Friday, March 13, 2015

Bin Laden the "Vaudois" [Roman Catholic Global Slander]

 It is quite understandable that the Catholicism is the worst nest of pedophilia in the world. When you for a moment becomes aware about the immense wickedness, evilness and perversion of these by-Legion possessed guys, how to not believe that pedophilia is a constitutional feature in the character of their Catholic church???

Here, how Osama Bin Laden has been recycled by his Jesuit Masterminds - after having pulled him in a corner and substituted by GRU/FSB trained Al Zawahiri. Bin Laden as the Roman Catholic caricature of the "Vaudois" in a "spiritual ascetic isolation" among the "mountains":

Inside Bin Laden's bolt-hole: Rare photos show grinning terrorist at his Tora Bora hideout pre 9/11 - high in the Afghan mountains guarded by children wielding Kalashnikovs

  • Images taken by journalist Abdel Barri Atwan in 1996 released in trial of Al Qaeda lieutenant Khaled al-Fawwaz
  • Shows 9/11 mastermind's compound in mountainous region of Tora Bora, including a two-bedroom mud hut 
  • Developed an intricate network of caves and tunnels to avoid detection and acted as protection during air strikes
  • Reports suggest he would go on day-long hikes across the mountains surrounded by bodyguards  
  • He fled the area near the Pakistan border on horse back in 2001 when US forces closed in on him 

"high in the Afghan mountains guarded by children wielding Kalashnikovs"

This one perhaps is the most disgusting part of the Catholic Slander of Vaudoises using the Wahhabbi terrorism as allegorical mask. You probably will remember the Alberto series (Chick publications) where Alberto Rivera reports about the Vaudoises whose children were also spiritually trained with the reading of the Scriptures, in order to evangelize the folks:

"Before the time of Martin Luther, the power of God fell on the Christians who were hiding up in the mountains":
"Eight and ten year old boys [children] began preaching like the apostle Paul. They came into the cities, and the Roman Catholic priests were horrified".

"Mountains" = "Mountains"

"Children" = "Eight and ten year old boys"

"wielding Kalashnikovs" = "preaching like the apostle Paul".

This is pure global anti-Christian psycho-brainwash. Such Satanic refinesse comes only by a Gnostic perverted mind, one like to be found only among the Jesuits.

Up to this level, the perfidy and wickedness of the jesuitism can be traced. Remember: Jesuits and the Catholic church are allowed by God in their evil existence, but only because every soul of this world could realize how deep are the roots of Satan in this world, whose poisonous shoots are in those fascinating and persuasive ways of a Jesuit.

 I thanks God for having allowed me to see the truth and the way of salvation, and now my heart is glad because I know that will never share the eternity with these creatures of Hell.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Satan loves Nutella [Our Lady of Chocolate]


  1. great post !, genial, funny, really brilliant, but shouldn't you better to stay alive before your wedding ?, such a brilliant concision makes you a too easy target, they have no humour, but thank you your post is fresh water in the wilderness

    1. Yes you' re right, soon or later Gnostic Jesuit Mafia will majke me pay for my expositions, and i should not involve other people in that, as wives and eventual children, because we are living in a world NOT created by Satan, but by him ruled, a sort of 'filter' for the chosen of God.
      Yes i m in great danger because for wedding i just take a flight passing near areas where recently airplanes are crashing

    2. Anyway the same history teaches us that to hide themselves away from Rome soon or later does not pay. They have simple to exterminate their enemies, without care if they are silent or not.
      In June our wedding will be celebrated in a Baptist church, and the Vaudois were among the first Baptist. In Italy they created the North League, strongly Cstholic and implicitly anti-Vaudois party, In France Marine le Pen praises Jean D'Arc who wished to suppress the Hussites, and the society is even more hidden in the darkness

    3. You are right and in fact soon or lateri will stop tha activity with my blogs, because if i have to censor myself, I prefer to remain dumb, in silence.
      Indeed if you visited those excellent sitesaabout Vaudoises and Bogomiles, linked in this blog, you ll see that the celibate was sometimes practiced, but not for prrverted spiritual reasons, but due to security issues, in order to not involve other people in the persecution against the proper person.
      Therefore in the context of Italy and my city, it is impossible to live a normal life and at the same time to expose Continuing Inquisition, when you live in a city surrounded exclusively by Fascist or Communist hatred it becomes impossible to live, and the least illegal immigrant from Libya feels more protected in this country than me.
      Therefore soon i will stop my online activity.

  2. BTW: as soon as possible i ll edit the post, telling that it is not generally aimed to expose the media and the Daily Mail specifically, as the responsible for this campaign of ''guilty by associatio'' (see Stiliyanov's blog), as the media are only reporting news of events which have been planned in order to give a specific decisive ideological outcome in all the world. The culprit of this allegorical slander are in Rome.

  3. acute observation,bro. If you dig around "islamic terrorism", "communism" and "japanese imperialism" you find many hidden attacks at the true carriers of the gospel. But the post is mostly painful for me, because If 8 year olds can preach the gospel, why cant we? :)

    1. Even Muslims are more able to preach than us, and this worries me too. But I suggest to not let too much your heart to condemn you. God knows you and me at least one millions time better then you and me - I found this, I again thanks you for this link i putted on the right side of blog:

      CHRIST In The Psalms
      by William L. Pettingill
      Copyright © 1937 ["37"....]

      The Sixteenth Psalm

      "I once listened to a precious Christian friend telling me that he believed he was deserted by the
      HOLY SPIRIT, hopelessly lost and on the way to hell.
      I knew that this dear brother's heart was
      condemning him contrary to the Word of GOD, and I called his attention to the teaching of I
      John 3:20: "
      For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all
      ." GOD graciously used this Scripture to rescue His child form the Slough of Despond into
      which he had fallen. Of course, it is far better to have our hearts agreeing with GOD, who,
      though He often chastises His children, will never condemn us, for "
      if our heart condemn us
      not, then have we confidence toward God. And whatever we ask, we receive of him
      " (I John

  4. "great post !, genial, funny, really brilliant, but shouldn't you better to stay alive before your wedding ?"

    You were really prophetic!...: