,000 would be given to the fighter's family; and upon return to Somalia from fighting in Lebanon, a fighter would receive “hero money” of $100 per month for an unspecified length of time. I wonder what kind of deal Iran struck with Hezbollah to fight in Syria in support of embattled President Bashar al-Assad, a close ally of the Tehran regime.
Another route for Iran's link with al-Shabaab and other militant organizations in Somalia is Yemen, where al-Shabaab forged a formal alliance with al-Qaeda. Using hundreds of fishing boats operated by Iranian businessmen, Iran has been funneling arms to both Shiite rebels in Yemen and al-Shabaab militants in Somalia. For example, Yemeni authorities seized an Iranian ship called Jihan 1 off the coast of Yemen in January 2013 that was carrying a large quantity of explosives and portable surface-to-air missiles. UN investigators believe the consignment was most likely bound for delivery to al-Shabaab in Somalia rather than rebels in Yemen.
I would not be surprised if investigators somehow trace the explosives and bombs used in the attack on the Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu in July 2013, which killed three people, including a Turkish policeman, back to Iran. The same can possibly be said for the recent mall attack in Kenya as well. Iran wants to keep Somalia as a failed state and hotbed of radicals and extremists so that it can continue to contract terrorists for its own bidding to bother countries in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Al-Shabaab may have a shared strategic interest with Iran in trying to force both Turks and Kenyans to flee Somalia because Turkey and Kenya are among the nations that are actually making a difference in turning Somalia into a viable state.
Looking at the announcements from both Turkish and Kenyan officials in the aftermath of the al-Shabaab attacks targeting their citizens, I would say these terrorist attempts will eventually fail to achieve what they hoped to accomplish in the first place. It will actually bolster the resolve of these countries that want a strong and prosperous Somalia. Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ, who is in charge of Somalia in Turkey, stated after the July attack that there are those who are uncomfortable with Turkey's humanitarian aid to Somalia, aiming to push Turkey out of the country. “These efforts are in vain. They still don't know us,” he said. Echoing similar remarks, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta also said Kenyan troops fighting alongside African peacekeepers against the militants in Somalia would not leave, despite the terrorist attack in the mall. That is the message the world community should send to terrorists and their patrons in Iran. [end of article]

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"Cathars, Donatists and Patareni destroying the milano of EXPO" [= XP narrative].

Edited: 04 May 2015. 

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Above image - you can view an interesting video, from police and from other sources, about the clashes and fires in Milano, 1st May 2015:

"World | Fri May 1, 2015 2:37pm EDT
Related: World, Italy
Italian police battle rioters at start of Milan Expo
MILAN | By Sara Rossi

(Reuters) - Police fired tear gas at demonstrators on Friday as violent protests marred the start of the Milan Expo, a global fair the government had hoped would help to put a new face on Italy after years of economic decline.
Thick clouds of smoke from burning cars filled parts of central Milan, where groups of protesters, their faces masked against the fumes, threw stones and petrol bombs and faced off against lines of police in riot gear.
The confrontation broke out after an opening ceremony at the Expo site where Prime Minister Matteo Renzi hailed the start of a six-month-long showpiece of culture and technology that focused on the theme of sustainable food production.

Pope Francis, who spoke via a televised link-up to the opening ceremony, referred to the irony of a global spectacle dependent on corporate sponsorship deals being devoted to sustainable development and feeding the poor.
"In certain ways, the Expo itself is part of this paradox of abundance, it obeys the culture of waste and does not contribute to a model of equitable and sustainable development," he said.
The real protagonists of the event should be "the faces of the men and women who are hungry, who fall ill and even die because of an insufficient or harmful diet," he said.....".

Above image - 3rd May 2015, Milano. A Jesuit allegory: Frederic Barbarossa coming again in Milan after the destructions by the Black Blocks, the modern  version of Patareni and Vaudoises.

EXPO - ONLY ONE GLOBAL MEGA-SPOT of the Pharisees. ---->
And the EXPO, a giant commercial for Catholicism and the Pope? After 4000 years the Pharaoh changed tactics and instead use force to hold captive the people of God, use the good works. For the triumph of the Catechism of the Council of Trent that curses anyone who says that justification is by faith alone, are willing to destroy the planet and turn it into a gym of Catholic "good deeds" ? Were  the protests in Milan an allegory of Patareni and Waldensian? These modern allegories of Christians who rejected the pope and his church must be atheistic and materialistic (anarchists, communists, revolutionaries, etc.) in order to suggest post-mortem, after 1,000 years, that those Christians who were protesting against the Catholic church they truly were unbeliever and they did only because wanted the riches of the papacy... .... Very interesting to understand, with a bit of historical and religious reverse engineering,  the  minds of the architects of the facts of Milan of 1st May 2015 .... So coincidentally in this same month of May (29) there's the anniversary of the battle that defeated FEDERICO BARBAROSSA who wanted to keep the North Italy and MILAN .... significantly the mention of the historic battle is also contained in the hymn of MAMELI [Italian national hymn], - not only in the hymns of the North League - which coincidentally was at the center of the presentation of our Prime Minister ... Very coincidently the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa protected the PATARENI and VALDESI, indeed the then Christian who attacked the papacy and Catholicism and was LEADER the city of Rome in the revolt against the Papacy, was from Brescia, nearby, was Arnaldo DA BRESCIA .... The Emperor Barbarossa protected Arnaldo from the clutches of the pope, but later, for reasons of political exchange, sold it to the papacy who killed him, for the facts of Rome .... After Barbarossa was defeated, and this is a clear sign from God, a punishment that struck not so much his surrender  to the  evil of the papacy, but as for the personal dreams of glory and conquest, a reason which  led him to deliver Arnaldo into the hands of the torturers ... Today popish Social Centers [far left wing squatters] who, like their antagonists, the Pound Home [fare right wing circles], are clearly manipulated, are used to relive in a psychodrama the  hidden nightmares of Catholicism, with the hope of exorcising them. .... The pope's (Antichrist's) speech in Milan is a historic revenge on Frederick Barbarossa and on those Christians whom he, not without opportunism of course, protected .... The protesters in the streets are just unaware to be actors who play a religious , historical and theatrical role to them given by the Jesuit intelligentsia .... Not for nothing the stars among the special effects, the other day in MILAN, there were the FIRE of the Molotov cocktails .... didn't exclaim, the Emperor Barbarossa, in a fit of earthly glory: "BURN Milan !!!" .... ????? ... Significantly the cameras of tv news services  have focused on  ideological anarchist groups adhesives leaved around here and there by demonstrators .... two flags, one RED and one BLACK, stacked, background WHITE .... as are the traditional colors of anarchist groups in the demonstrations .... Look at the colors of the SECOND REICH GermanY, that of PROTESTANT Prussia that sank the papist project of Grosse Deutschland in 1870 by defeating a France controlled by JESUITS, Grosse Deutschland, a predominantly Catholic union of Austria and Germany  .... Isn't  the  EXPO of MANY COLORS, an allegory of this universality, where all [the humanity] are equal among themselves, but  NO ONE is equal to the Pope (and to the Jesuits) ??? ....

Above image - MILANO BRUCIA = MILAN BURNS; from an anedoctical sentence of Frederick Barbarossa, who is believed to have ordered to destroy Milano with Fire: "Burn Milan!". In consequence the words become the material for an Italian volgar pun.
Above image - Frederick Barbarossa
 CHRONICLEStar Wars Day in Milan. Spaceships, set designs and a parade of costumed heroesSunday, May 3 unlined your lightsaber and join the celebrationMILAN - The appointment for all fans of the most beautiful saga of all time is at 11 am, at the Arena Civica Gianni Brera in Milan, which will become a real Star Wars Village with spaceships, reconstructions, stand and lots of surprises. Sunday, May 3 will also be held in the Italian "Star Wars Day", a unique opportunity to celebrate the upcoming movie coming out later this year. From the historic Arena in Milan, the Italian groups of costuming Star Wars, the 501st Italica Garrison and the Rebel Legion Italian Base, will kick off the celebrations with the traditional parade: march to the time of the Castello Sforzesco, symbol of the city's history, and then arrive in Piazza Duomo, to take pictures with fans. In the afternoon, the Arena Civica Gianni Brera will be divided into three areas: the Jedi Temple, Tatooine, native planet of the Skywalker family, and the famous inn of the first film in the saga. There will be faithful reproductions of hunting Rebel X Wing, the Landspeeder of Luke Skywalker and a huge AT-ST....."

"Another legend states that when Barbarossa was in the process of seizing Milan in 1158, his wife, the Empress Beatrice, was taken captive by the enraged Milanese and forced to ride through the city on a donkey in a humiliating manner. Some sources of this legend indicate that Barbarossa implemented his revenge for this insult by forcing the magistrates of the city to remove a fig from the anus of a donkey using only their teeth.[85] Another source states that Barbarossa took his wrath upon every able-bodied man in the city, and that it was not a fig they were forced to hold in their mouth, but excrement from the donkey. To add to this debasement, they were made to announce, "Ecco la fica", (meaning "behold the fig"), with the feces still in their mouths. It used to be said that the insulting gesture, (called fico), of holding one's fist with the thumb in between the middle and forefinger came by its origin from this event.[86]"

"The Battle of Legnano [near MILANO] was fought on May 29, 1176, between the forces of the Holy Roman Empire, led by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, and the Lombard League. The Imperial army suffered a major defeat."

"For this reason, in the Song of the Italians it was a reference to the battle of Legnano: in fact it reads "[...] From the Alps to Sicily Legnano is everywhere [...]" in memory of the victory of the Italian populations of those foreign [20]. This poem, written by Goffredo Mameli in the fall of 1847 at the height of the Risorgimento and later set to music by Michele Novaro, was then chosen, October 12, 1946, as the national anthem of the Italian Republic [20]. Thanks to this historic battle, Legnano is the only city, in addition to Rome, to be mentioned in the hymn of Mameli [20]."
"Ariberto in 1028 was engaged in the visit of the suffragan dioceses of Turin: questioning the leader of a religious group suspected of heresy, the archbishop came to know that the people of Monforte d'Alba (now in the province of Cuneo) interpreted allegorically [= usual perfidy of the Catholic Manicheans who throw on the Christians their secret true Gnosticism] the Trinitarian dogma, denied the necessity of the sacraments, and then the clergy: most likely this population had embraced Catharism. In that same year, military forces employed by Aribert stormed the castle of Monforte: the entire population of the area was deported in Milan and invited to recant their faith. Most of them refused and was burned at the stake. The area of Milan where the heretics of Monforte were imprisoned since then bears the name of the country of origin of the victims: Corso Monforte. [4]"

Ariberto da Intimiano is considered the most powerful bishop ever had in Milano. He gave to Milano a famous cross, the Cross of Ariberto d'Intimiano, conserved in the Duomo of Milano where he is buried:

 Above image - original Wikipedia caption: "The tomb and a copy of the cross of Aribert of Intimiano, in the cathedral of Milan"
   The The Cross of Ariberto d'Intimiano was used by the Lombard League in the Battle of Legnano where Barbarossa was defeated:

"The communication of the Barbarossa camped in Cairate not, however, came to the leaders of the Lombard League, who were convinced that the emperor was away, still in Bellinzona waiting troop reinforcement [15] [103]. For this reason, the Carroccio [a sort of car], the emblem of the autonomy of the municipalities belonging to the Lega Lombarda carrying the cross of Aribert of Intimiano [13] [104], escorted by several hundred men of the League was transferred from Milan to the Legnano going 'Olona"

"Historians consider him among the Holy Roman Empire's greatest medieval emperors. He combined qualities that made him appear almost superhuman to his contemporaries: his longevity, his ambition, his extraordinary skills at organization, his battlefield acumen and his political perspicuity. Among his contributions to Central European society and culture include the reestablishment of the Corpus Juris Civilis, or the Roman rule of law, which counterbalanced the papal power that dominated the German states since the conclusion of the investiture crisis.",_Holy_Roman_Emperor

"....  The Pontiff bargained with Frederic Barbarossa, who was then soliciting from the Pope coronation as emperor, that the monk [Arnold of Bresciashould be given up. Arnold was seized, sent to Rome under a strong escort, and burned alive. We are able to infer that his followers in Rome were numerous to the last, from the reason given for the order to throw his ashes into the Tiber, "to prevent the foolish rabble from expressing any veneration for his body."....".

The History of Protestantism by J. A. Wylie


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 Expo: 20 thousand in the streets to clean up Milan; Elders, "moving day"18:04 May 3, 2015(AGI) - Milan, May 3   thousands in the Milanese streets to clean up the city ', after the violence of the black bloc. Citizens started from Piazza Cadorna, present Mayor Pisapia and the singer Roberto Vecchioni. Many have been struggling to clean up the writings that the antagonists had drawn on the walls. "We are more than 20,000, to return to the beauty Milan. Milan should not be touched [allegory of the Legnano Battle]. This morning I received a beautiful phone call , was the President Mattarella that complimented our city '. This and' the way of saying that we can go forward "said Pisapia from a makeshift stage. "It 'was one of the days more' moving of all my life and I'm here proudly as Milan", said Vecchioni, "we symbolically tidied up the city ''. "The civil and generous response of the city 'of Milan to violence and the devastation wrought by the black bloc are proof that our country has the ability 'to respond to the provocations of radical movements with a reservoir of values ​​and energies really extraordinary" . He underlines the Secretary General of the CISL, Annamaria Furlan. "There is no justification to hooliganism and looting that are unspeakable and violent forms of dissent to be condemned, no ifs, ands or buts. The violence is fought with social cohesion, citizen participation and intermediary bodies, culture and education in schools, as happened in the dark and difficult years of terrorism. That's why 'those who continue to squeeze the "eye or legitimize radical movements should definitely take the distances, expressing solidarity' to the police who have once again been able to manage a difficult situation with an extraordinary commitment ".

ROMAN CATHOLIC - COUNTER REFORMATION NARRATIVE: the "good squatters" , the "good demonstrators", who consecrate themselves to the "good works", opposed to the "bad squatters", the "Black Blocks" (who are the violent wing  of the radical wing rallies), who represent the Only Faith doctrine trying to infiltrate the Good Work doctrine - The jesuit pope  blessed the Leoncavallo because it represents the Good Work wing of the radical left area, meanwhile the anarchists and the Black Blocks must play the role of the "Patareni/Vaudoises/Cathars":

 Monday, November 3, 2014
Poverty and pauperism today as social tool for the modern Jesuits' [Satan's] crusades.

OCCUPY THE VATICAN - a very human movement. Like pope Francis.

Catholicism or atheism is the same in their respective hidden core: a parasitic, opportunistic pharisaic exploitation of every human sufferance in order to express the hate against GOD.

Above image - "#nepalearthquake - REMINDER: Nepal needs donations NOT prayers or the "gospel" - As expected, a barrage of religious nonsense rears its ugly head in the midst of the Nepal earthquake which has left over 5,000 dead so far. This collection of tweeted screenshots is a prime example of parasitical and inhumane behavior. Please consider donating to reputable and secular charities currently on the ground doing tangible and necessary work. Responsible "
Obvious that a great part of humanity seeks only a material advantage in this world and therefore hates to death the ones recalling them that beyond death there's the Judgement. Such people, if they could, they would kill every "religious" person because "religiosity" recalls to them the wickedness of their heart. For which else reason they felt compelled to write such exhibition of hate, if not because they feels to be impotent in front of the Judgement of God?  Catholic or atheist they are the same and they surely will feel at home in the Vatican, where their material works are considered the spiritual source of justification. How could be an human being more hypocrite? They themselves confess that the true origin of their action is not coming from the love for the victims, but from the hate against GOD, a blind hate which furiously search every opportunity to unleash his poison.

People who are praying for the victims of Nepal earthquake and in order GOD may let them see the light out from the darkness of their Babylonian religion, do that not for an interest, nor material, neither spiritual. If you pray you do from the most sincere part of the heart, for love without to expect nothing in exchange. But as sincerity and love, Christian sincerity and love,  cannot be measured with a banknote or with a spectrometer,  they are hated, not simply denied. Because no one can deny the existence of them and wipe 'em away from the world. Can you help a person to become sincere and well hearted with banknotes? Can you fill his/her heart with love, giving him gold? Yea, maybe the opposite. Such a person would immediately praise you and maybe (rethorical) the Occupy the Vatican guy are seeking only to be praised by the Nepal victims: "we can give you more money than the Evangelicals!".

Isn't this perfidy and predatory? Aren't they abusing the victims of the earthquake? Aren't they hypocrite?

" This collection of tweeted screenshots is a prime example of parasitical and inhumane behavior."
 After two milleniums the persecution of the Christians  is not ceased and continues with the exact the same slogans of the age of Nero. Please, check the words of those "anti-Vaticaners", the words of the Jesuit pope and the words of the butchers of Christians in the time of Nero: aren't they sinisterly identical???....:

"...."Therefore, to stop the rumor [that he had set Rome on fire], he [Emperor Nero] falsely charged with guilt, and punished with the most fearful tortures, the persons commonly called Christians, who were [generally] hated for their enormities.
Accordingly first those were arrested who confessed they were Christians; next on their information, a vast multitude were convicted, not so much on the charge of burning the city, as of "hating the human race."....."

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
A very human pope.

 Don't be surprised. The Gnosticism is the horizon of the events around the Pit of Hell. You go in a circle in it, if you move in a direction  you are an atheist, if you go in the opposite direction you are a Catholic loyal to the pope. In any case you remain forever entrapped there. 

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Excellent discovery of Christo Styliyanov about the Catho-Gnostic engineering of  the passion of the mob, in order to get the desired outcome, i.e. the Catholic figurative allegorical revenge on those Cathars exterminated in MILANO 987 years ago:

From a comment of C. Stiliyanov under this post:
Okay, the immediately obvious

Beginning with the logo:

You have the owl (Lilith;Sophia;Inanna) and the serpent. The mass is composed of animals (literally the perception and state of the unenlightened in gnosticism). Unawares guided into a precipice for their distruction by the "instructor" and the wisdom.

"There are many animals in the world which are in a human form."

“Adam ate from the tree which bore animals. He became an animal and he brought forth animals.”

- Gospel of Philip

“Having left knowledge behind, she (the soul) fell into bestiality. For a senseless person exists in bestiality, not knowing what is proper to say and what it is proper not to say.”

Authoritative Teaching

The italian 2015 expo seems to also be an allegory of the Catholic harvest, with the Reformation being the temporary end of it.

Closure October 31, 2015

Milan won over IZMIR (Smyrna), which is the "poor but rich" church of Revelation.

"Expo" = "exposition" = large market.

Revelation 18

12 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble,
13 And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.

  1. So this is a material visualization of our interference in the merchandise of the souls of men. We are spiritual anarchists (if our "archons" are Satan's principalities, powers etc)