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Murder and/or persecute the truth-sayers at home Russia - build fifth columns in the Freedom of the Western world. 
Could  Putin do all that alone, if not supported by the Vatican and the Jesuit Order?

'Offended' Israel not to support publicly the US-Cuba breakthrough - report

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Netanyahu, the dictator of America , is not pleased .
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    Avles Beluskes    
I don't know if in Russia there's an "Russian America Today" news agency. How is possible that a tyrannical regime in Moscow can spread propaganda - like news agency SPUTNIK - in the Western world? Are you backed by the Jesuits and the Vatican sirs?
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    Idiotic buffoon.
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It shows who is running US. People in US have being CONNED....."

 Saturday, December 27, 2014
The miserable farce of a Jesuit order "against-the-poor-Putin"


The Putin Murders

A Brief History of Putintime

March 1997
45-year-old former KGB agent Vladimir Putin (pictured, left) is plucked from obscurity out of the St. Petersburg local government apparatus by President Boris Yeltsin and named Deputy Chief of Staff. In June, he defends his PhD dissertation in “strategic planning” at St. Petersburg’s Mining Institute. Later, this document proves to have been plagiarized from a KGB translation of work by U.S. professors published many years earlier (as if nobody would notice, and in fact for quite a while nobody did).
July 1998
In a second inexplicable move, Yeltsin names Putin head of the KGB (now called the FSB).
November 1998
Less than four months after Putin takes over at the KGB, opposition Duma Deputy Galina Starovoitova (pictured, right), the most prominent pro-democracy Kremlin critic in the nation, is murdered at her apartment building in St. Petersburg. Four months after that, Putin will play a key role in silencing the Russian Attorney General, Yury Skuratov, who was investigating high-level corruption in the Kremlin, by airing an illicit sex video involving Skuratov on national TV. Four months after the dust settles in the Skuratov affair, Putin will be named Prime Minister.
August 1999
Completing a hat trick of bizarre spontaneous promotions, proud KGB spy Putin is named by Yeltsin Prime Minister of Russia. Almost immediately, Putin orders a massive bombing campaign against the tiny, defenseless breakaway republic of Chechnya, apparently seeing the reassertion of Russian power there as key to overall resurgence of Russia’s military and state security apparatus, his primary political objective. On August 26th, he’s forced to acknowledge the horrific consequences of the bombing. Hundreds of civilians are killed and tens of thousands are left homeless as civilian targets are attacked. World opinion begins to turn starkly against Russia, especially in Europe, very similarly to the manner in which it has polarized against U.S. President George Bush over Iraq. Putin’s poll numbers in Russia begin to slide.
September 1999
An apartment building in the Pechatniki neighborhood of Moscow is blown up by a bomb. 94 are killed. Less than a week later a second bomb destroys a building in Moscow’s Kashirskoye neighborhood, killing 118. Days after that, a massive contingent of Russian soldiers is surrounding Chechnya as public opposition to the war evaporates. On October 1st, Putin declares Chechen president Aslan Maskhadov and his parliament illegitimate. Russian forces invade.
New Year’s Eve, 1999
Boris Yeltsin resigns the presidency of Russia, handing the office to Putin in order to allow him to run as an incumbent three months later. Given the pattern of bizarre promotions Putin has previously received, the move is hardly even surprising. So-called “experts” on Russia scoff at the possibility that Putin could be elected, proclaiming that, having tasted freedom, Russia can “never go back” to the dark days of the USSR.
March 2000
Despite being the nominee of a man, Yeltsin, who enjoyed single-digit public approval ratings in polls, Vladimir Putin is elected “president” of Russia in a massive landslide (he wins nearly twice as many votes as his nearest competitor). Shortly thereafter, all hell breaks loose in Chechnya. Russia will ultimately be convicted of human rights violations before the European Court for Human Rights and condemned for its abuses of the civilian population by every human rights organization under the sun.
[Between April 2000 and March 2002, Russia plunges into a nightmarish conflict in Chechnya eerily similar to what America now faces in Iraq. Opposition journalists, especially those who dare to report on what it going on in Chechnya, suddenly start dying. In 2000 alone, reporters Igor Domnikov, Sergey Novikov, Iskandar Khatloni, Sergey Ivanov and Adam Tepsurgayev are murdered — not by hostile fire in Chechnya but in blatant assassinations at home in Russia. On June 16, 2001, at a press conference in Brdo Pri Kranju, Slovenia, President Bush is asked about Putin: “Is this a man that Americans can trust?” Bush replies: “I will answer the question. I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul; a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country. And I appreciated so very much the frank dialogue.”]
April 2003
Sergei Yushenkov, co-chairman of the Liberal Russia political party (pictured, left), is gunned down at the entrance of his Moscow apartment block. Yushenkov had been serving as the vice chair of the group known as the “Kovalev Commission” which was formed to informally investigate charges that Putin’s KGB had planted the Pechatniki and Kashirskoye apartment bombs to whip up support for the Putin’s war in Chechnya after the formal legislative investigation turned out to be impossible. Another member of the Commission, Yuri Shchekochikhin (see below) will perish of poisoning, a third will be severely beaten by thugs, and two other members will lose their seats in the Duma. The Commission’s lawyer, Mikhail Trepashkin (see below) will be jailed after a secret trial on espionage charges. Today, virtually none of the members of the Commission are left whole and it is silent.
May 2003
Putin’s popularity in opinion polls slips below 50% after sliding precipitously while the conflict in Chechnya became increasingly bloody. Suddenly, he begins to appear vulnerable, and oil billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky begins to be discussed as one who could unseat him. All hell breaks loose in Russian politics.
July 2003
Yuri Shchekochikhin (pictured, right), a vocal opposition journalist and member of the Russian Duma and the Kovalev Commission, suddenly contracts a mysterious illness. Witnesses reported: “He complained about fatigue, and red blotches began to appear on his skin. His internal organs began collapsing one by one. Then he lost almost all his hair.” One of Shchekochikhin’s last newspaper articles before his death was entitled “Are we Russia or KGB of Soviet Union?” In it, he described such issues as the refusal of the FSB to explain to the Russian Parliament what poison gas was applied during the Moscow theater hostage crisis, and work of secret services from the former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan, which operated with impunity in Moscow against Russian citizens of Turkoman origin. According to Wikipedia: “He also tried to investigate the Three Whales Corruption Scandal and criminal activities of FSB officers related to money laundering through the Bank of New York and illegal actions of Yevgeny Adamov, a former Russian Minister of Nuclear Energy. This case was under the personal control of Putin. In June of 2003, Shchekochikhin contacted the FBI and got an American visa to discuss the case with US authorities. However, he never made it to the USA because of his sudden death on July 3rd. The Russian authorities refused to allow an autopsy, but according to Wikipedia his relatives “managed to send a specimen of his skin to London, where a tentative diagnosis was made of poisoning with thallium” (a poison commonly used by the KGB, at first suspected in the Litvinenko killing).
October 2003
Assaults on the enemies of the Kremlin reach fever pitch as the election cycle begins. Within one week at the end of the month, two major opposition figures are in prison.
October 22, 2003

Mikhail Trepashkin (pictured, right), a former KGB spy and the attorney for the Kovalev Commission, is arrested for illegal possession of a firearm (which he claims was planted in his vehicle). Also retain to represent some of the victims of the apartment bombings theselves, Trepashkin allegedly uncovered a trail of a mysterious suspect whose description had disappeared from the files and learned that the man was one of his former FSB colleagues. He also found a witness who testified that evidence was doctored to lead the investigation away from incriminating the FSB. The weapons charge against Trepashkin mysteriously morphs into a spying charge handled by a closed military proceeding that is condemned by the U.S. government as being a blatant sham, and Trepashkin is sent to prison for four years. Publius Pundit reported on Trepashkin’s plight back in early December of last year.
October 25, 2003
Just as the presidential election cycle is beginning, Khodorkovsky (pictured, left) is arrested at the airport in Novosibirsk. He will be tried and convicted for tax fraud and sent to Siberia, just like in the bad old days of the USSR, in a show trial all international observers condemn as rigged (his lawyer has documented the legal violations in a 75-page treatise). He is there today, now facing a second prosecution for the same offense. His company, YUKOS, is being slowly gobbled up by the Kremlin.

March 2004
With Khodorkovsky conveniently in prison and the Kovalev Commission conveniently muzzled, Vladimir Putin is re-elected “president” of Russia, again in a landslide despite his poll numbers. He faces no serious competition from any opposition candidate. He does not participate in any debates. He wins a ghastly, Soviet-like 70% of the vote. Immediately, talk begins of a neo-Soviet state, with Putin assuming the powers of a dictator. The most public and powerful enemies of the regime start dropping like flies.
June 2004
Nikolai Girenko (pictured, left), a prominent human rights defender, Professor of Ethnology and expert on racism and discrimination in the Russian Federation is shot dead in his home in St Petersburg. Girenko’s work has been crucial in ensuring that racially motivated assaults are classified as hate crimes, rather than mere hooliganism, and therefore warrant harsher sentences — as well as appearing as black marks on Russia’s public record.
July 2004
Paul Klebnikov (pictured, right), editor of the Russian edition Forbes magazine, is shot and killed in Moscow. Forbes has reported that at the time of his death, Paul was believed to have been investigating a complex web of money laundering involving a Chechen reconstruction fund, reaching into the centers of power in the Kremlin and involving elements of organized crime and the FSB (the former KGB).
September 2004
Viktor Yushchenko, anti-Russian candidate for the presidency of the Ukraine, is poisoned by Dioxin. Yushchenko’s chief of staff Oleg Ribachuk suggests that the poison used was a mycotoxin called T-2, also known as “Yellow Rain,” a Soviet-era substance which was reputedly used in Afghanistan as a chemical weapon. Miraculously, he survives the attack.
[Throughout the next year, a full frontal assault on the media is launched by the Kremlin. Reporters Without Borders states: “Working conditions for journalists continued to worsen alarmingly in 2005, with violence the most serious threat to press freedom. The independent press is shrinking because of crippling fines and politically-inspired distribution of government advertising. The authorities’ refusal to accredit foreign journalists showed the government’s intent to gain total control of news, especially about the war in Chechnya.”]
September 2006
Andrei Kozlov (pictured, left), First Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Central Bank, who strove to stamp out money laundering (basically acting on analyses like that of reporter Klebnikov), the highest-ranking reformer in Russia, is shot and killed in Moscow. Many media reports classify Kozlov’s killing as “an impudent challenge to all Russian authorities” and warn that “failure to apprehend the killers would send a signal to others that intimidation of government officials is once again an option.” Less considered is the possibility that Kozlov, like Klebnikov, was on the trail of corruption that would have led into the Kremlin itself, which then lashed out at him preemptively assuming he could not be bought.
October 2006
Anna Politkovskaya (pictured, right), author of countless books and articles exposing Russian human rights violations in Chechnya and attacking Vladimir Putin as a dictator, is shot and killed at her home in Moscow. In her book Putin’s Russia, Politkovskaya had written: “I have wondered a great deal why I have so got it in for Putin. What is it that makes me dislike him so much as to feel moved to write a book about him? I am not one of his political opponents or rivals, just a woman living in Russia. Quite simply, I am a 45-year-old Muscovite who observed the Soviet Union at its most disgraceful in the 1970s and ’80s. I really don’t want to find myself back there again.” Analysts begin to talk openly of Kremlin complicity in the ongoing string of attacks. Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum writes: “Local businessmen had no motivation to kill her — but officials of the army, the police and even the Kremlin did. Whereas local thieves might have tried to cover their tracks, Politkovskaya’s assassin, like so many Russian assassins, did not seem to fear the law. There are jitters already: A few hours after news of Politkovskaya’s death became public, a worried friend sent me a link to an eerie Russian Web site that displays photographs of ‘enemies of the people’ — all Russian journalists and human rights activists, some quite well known. Above the pictures is each person’s birth date and a blank space where, it is implied, the dates of their deaths will soon be marked. That sort of thing will make many, and probably most, Russians think twice before criticizing the Kremlin about anything.”
November 2006
Alexander Litvinenko (pictured, left), KGB defector and author of the book Blowing up Russia, which accuses the Kremlin of masterminding the and Pechatniki and Kashirskoye bombings in order to blame Chechen terrorists and whip up support for an invasion of Chechnya (which shortly followed), is fatally poisoned by radioactive Polonium obtained from Russian sources. Litivinenko had given sensational testimony to the Kovalev Commission and warned Sergei Yushenkov that was a KGB target). In his last days Litvinenko himself, as well as other KGB defectors, including Oleg Kalugin, Yuri Shvets and Mikhail Trepashkin (who allegedly actually warned Litvinenko that he had been targeted before the hit took place) directly blamed the Kremlin for ordering the poisoning. Recent press reports indicate that British investigators have come to the same conclusion. With Litvinenko out of the picture, the only member of the Kovalev Commission left unscathed is its 77-year-old namesake chairman, dissident Sergei Kovalev — who has grown notably silent.
March 2007

On Sunday February 25th, the American TV news magazine Dateline NBC aired a report on the killing of Litvinenko. MSNBC also carried a report. The reports confirmed that British authorities believe Litvinenko perished in a “state-sponsored” assasination. In the opening of the broadcast, Dateline highlighted the analysis of a senior British reporter and a senior American expert on Russia who knew Litvinennko well. Here’s an excerpt from the MSNBC report:
Daniel McGrory, a senior correspondent for The Times of London, has reported many of the developments in the Litvinenko investigation. He said the police were stuck between a rock and a hard place. “While they claim, and the prime minister, Tony Blair, has claimed nothing will be allowed to get in the way of the police investigation, the reality is the police are perfectly aware of the diplomatic fallout of this story,” McGrory said. “Let’s be frank about this: The United States needs a good relationship with Russia, and so does Europe,” said Paul M. Joyal, a friend of Litvinenko’s with deep ties as a consultant in Russia and the former Soviet states. Noting that Russia controls a significant segment of the world gas market, Joyal said: “This is a very important country. But how can you have an important relationship with a country that could be involved in activities such as this? It’s a great dilemma.”
Five days before the broadcast aired, shortly after he was interviewed for it, McGrory was dead. His obituary reads “found dead at his home on February 20, 2007, aged 54.” Five days after the broadcast aired, Joyal (pictured, right) was lying in a hospital bed after having been shot for no apparent reason, ostensibly the victim of a crazed random street crime.  He was returning home after having dinner with KGB defector Oleg Kalugin, and had been an aggressive advocate for Georgian independence from Russian influence.  The attack remains unsolved.
CONCLUSION: Did the Kremlin have anything to do with either Joyal’s or McGrory’s fates, or is it just coincidence that both were struck down within days of giving statements directly blaming the Kremlin for Litvinenko’s killing to the American press? Would the Kremlin really be so brazen as to attack an American for speaking in America? Whether it did not not is almost beside the point: the thing you can’t see is always scarier than the thing you can. The Kremlin is now positioned to turn random accidents into weapons. Appelbaum sums it up: “As Russian (and Eastern European) history well demonstrates, it isn’t always necessary to kill millions of people to frighten all the others: A few choice assassinations, in the right time and place, usually suffice. Since the arrest of oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2003, no other Russian oligarchs have attempted even to sound politically independent. After the assassination of Politkovskaya on Saturday, it’s hard to imagine many Russian journalists following in her footsteps to Grozny either.”
NOTE: For more on the Putin murders from a panel of Russia experts, click here.
January 2009
markelovpaskoOn January 19, 2009, Russian human rights attorney Stanslav Markelov (pictured, right) was shot in the back of the head with a silenced pistol as he left a press conference at which he announced his intention to sue the Russian government for its early release of the Col. Yuri Budanov, who murdered his 18-year-old client in Chechnya five years earlier. Also shot and killed was Anastasia Barburova, a young journalism student who was working for Novaya Gazeta and who had studied under Anna Politkovskaya, reporting on the Budanov proceedings.
July 2009
On July 14, 2009, leading Russian human rights journalist and activist Natalia Estemirova (pictured, left), a single mother of a teenaged daughter, was abducted in front of her home in Grozny, Chechnya, spirited across the border into Ingushetia, shot and dumped in a roadside gutter.  Viewed as the successor to Anna Politkovskaya and by far the most prominent living critic of Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, who had repeatedly threatened her life, Estemirova was a member of the “Memorial” human rights NGO and a steadfast defender of human rights in Chechnya.  Most recently, she had been reporting on the barbaric practice of the government in burning down the homes of rebel activists, often with women and children locked inside.
  Friday, October 10, 2014
"I looked the man in the eye" [..and saw the truth of Moscow bombings].

The miserable farce of a Jesuit order "against-the-poor-Putin"

".....On 1 March 2014, Aksyonov declared Crimea's new de facto authorities would exercise control of all Ukrainian military installations on the peninsula. He also asked Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had been Yanukovych's primary international backer and guarantor, for "assistance in ensuring peace and public order" in Crimea.[47] Putin promptly received authorization from the Federation Council of Russia for a Russian military intervention in Ukraine "until normalization of a socio-political environment in the country".[48][49] Putin's swift maneuver prompted protests of intelligentsia and demonstrations in Moscow against a Russian military campaign in Crimea. By 2 March, Russian troops moving from the country's naval base in Sevastopol and reinforced by troops, armor, and helicopters from mainland Russia exercised complete control over the Crimean Peninsula......." 
05 March 2014....:

Above image - "Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (left) and Spain's King Juan Carlos leave the room to start a meeting at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, Spain Tuesday. The European Union's foreign ministers have threatened Moscow with halting talks on visa liberalisation and negotiations on further economic cooperation unless Russian troops on the Crimean peninsula pull back over the next three days. Photo: AP"
From: The Hindu

See also other interesting pictures here ---->

"....We appreciate the constructive line of Spain in favour of our strategic partnership, the position of Madrid in the NATO-Russia Council, where we interact closely.
 We signed a new Plan of consultations between the Russian and Spanish Foreign Ministries for 2014-2015.
 5 March 2014....."
 Now a little excerpt from an "anti-Jesuit" pro-Putin  source:


"......The Jesuit Order has its origins back as the Knights Templar. There were many Knights Templars but the Pope only sparred a small amount of Templars. These Templars were allowed to go to the powerful Kingdom of Aragon and become the Order of the Calatrava since they were not allowed to be called Knights Templar. These then were connected with the later Order of the Montessa. Both of these orders exist today and are now controlled by the Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos of Spain......"
EU & Eastern Roman Empire Lavrov had to meet in the territory of  the boss of the orders of Calatrava & Montess...: 
"Updated: 2014-03-04 10:02
Russia's Lavrov to meet Ashton in Spain
MADRID - Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet the European Union's High Representative of Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing situation in Ukraine.
Ashton will travel to Madrid after a meeting of the European Union Council of Foreign Ministers on Ukraine.
After meeting Ashton, Lavroy will have talks with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at his official residence in the Palacio de la Moncloa before meeting King Juan Carlos at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.
Lavrov will also meet his Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo on Wednesday...."


14 May 2014....:

Spain lets Russian navy use its port: Madrid accused of hypocrisy after allowing three ships to dock at territories in North Africa

    Three vessels docked in Ceuta, south of Spain, despite tensions
    Nato has mounted defence alliance against Russia over Ukraine crisis
    British MPs condemn move as 'hypocritical' as conflict wages on

By Ian Drury for the Daily Mail

Published: 23:25 GMT, 14 May 2014 | Updated: 23:28 GMT, 14 May 2014


by D. Willinger:
"..... including a high-profile meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin back in 2002...."
Monday, June 2, 2014
About Juan Carlos' Successor Prince Felipe

 by Christo Stiliyanov:
 "...Patriarch Kirill urges Russians to unite in response to sanctions and not to allow upheavals
*** Decrease of life standards should not destroy national self-identification..."
 четвъртък, 6 ноември 2014 г.
The Return of the King - Roman Catholic Russia 2.0

 *   *   *

Thanks for Stiliyanov for having brought further info confirming that Israel has been defintively captured inside the Horizon of the Events of the Jesuit Black Hole (= end of 1054 Schism, plus Sophia anti-Christian cult imposed to all the world, and Western and Eastern empires unification) ...:

 Христо Стилиянов     2:55pm Dec 26
Russia’s new military doctrine lists NATO, US as major foreign threats
Published time: December 26, 2014 13:02
Edited time: December 27, 2014 10:30 ]

Христо Стилиянов   
Христо Стилиянов     2:55pm Dec 26
Andre Kristoffersen
Israel will be next country to join Putin axe of evil. EU and Nato has refused Israel into our alliances. It will be a huge shock for Pro Putin trolls. Putin started to import large quanta of goods from Israel when west was sanctioned.

3 minutes agoReply

Bozz Larsson
Ha! good one. Ever wondered about the US-Israeli connection?
Христо Стилиянов   
Христо Стилиянов     3:10pm Dec 26
Pope Francis And His Gift For Blending The Spiritual And The Political
December 25, 2014 3:26 AM ET ]

"The training shows: On Syria, Francis was closer to Russia and China than to Western powers; he hosted a prayer summit with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders; and as the first Latin American pope, he had street cred in Havana."
Христо Стилиянов   
Христо Стилиянов     3:28pm Dec 26
From trapp's commentary

"The Jesuits, some of them, say little less of St Paul’s epistles, which they could wish by some means censured and reformed, as dangerous to be read, and savouring of heresy in some places"
Well, all that was already cooking at least since 2010....:
"...... This is no small deal. Israel is morphing into an ally of Russia.
The next target is the NATO alliance itself. I think by 2012 quite a few NATO countries will defect to Russia, and America will be kicked out of Europe.

This bum O’Bum should be taken out before it’s too late.
Well, I think it’s already too late.
Israel is just the first rat to jump the ship....."

[Comment by Michael Vilkin — September 7, 2010 @ 7:21 pm]
 Friday, December 12, 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Jerusalgrad 6 and 3/4 - Falling in the arms of Putin


 *   *   *

It is quite that the "Islamic threat" would play a greter role in to distract the attention away from the Catholicization of USA - "be terrified by Muslims/to not see the priests":

Muslim Brotherhood Launches Own U.S. Political Party

"........Islamofascism: With an eye toward the 2016 election, the radical Muslim Brotherhood has built the framework for a political party in America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc............."

Here you have already some of the Catholic establishment preparing the American people - you cannot handle Jewish people without to having before well cooked the American one:

 Putin, The Defender Of Christians Against Muslims   

By on August 9, 2014 in Featured, General

An excellent article on Breibart came out showing how Putin is defending the persecuted Christians. Here is the article as follows:
Frequently cited as an old Arabic saying, this oft-quoted phrase more likely came out of India, in a 4th century treatise on military strategy written in Sanskrit. But whatever its origin, it reflects a universal human phenomenon: in desperate times, a friend is one willing to stand with you against your enemy, regardless of that friend’s own history or former inclinations.
A post Sunday in The Daily Beast, titled “Iraq’s Christians See Putin as Savior,” points up the calamitous situation of the followers of Jesus in what is now Iraq, under siege from the Islamist militant group known as ISIS. In droves, Christians have been fleeing the first major city to fall to ISIS, Mosul, and the irony is thick on the ground....".

Nineveh Diary


Iraq’s Christians See Putin As Savior

Reeling from regional developments and disillusioned with the West, some Iraqi Christians are looking to Russia for support.....".

But how many times I told you before about ISIS as simply a tool to make appear the poison "Putin" as a "medicine"? If you don't mind Avles Beluskes Exposed, in this new blog it at least since May 2014....:

".....Jews and Christians must support Assad (Putin = Eastern Roman empire) and the best way is to fill Syria with Jihadists eating the hearts of their enemies. Full Babylonian psychological warfare.

What the Daily Beast' journalist forgot to tell you in that article is the fact that not only "Christians" (= mostly Catholics) are looking forward for Putin (and Assad) as their "liberator", but, as definitively demonstrated in my Jerusalgrad #4, #5, #6 and #6 and 1/2, also the Jews are pulled in the corner whose walls are plenty of ISIS' graffiti, written with the blood. Far away Putin with the tanks waits to squeeze those walls and "freed" the Jews. A such psychiatric warfare you have already seen.... In Warsaw:

Lack of outside support during the Warsaw Uprising

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From August 4 the Western Allies begun supporting the Warsaw Uprising with airdrops of munitions and other supplies. Initially the air raids were carried out mostly by 1586 Polish Flight of the PAF stationed in Bari and Brindisi in Italy flying Liberators, Halifaxes and Dakotas. Later on at the insistence of the Polish government-in-exile they were joined by the Liberators of 2 Wing - 31 and 34 Squadrons of the SAAF based at Foggia in Southern Italy, and Halifaxes, flown by 148 and 178 Squadrons of the RAF. The drops continued until September 21, delivering a total of 104 tons of supplies.
The Soviet Union did not give permission to the Allies for use of its airports for those supply operations and thus the planes were forced to use bases in the United Kingdom and Italy which reduced their carrying weight and number of sorties.[4] The Allies specific request for the use of landing strips made on 20 August was denied by Stalin on 22 August (he referred to the resistance as 'a handful of criminals').
Research into the lack of support of the Warsaw Uprising is (according to historians such as Norman Davies) currently very difficult due to lack of access to archives. For records relating to the period, currently both the United Kingdom archives and Russian archives (where the majority of Soviet archives are kept) remain mostly closed to the public. Further complicating the matter is the United Kingdom's claim that they accidentally destroyed the archives of the Polish Government in Exile.[13]
Well, Jews, you are now in "good hands" with Putin. And with Shoebat's mastermind, the Jesuit pope. A mouse in a trap. If you want to check the true reason for the Lack of Support to Warsaw's Uprising, give a look to the D. Willinger's blog, there's plenty of proofs and evidences about....:
Not satisfied? Look here one of the illustrious victims of the 'liberator' of Auschwitz - Stalin -  a certain general Sikorski ---> Shifting Poland to west massacring Polish people for the Jesuits' Oder Neisse border, will maybe in the future also Israel shifted out of Jerusalem???...

It is significant that Eric John Phelps always blamed the Caliphate as creation of 14th Amendment Fascist USA and Jesuit CIA, and always blamed an invasion of USA by Russia & China.  An hypothesis: his fall from the credibility between  many "anti-Jesuiters" could have been programmed or exploited in order to make rise the star of Putin among them? The mass psychology usually uses the trick in to initially describe a guy as negative but then, exploiting an apparent bad fame of his detractors, the same guy can turn at the end of the  spectactle as "good" guy.

Well, the moment Putin (Jesuits) shall decide, together with China, to invade, pardon, ONLY to threaten an invasion of USA, not only the "rat" Israel will be too much busy - in order to realize that the boat is sinking - with the pieces of Chinese cheese given in her mouth....:

Bennett Signs Chinese 'Water City' Agreement
Economy Minister in Shaoguan promotes Israeli business in Chinese market, says he misses Israel.

By Hillel Fendel
First Publish: 11/27/2014, 9:51 PM
Israeli-Chinese trade relations are growing impressively, expected to reach around $12.5 billion for the year 2014.
Bennett used his page to invite additional Israeli companies in any field that "want to break into China’s market or Asia in general, to contact our Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy."....".

.... but also the "rat" USA will discover unpleasantly that his nuclear deterrent is - if not fully KO, on the way to be seriously compromised. Would you engage a super-power like Putin's Russia plenty of new nuclear missiles then? I doubt it..... Yes, Putin does not even need to materially send tanks in Alaska or California. Because you - Americans-  are already on the path to become "Russian Federation's state", a province of the Roman Catholic Eurasian Empire all along the Northern emisphere:
Air Force Leaders Admit Nuclear Problems, But Will Fixes Work?

 Associated Press | Dec 21, 2014 | by Robert Burns

WASHINGTON -- Faced with one of its biggest challenges in years — repairing a troubled nuclear missile corps — the Air Force has taken an important first step by admitting, after years of denial, that its problems run deep and wide.....".
Subscribing to this view, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced on Nov. 14 that the Pentagon would make top-to-bottom changes — more than 100 in all — in how the nuclear force is managed and operated. He said the Pentagon would spend up to $10 billion more over six years to improve the force. Ten days later Hagel announced his resignation, leaving questions about follow-through.
Michelle Spencer, for one, documented it in a little-noticed research paper she wrote for the Air Force in 2012. Her study team found examples of Air Force decisions to deemphasize nuclear training and education. ...."

Decisions on Upgrading Nuclear Arsenals Will Wait for Next Defense Secretary's Attention
    By Rachel Oswald  
    Roll Call Staff
    Dec. 2, 2014, 2:23 p.m.
Or try this and keep in mind - I assure you because in my youth I read much magazines about aerospace matter, especially about Air Forces of USA and USSR -  that the moral destruction of a military force is the principal step in the fall of the country that military force is defending. In the early '80 such magazines were reporting about the serious problem of alcoholism between the crews of the Russian Strategic Air Forces. Now its the turn of USA:
Nuclear missile launch officer charged in drug probe
Published December 02, 2014
Associated Press
America now is divide by the Second Racial War, meanwhile Russia is united & strong under Putin's iron fist. He who hath eyes to see .....

Yes my darlings, this is the brutal reality. C'mon, run now to find consolation in the conspiracy-dream of the "CIA's backed ISIS" anti-Jesuiter/anti-Zionist propaganda.  Go and read Sputnik, the Putin's propaganda agency in the Western world. 
Am I a militaristic fanatic? Absolutely not. As regard myself Air Force nukes can rotten forever and the Minuteman missiles be dismantled. What I don't tolerate is the hypocrisy of the ones who continues to blame the "militaristic" USA meanwhile the military forces of USA are going to be dismantled.  Are the same who are praising a serial killer at the power in the Kremlin. True Russian Minutemen are all under some feet of soil, with a Made In Putin's hole in the skull. Or hidden in their houses.

".....Dave Hodges
March 20, 2014 .....   ----> Conclusion:

The United States is facing an emboldened Putin. The following scenario is emerging as to what the world is going to see as far as the commencement of WW III. The Russians will invade Ukraine. Putin will first try to bribe the nations of Eastern Europe with promises of cheap gas to bring these countries under the control of the Russians without firing a shot. Failing this objective, Putin will annex said countries by rolling in Russian tanks. When any of these countries fight back, WW III will commence. The United States only real viable option will be to open a second front in Syria. This will be followed by an attack upon Alaska by Russian forces who have already prepositioned assets in Alaska right under the eye of the Obama administration.

It is at this point, that the Chinese intentions will be known. Until now, China has been playing both sides of the fence. However, this is about to end. The moment that the US attacks Syria, the Chinese will play their hand and a depleted American force will be overwhelmed.
 Excerpt from: Putin’s Plans to Seize Eastern Europe and Alaska

      Anyway don't be depressed but trust in God. And remember the most important thing: no Minuteman missile no army can defend you from the Final Judgement. Faith in Jesus Christ and the Lord  and the words of God are your only and true weapon for the eternal salvation.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014
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