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Continuing Jesuit-Masonic slandering of Paulicians: the smoking gun.

 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; 
we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
[Romans, 8:36]

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"Die katholische Geistlichkeit und die Freimaurerei"
"The Catholic Clergy and the Freemasonry" [book]

Case closed. The Continuing 17 centuries of Catholic-Orthodox slandering and slaughtering  of Paulicians, Bogomiles, Vaudoises etc. under the infamous labels of  "Manicheans", "Adoptionists", "Unitarians", etc., exposes himself in the present case.

Catholicism (and his daugher the Ortodoxy) don't murder their victims only one time.  After they murdered their enemies, they are continually constrained to assassinate their historical memory and record if they don't want to be exposed as bearing the guilty to have been the arm of Satan in this world, implementing one of the most monstrous mass-assassination of Christians in two millennium history.
The best tactic - when it is not yet possible to burn documents and books exposing the thirsty of blood of the Catholic popes and of their Orthodox colleagues, has consisted and consists today in to simply deny the essence of "Christianity" to the ones assassinated in long centuries of Catholic-Orthodox persecutions.  And which else better kind of mercenary can be hired for this dirty job if not the Masonry, which is the same gnosticism of Catholicism but in an extremely more flexible and adaptable form? Because free from all that heavy Catholic scenography of a faked  "Christianity".

Among others, the video and the text you will find below at the end of this post, is confirming also the true goal of Putin's aggression to Ukraine [by Douglas Willinger]....:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Putin Offer To Split Ukraine With Poland - 2

.... aka not only the Continuing Counter Reformation (as brilliantly exposed by Douglas Willinger in his blog) but also a more wide Catholic war, a war which sees apostate Protestants and Baptists, Orthodox churches together with the Catholic church, in the Continuing War on Paulicians/Bogomiles/Patarenos/Cathari/Vaudoises/etc. especially in the Middle East (Sirya) and Eastern Europe (from Baltic to Ukraine), Christians who today at the best are represented by the Independent Baptist churches but - even if in less measure - also by every individuality or group which doesn't deny Christ the Lord but at the same time is suffering the every day increasing arrogance of the Catholicism (Orthodoxy).

Gather the maximum amount of today's Cathars/Paulicians in Ukraine to then slaughter them?

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Next Counter Reformation mass assassination in Ukraine? 

Check with your eyes the Jesuit-Masonic slandering of the Christians who resisted and resist the pope of Rome and his Orthodox brothers' deadly hug.
But before a prologue on the figure of....:

".....Léon Victor Auguste Bourgeois (French: [leɔ̃ buʁʒwa]; 21 May 1851 – 29 September 1925) was a French statesman. His ideas influenced the Radical Party regarding a wide range of issues. He promoted progressive taxation such as progressive income taxes and social insurance schemes,[1] along with economic equality, expanded educational opportunities, and cooperatives. In foreign policy, he called for a strong League of Nations, and the maintenance of peace through compulsory arbitration, controlled disarmament, economic sanctions, and perhaps an international military force
(.......)... He was initiated at "La Sincerité", lodge of Grand Orient de France (Paul Guillaume, « La Franc-maçonnerie à Reims (1740-2000) », 2001, p. 333)......."

"......À ce poste, il pacifie les relations tendues entre la municipalité rémoise et la préfecture12. Durant l’été 1882, il est initié à la loge maçonnique « la Sincérité », membre du Grand Orient de France. Il devient après deux mois compagnon et maître. Cette ascension rapide est probablement due à son nomination dans le Tarn où il ne devait pas être un simple apprenti13...
  1. Paul Guillaume, « La Franc-maçonnerie à Reims (1740-2000) », Thèse de doctorat, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, 2001, p. 333

.....which, translated, is:

"......In this role, he pacifies the strained relations between the municipality and the préfecture12 Reims. During the summer of 1882, he was initiated into the Masonic lodge "Sincerity", member of the Grand Orient of France. It becomes after two months companion and master. This rapid rise is probably due to his appointment in the Tarn [my note: a prefecture of France] where it should not be a mere apprentice.....
(.....) .....
Paul Guillaume, "Freemasonry in Reims (1740-2000)", PhD Thesis, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, 2001, p. 333"
From the page:

In the following paragraph of the same page,  it is mentioned also  a clash of Léon Victor Auguste Bourgeois with the Catholic church [I improved the Google translation]:

".....November 8, 1882, he was officially appointed prefect of the Tarn by Armand Fallières. In Tarn, he first faced the Catholics of Tarn opposed to the textbook "Elements of civic and moral education" of  Gabriel Compayré, which defends civil marriage. The clergy threatened to not give the Communion [my note: transubstantiation Catholic sacrament] to children using this book and the book is placed on the Index by the Vatican. In February 1883 Leon Bourgeois withdrew the salary (wage) of five priests [my note: allegedly priests teaching in public schools] and dismisses the Mayor of Lavaur. More and more children are leaving the public school and Bourgeois revokes other mayors and priests. In June 1883 a compromise was finally reached between the government and the clergy. Some [people] find Bourgeois too favorable to Republicans, etc. etc. (....)... ..."
 [same URL as above from French page of Wikipedia]

Usually a faked but very loud and exhibited polemic with the traditional Catholic church hierarchy  was the preferred choreography the Masonic allies of the Jesuits were using to hide their secret complete submission and devotion to the command of the General Superior of the Society of "Jesus".

Wellyear 1740. What a coincidence: just-in-time to prepare that Gnostic Masonic Thule where the Jesuits would had fled during the period of the coming (self-inflicted?) suppression of their 'honored' Society. But in the city of Reims, which the above quoted PhD Thesis  puts in relation with the lodge of which Léon Victor Auguste Bourgeois was member (and not a mere apprentice), the Jesuit college was still at work at the time of the foundation of the first Masonic lodge in Reims - if the Masonic lodges were only another form of manifestation of the Society of "Jesus", they had well 33 (thirtythree) years of time in order to build Masonic lodges who would had tuned in line with the Jesuit order, and continued their  Gnostic War on Christians after the Society would have been suppressed:
"......The Jesuits set up their college at Reims in 1606 and asked to be incorporated in the university; in 1609 they obtained their request, but repeated conflicts arose between them and the university on the question of Jansenism, from 1617 until 1752. A Benedictine monastery built in the 12th century was purchased by the Jesuits in 1616 and enlarged and modified by them between 1617 and 1678 to the form we see today. When the order was suppressed in 1762, the complex was turned into a hospital...".
Therefore a 'common', 'normal' mind, believers or not, but respectful of that minimum of elementary logic which has been provided to the world by God, should conclude that such a  man - Léon Victor Auguste Bourgeois - who gave a so public and indisputable proof of animosity and grudge against the Catholic hierarchy, should have automatically exhibited a sort of sympathy, passion, inclination towards the millenium long persecuted martyrs of the popes and his Inquisition, the Cathars. In fact, aren't they often presented and painted as holding many "Gnostic doctrines" in common with the Masonry and the Templar Order, retained to be the true founder of Masonry???...:

"...The "chalga"(gypsy music, cheap) history and the superficial multiculturalism often stress the fact that Bulgaria was a seat for Bogomilism, which has spread through the Western balkans in entire Europe as far as  Italy and France and has given a push to the powerful mystical currents of the Cathars, Albigenses, and has influenced the Templar order, Masonry, even today's para-mason organizations...."
[an excerpt from Stiliyanov's сряда, 26 ноември 2014 г.
The sarcophagus of paulicanism ]

The answer could not be the one commonly expected if you try to see the matter from another perspective. We have been brainwashed by the 'alternative' information that since centuries people have joined the Free or not Masonry in order to fight better the Catholicism and the pope without to declare it openly. But this smells to be a propaganda spin which tries to cover the other side of the question. The landscape appearing after a lecture of history having in mind that Counter Reformation and Inquisition never ceased to be "alive and kicking",  shows how many people joined the Masonry because there they could carry out the principal political, social, economical and ideological goals of the Catholicism without to openly appear  a supporter of the Catholicism . period.

And this was the case of  Léon Bourgeois, who was filled with hatred towards Cathars, Albigenses, Vaudoises, Bogomiles, Paulicians, etc. till the point he wrote against them as actually being the core of a conspiracy.

So we have here a man who was moved by the most heinous craving of the popes and the Jesuits, but hiding it under a probably faked and recited comedy of the "anti-clergy Masonic opposition against the church". At this point, shouldn't interest you to know that his hatred has been resuscitated just a week after the Jesuit pope, visiting Calabria for a 'pastoral' meeting, symbolically spitted again the venom of Satan on the graves of those two thousands Reformed Vaudoises butchered like pigs by his Inquisition in 1561?....:

"...Calabria, 21st June 2014. The Jesuit pope meeting the relatives of a family - also kids -  murdered by Ndrangheta. A way to try to clean the blood on proper, damned and destined to Hell, soul?..."
 Saturday, June 21, 2014
"88" or Roman Catholic Cutthroaters.

 Well, do you recognize the scheme now?

"...28 June 1914 Paulicians start First World War to create the League of Nations in 1918

<a href="/channel/UCrI-rOvFRDXDGnXv4jqxdJw" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-sessionlink="ei=6ER7VJHDOof80QXttYHAAg" data-ytid="UCrI-rOvFRDXDGnXv4jqxdJw" data-name="">rettznorge</a>

Published on Jun 29, 2014
Eucharist 28 June 2014 - On 28 June 1914, Павлићани - the Allied Cathar Paulician "Church of Satan" - assassinated Roman Catholic Emperor to start up WWI, destroy the Deutsches Kaiserreich, and create Unitarian League of Nations - La Société des Nations Paris, as outlined in 1910 by Léon Bourgeois in his publication "Pour la Société des Nations". Following WWI, he became President of the Council of the League of Nations and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in 1920.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, were shot dead at the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip, one of a group of six Paulician Bogomil Bosniak assassins known as Young Bosnia, The Black Hand

True text from Wikipedia [This page was last modified on 26 November 2014 at 02:42]:

".....On 28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, were shot dead in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip, one of a group of six assassins (five Serbs and one Bosniak) coordinated by Danilo Ilić, a Bosnian Serb and a member of the Black Hand secret society....." 

Gavrilo Princip (Павлићанин Гаврило Принцип 25 July 1894 -- 28 April 1918) was a Bosnian Paulician Serb who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914.

Princip and his Павлићани accomplices were arrested and implicated by Serbian military, leading Austria-Hungary to issue a démarche to Serbia known as the July Ultimatum. This was used as pretext for Austria-Hungary's invasion of Serbia, which then led to World War I.

Princip was a Yugoslav nationalist associated with the movement Mlada Bosna (Young Bosnia) which consisted of Павлићани Serbs, Bogomil Bosniaks and Croats.

True text from Wikipedia [This page was last modified on 30 November 2014 at 00:58]: 

"......Gavrilo Princip (Serbian Cyrillic: Гаврило Принцип, pronounced [ɡǎʋrilɔ prǐntsip]; 25 July [O.S. 13 July] 1894[3] – 28 April 1918) was a Bosnian Serb who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914.[4]
Princip and his accomplices were arrested and implicated by several members of the Serbian military, leading Austria-Hungary to issue a démarche to Serbia known as the July Ultimatum.[5] This was used as pretext for Austria-Hungary's invasion of Serbia, which then led to World War I.[6]

Princip was a Yugoslav nationalist associated with the movement Mlada Bosna (Young Bosnia) which predominantly consisted of Serbs, but also Bosniaks and Croats.[7]......"

Paulicians (Armenian: Պաւղիկեաններ, Pavlikians) a Christian Adoptionist sect, also accused by medieval sources of being Gnostic and quasi Manichaean Christian.

The Bogomils called for a return to early Christianity, rejecting the ecclesiastical hierarchy, and their primary political tendencies were resistance to the state and church authorities. This helped the movement spread quickly in the Balkans, gradually expanding throughout the Byzantine Empire and later reaching Kievan Rus', Bosnia, Dalmatia, Rascia, Italy, France.

The Bogomils were dualists in that they believed the world was created not by the Abrahamic God, but by an evil demiurge — the Devil. They did not use the cross nor build churches, preferring to perform rituals outdoors.

In 1234, the Catholic Bishop of Bosnia was removed by Pope Gregory IX for allowing heretical practices. In addition, Gregory called on the Hungarian king to crusade against the Bogomils. However, Bosnian nobles were able to expel the Hungarians. It was not until Pope Nicholas' Bull "Prae cunctis" in 1291 that the Franciscans-led inquisition was imposed on Bosnia.

Catharism ("the pure (ones") a Christian dualist movement that thrived in Southern Europe, particularly northern Italy and southern France, between the 12th and 14th centuries. Cathar beliefs varied between communities because Catharism was initially taught by ascetic priests who had set few guidelines. The Cathars were a direct challenge to the Catholic Church, which denounced its practices and dismissed it outright as "the Church of Satan".

Pope Saint Pius X
August 4, 1903 - August 20, 1914
Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto
June 2, 1835 - August 20, 1914
Pius X warned over and over, admonishing all to "come together for the love of Jesus, for Jesus and with Jesus Who is present in all men." [my note: therefore 1) all men are saved or 2) Jesus can also cohabit with Satan] However, as we all know, his words went unheeded and on June 28, 1914 the Archduke Franz Ferdinand - nephew of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, and the next in line to succeed the Austrian ruler - was assassinated by Bosnian terrorists in the city of Sarajevo. Ironic, isn't it, that this city has been so strategic over the years in provoking war? As we also know, this murder provoked the outbreak of the First World War. Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina were once again annexed by Austria-Hungary and forced into alignment with the Central Powers against their will. The one bait Austria-Hungary held over them: that Serbia had been recruited by Russia to fight on the side of the Allied Powers.

The 25th International Eucharistic Congress was held in Lourdes, 22--25 July 1914.

12.30 Eucharist Cancelled - 28 June 2014

Pour la Société des nations / Léon Bourgeois

The League of Nations - PowerPoint

Living with the Treaty of Versailles Terms of the Treaty • Terms imposed by the treaty on Germany included losing a certain amount of its own territory to a ...
May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you in the most difficult moment of your life. The persecutors of the church of Christ never disappeared but disguised themselves under the dresses of the "opponents" to the Catholic hyerachies and of an "open minded" world. They are no less bloody and wicked than their ancestors who haunted the Christians in the "name of Christ" the same, all along the valleys and mountains of Eurasia, from the Alps to Turkey, from Britain to Bulgaria:

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"Down with Paul!" - Gnostic slandering against Paulicians

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Paulicians as Part of the Baptist Folkway [from web page]

 "....So, were the Paulicians part of a remnant of grace existing outside the Catholic/Eastern Orthodox religion during the dark millennium? Yes, they seem to have been. We should understand that God’s Word teaches that Christians will be a remnant in the world. Just as God reserved for Himself a remnant in Old Testament Israel during a time of even the deepest apostasy, so also does God call out people unto Himself who serve as His witnesses in this present age. Paul wrote under inspiration,

”Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.” (Romans 11:5)....."
The Paulicians - What Were They?

 I was not aware about the existence of this short but very interesting study which resembles another one, the excellent "THE WALDENSES WERE INDEPENDENT BAPTISTS", especially for what pertains the logical and spiritual conclusions. 
 All that confirms not only the Orthodox-Gnostic crusade against the Paulicians, the Cathars of the Middle East who were simply Christians who kept themselves as much as possible adherent to and inspired by the genuine doctrine of Jesus Christ as transmitted by the Apostle Paul, but also the consequent restless war on the same Paul's gospel, a war which continues today and whose benefits are for the attorneys of Satan, Byzantine as well Roman one.
----> by Christo Stiliyanov:

сряда, 26 ноември 2014 г.
The sarcophagus of paulicanism

  Tuesday, November 25, 2014
"Down with Paul!" - Gnostic slandering against Paulicians

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The open confession of Catholic heresy of Walid Shoebat - II


On your pope and on everyone of you who bow down to that god of flesh in Rome,  the blood of Cathars, Vaudoises, Patarenes, Paulicians, Bogomiles,etc. (the perpetual church of the New Testament),  you murdered to build with their burned flesh your Synagogue of Satan in Rome,  is a witness of your wickedness and is falling also on you.


Even when you look at the Jews, they have Orthodox and Reformed. When you examine the "Reformed" theology, Moses ends up not hearing the voice of God and the Red sea never really parted, I call this Deformed theology.
When it comes to the Protestant, my dilemma is this with many (not all) who say they do not follow Luther or Calvin, but Christ, when reality is, they mostly follow Luther and Calvin, anyone but Christ. 

Catholics follow an idole of flesh called "the pope" and uses Christ as a justifier of any Scriptural perversion

They view the Bible from the prism of the written interpretations instead of reading the Scripture for what it says. 

Scriptures says that idols are Satanic, for this reason Satan built one idol  not out of rock but of flesh and called it  "the pope" in order to bypass the 2. Commandment.

I get so tired of hearing this infused, diffused, election, reformed, deformed ... Tulip shmoolip,
I was even searching for all the jargon they use, so I googled a few words to find them and the fist link was a blog that announced me as a heretic:

I don't believe you find my blog just for a case but YOU wanted exactly to find my blog, because behind you there's the Whore of Revelation.

And why was I announced as heretic? Here, they supposedly have my "confession" as a "heretic" titled "The open confession of Catholic heresy of Walid Shoebat" and what is in this supposed confession? Here it is:
"..........What about the Coptic Church, Ethiopian Church, Chaldean, Byzantine Church … and then we have Eastern Orthodox; Russian, Estonian, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Cypriot, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Moldavian, Ukranian … all these who suffered the yoke of Islam or Nazism (or even both), have what Mr. White considers “heretical views,” in which he would consider non-negotiable to enter heaven!?"
So the slandering bolgster concludes: "Here we have the open confession with that "heretical views". For the Roman Catholic church the "good works" no matter for what reason are done, are sufficient to go in Heaven, even if you are a staunch denier of God. Even quite the works without faith, just only the faith in works." The "work work work" is so repeated as if its the sound of a duck "quack quack quack".
But notice my supposed "confession" doesn't even mention the word "Catholic".
In other words, in these slandering tongues, the Coptic Church, Ethiopian Church, Chaldean, Byzantine Church … and then we have Eastern Orthodox; Russian, Estonian, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Cypriot, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Moldavian, Ukranian are all DAMNED, regardless if they suffered Islam's persecutions and Nazi persecutions for their faith.

 Exactly. I am slandering Satan's and his devices. And you and your Jesuit pope are only the tongue of Satan.

Taking alive Adolf Hitler and torture him is not a way to save his soul. ALL those denomination are leading people to damnation, no more or less you are doing with your blog of political Catholicism. The duty of the Christians is to tell this truth paying it even with his/her life.  In fact you are again gong against the Scriptures where Jesus says: "44Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. "
Therefore for your Satan dialectic devices you can quite be not ready at the hour the Son of man cometh, you can be fornicator, robber, drunkard, murderer, etc. but if the Son of man cometh at the guise of an SS you are saved?
Jesus say about your hour, not if your hour comes with an assassination, with a car accident, with a stroke, with a gas chamber. You transform the word of God in chatting in pub, Mr Shoebat.

You don t understand the Scriptures, Mr Shoebat, you are only interested  in the political Catholicism, in to drag all those denomination you boast to have justified in the eyes of God, under the cup of the Whore in Rome. You are a crusader and you are not interested about Islam but to destroy the Christians who surrendered to Christ and don't bow down to that house of spiritual wickedness which is the Catholic church. May God be witness of my words.

To say that they are only against "Catholic" is a lie. They are against anyone who is of an apostolic succession. Period.

I am ready to take on my shoulder all the hate you are stirring among all those denominations. My denominations have been exterminated by your bloody Catholic church. All those denominations of our days you are quoting are pleasantly drinking from the cup filleth with the blood of the saints slain by  the Whore - the Catholic church. The adherents of those churches will chose if to surrender to Christ as did the Vaudoises, Patareni, Paulicians, etc. or to be condemned to the eternal damnation.

 They are no different than the Nazi, any smudge with a Jewish gene and off you go to the crematoria. Likewise with these, any smudge with apostolic succession and off you go to the furnace.

Catholic church was worst than Nazi as Nazi at least had not the hypocrite justification to do what they did in the name of Christ but at least they created their own religion.
Furnaces and Holocaust have been engineered by the Roman Catholic Apostolic church namely Wladimir Ledochowsky SJ the greatest among the Roman General - today an unknown person.

 So we wrote the slanderer saying that "I do not believe that salvation by works can take anyone to heaven. Salvation is through the grace of God. How anyone can extrapolate this from my statement above is mind boggling. So they tell me that the devil corrupted the Church which added works and so we needed a reformation which sprung up when someone said “faith alone”, but was it only Martin Luther who added the word “alone” with the word “faith” in the same phrase, or was it used way before Martin Luther arrived to the scene
 Satan can boast to be a follower of Jesus too. But if you challenge him as a liar he then exposes his true identity. The Catholic monk Martin Luther simply put at the light of the day how Satan through his church of Rome was using James. To justify the works without faith.
  by Origen (1) Hilary (2), Basil (3), Ambrosiaster (4), “sola fide justificati sunt dono Dei,” through faith alone they are justified by a gift of God; John Chrysostom (5) Cyril of Alexandria (6), Bernard and Theophylact (7) that man “is justified by faith alone” (8).
 These men, human being, said many things, for example there's even the certainity that Origen was believing to be a Christian, a follower of Christ. But his belief doesn't make out of him a believer, no more or less than a man believing to have faith but this is not true, when he perform works with that faith his works are false works, Mr Shoebat: "show me your faith! and i will show my works!". Faith is invisible to men's eyes, but works are very much visible to men's vanity.
The difference was that these were pro-James while Luther was vehemently anti-James: “Only the papists accept James on account of the righteousness of works, but my opinion is that it is not the writing of an apostle. Someday I will use James to fire my stove.” (9)"
And what did this slanderer say? 

And you what have you to say, defender of the greatest organization for the religious assassination on earth, the Catholic church?
Frankly Mr Shoebat, i believe  behind you there are hidden those who want to close my blog. Isn't it true Mr Shoebat?

Here it is:
"Salvation by works was always present in the Catholic church and declarations of the right doctrine (faith-alone) was only an opportunism in order to not fire the opposition of true Christians.
No more or less than the declaration of Trinitarianism, an opportunistic move of the early Catholicism to not fire the Trinitarians Vaudoises, etc.
 The doctrine of salvation by works is present with the canonization as 'saint' of the archangel Michael whose work of "judgement" (in substitution of Jesus Christ the Lord) is replied by the priest. Confession and "absolution" is the definitive proof that the Catholic church blasphemes God Father and the Son pretending to save humans from eternal damnation. Of course in this case the priest in order to absolve requires works as being a priest a human being he cannot inquire nor judge another human soul but only human works."
In other words, the Catholic added "Grace Alone" as a conspiracy.
Catholic church is a conspiracy in herself. From the beginning till her destruction by Jesus Christ our Lord.
 And then the priest does "works" is condemned. Absolute insanity. They write what they write without a shred of evidence. 

The fact they wanted to put doc Martin Luther at the stake is the evidence. Catholicism is based on a lie starting from the pretense that the Apostle Peter was the "fist bishop" of Rome.
They are "Catholic", therefore they are "liars". Every time I quote a historian who is Catholic, no matter how great his reputation is, he is automatically a "liar".

No, because the Catholic monk doc Martin Luther was sincere. It is not my guilty but the one of your murderous assassin Roman Catholic Apostolic church if all the Catholic who were not liar have ben put at the stake or murdered in many world conflicts as for example the WW2 where the most modern and not loyal to the pope Catholics have been purposely sent to death by Jesuit-linked dictatorships.

They are walking-living slandering juke-boxes. And dare you expose them, it is then that a hail of comments come raining at you as "lacking love and humility" and they paint you as "attacking" when in reality you are defending. 

I am proud you define me as "slanderer". The same did the murderous friars, monks, cardinals, Jesuits, popes, nuns, priests, deacons, of your church, the Synagogue of Satan when they wanted to murder and torture the "slanderer", or Vaudoises, Patareni, Cathari, Albigenses, Bogomiles etc. which I consider the brother to whose martyrdom I bow down in eternal remembrance of the Christ's sacrifice on the cross.
They then paint you as anti-Protestants when some of my best friends are Protestants who do not think like them.
Also Adolf Hitler boasted to have had some Jewish friends.
As I wrote before: "They fill up libraries of useless theological jargon. I read the Bible, I never knew until I entered the Church where they told me that salvation is so simple to comprehend since it was all about grace, yet then they showed me a Bible which they compartmentalized and neatly sectioned into subjects, as if we had a Bible chapter called “Imputed righteousness,” and another titled “Imparted Righteousness,” then “Infused Righteousness,” and a prophet who wrote an entire thesis on “Justification and Sanctification,” yet another who argued all the point on “Total Depravity,” “Unconditional Election,” “Limited Atonement,” “Irresistible Grace,” “The Five Points of Calvinism,” “doctrine of perspicuity,” “Covenant theology,” “God's transcendence,” and “substitutionary atonement” while the poor sinner who stands on a street corner is singing “all I need is love”. 

“All I need is love”? Mr Shoebat, give a look here of a jargon you don't know about:
" 32For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them." [Luke 6:32]

 The anti-legalism I found created hair-splitting jargon, which takes a legalist lawyer to unravel."
 Your  "holy" bloody church murdered all the Patarenes, Vaudoises, Albigenses, Cathars, who were spaking the words of God as they were from the Scripture, but not before to have slandered them as "manicheans", "dualists", "adoptionists", a Catholic slander, a Continuing Assassinating those martyrs exactly as did your Great Pharisee, pope Francis SJ, worshipper of heathen idols as the first thing he did after being appointed Pontifex Maximus was to praise the Madonna, aka the Whore.

Go figure.
But is this my crime? That I do not adhere to complicated jargon and that Faith Alone is what was taught by the very churches I mentioned above in my quote who do not have the name "Catholic"?

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Satan is a shemale.


"But a new documentary, Mirage Men, unearths compelling evidence that 
UFO folklore was actually fabricated by the US government. 
Rather than covering up the existence of aliens, 
could it be that the real conspiracy has been persuading us to believe in them?"

And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
[2 Thessalonians 2]

*   *   *
[Text has been and will further be edited to correct some grammatical errors due to the haste]

Satan and Legion have the power to create wonders and false signs and apparitions, but why not also let their human servants do their part?

I believe the human servants are disposed even to create a fake documentary, filled with false statements  which then - with a theatrical coupe - will be revealed as "hoaxes", and exposed as "usual intelligence activity to cover the Alien presence on earth".

The Gnostic Circus of Aliens and UFO has such extension, not only spatial, also and especially a social one, that one should ask himself how is it possible they let the production of a documentary claiming to expose even "agents who infiltrated the UFOlogist community".

More than direct proofs there's only one perfect system to be used to detect the Fraud behind the "UFO and Alien" phenomena: the Scriptures. This parable, by me  started, has been magnifically concluded by Christo Stiliyanov, whose post I warmly suggest you read before to continue with the news I am reporting here:

 неделя, 23 ноември 2014 г.
"Aliens" exposed as gnostic baloney
 (.......) ....Gnostics were the arch-enemies of the early Christian converts and ideologues such as Irenaeus, who established the canon of the four Gospels of the New Testament.
  In order for Christianity to rise to power and meld with the Roman Empire as a state religion with an agenda of totalitarian mind control, its advocates had to eliminate the competition. Gnostics threatened the salvationist agenda due to something they knew, or claimed to know, about its origins.
 Error, Not Evil

The Sophianic vision story of the pagan Mysteries is the cosmic biography of Gaia-Sophia, divine wisdom embodied in the Earth.
Amazingly, this scenario not only recounts the origin of humanity in the galactic centre, but also the origin of the species of the predatory aliens called archons, who endanger the human adventure in certain ways.

Gnostics saw the threat operating along two trajectories:
  • by psychic intrusion or mental parasitism
  • by deviant and insane beliefs framed in religious ideology, such as creation by an off-planet father god, the chosen people, messianic expectations, the redemptive value of suffering, apocalypse, and divine retribution

Well, where else did you hear this stuff?

I tell it to you. Very-very similar, let's say, another product of the same Matrix, that 'womb' called "the mind of Satan". Here you have another Gnostic 'gospel':
"......When Zarathustra came into the next town, which lies on the edge of the forest, he found many people gathered together in the market place; for it had been promised that there would be a tightrope walker. And Zarathustra spoke thus to the people:
"I teach you the overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? 
"Behold, I teach you the overman. The overman is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: the overman shall be the meaning of the earth! I beseech you, my brothers, remain faithful to the earth, and do not believe those who speak to you of otherworldly hopes! Poison-mixers are they, whether they know it or not. Despisers of life are they, decaying and poisoned themselves, of whom the earth is weary: so let them go.
"Once the sin against God was the greatest sin; but God died, and these sinners died with him. To sin against the earth is now the most dreadful thing, and to esteem the entrails of the unknowable higher than the meaning of the earth.
"Once the soul looked contemptuously upon the body, and then this contempt was the highest: she wanted the body meager, ghastly, and starved. Thus she hoped to escape it and the earth. Oh, this soul herself was still meager, ghastly, and starved: and cruelty was the lust of this soul. But you, too, my brothers, tell me: what does your body proclaim of your soul? Is not your soul poverty and filth and wretched contentment?....."

Above excerpt from:
Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra. (selections from Book 1)

Well, if the Nazism was the 'baby', the witch of whom he was son was the Cathlic church, the sperm was of Satan but the midwife was the Jesuit Order and one of the most important forceps to extract the 'baby' was Nietzsche:

In Nietzsche, Anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust (1997), Steven Aschheim discusses the "issue of the radicalizing, triggering forces," which were responsible for fascists' interest in Nietzsche's work (Aschheim, 16). Nietzsche's radical use of the terms: sick, healthy, strong, weak, and species, give false implications. Take for instance the following quotation from Genealogy of Morals (III, 14):

Among them, again is the most loathsome species of the vain, the lying abortions, who make a point of representing 'beautiful souls,' and perchance of bringing to the market as 'purity of the heart' their distorted sensualism swathed in verses and other bandages; the species of 'self-comforters' and masturbators of their own souls. The sick man's will to represent some form or other of superiority, his instinct for crooked paths, which lead to a tyranny over the healthy. – where can it not be found, this will to power of the very weakest?
Nietzsche's "sick man" who is a part of a "species" that is characterized by its "purity of the heart" and "beautiful souls" is undoubtedly a reference to adherents of the Judeo-Christian ethic......"
The earth also known as Soil...:
"....Blood and Soil (‘Blut und Boden’) was a very important philosophy for Nazi Germany. The issue of ‘blood and soil’ nearly split the Nazi Party after 1925 and was only resolved at the Bamberg Conference of 1926. One side of the Nazi Party wanted to emphasise the relationship between true Aryans and a rural life. Hitler believed that true Germans ‘came from the soil’ – that they had a family background based on farming and life in the countryside.....(........).....
The ‘blood and soil’ belief put farmers and other rural workers above those who worked in cities etc. The rugged toughness of peasants from medieval times was celebrated in Nazi beliefs. Numerous German peasant rebellions were portrayed in Nazi folklore as examples of the oppressor being overthrown by the oppressed................."

doc Martin Luther and the Peasant's war/rebellion: - exactly at the opposite of the Nazi gospel on the same Peasants' wars:

 Therefore let everyone who can, smite, slay, and stab, secretly or openly, remembering that nothing can be more poisonous, hurtful, or devilish than a rebel ... For baptism does not make men free in body and property, but in soul; and the gospel does not make goods common, except in the case of those who, of their own free will, do what the apostles and disciples did in Acts 4 [:32–37]. They did not demand, as do our insane peasants in their raging, that the goods of others—of Pilate and Herod—should be common, but only their own goods. Our peasants, however, want to make the goods of other men common, and keep their own for themselves. Fine Christians they are! I think there is not a devil left in hell; they have all gone into the peasants. Their raving has gone beyond all measure.[88]
Below, still Nietzsche's "earth". But she is the same one of the Nazis, alias "Boden" or "Soil". In 20. century the Archons were the Jews "attacking" the "Boden", six centuries before were the Hussites, attacking " Blessed Virgin Mary" (SOPHIA). Boden-Blessed virgin vs Jews-Hussites.
Notice: Jan Hus was deeply influenced by English Christian and precursor of the Reformation John Wycliffe. ...:

"..... Tradition tells us that Saint Luke, an able painter, responding to the requests of many Christians, who wanted to preserve a remembrance of the Blessed Virgin Mary after her elevation into Heaven, painted her sacred face on an oak table, near which Our Lady used to sew and pray.
The defense became increasingly difficult and the defenders threatened to give in. Prince Wladyslaw was praying before the altar on which the picture of Our Lady rested, begging her assistance when an enemy arrow struck the face of the Virgin, leaving a scar. The ancient chronicles say, broad daylight was transformed into dark night. Fear seized the Tartars. The prince sallying forth with his knights to the open plain, overthrew the Tartar hordes.
The Attack of the Hussites
Good Friday night in 1430, a band of Czech Hussites, commanded by a Polish noble, also a Hussite (in nearby Silesia, this heresy had gained many followers among the nobles) attacked the sanctuary and killing five religious, seized the golden vessels and ornaments of the Church, some relics and the image of Our Lady, loading them all in a cart.
The chronicles of Jasna Gora tell us that immediately after descending the hill, the horses stopped and would not move from the place. Then, one of the heretics, cursing the picture, hurled it to the ground with such force that it broke into three pieces but the faces of Our Lady and of the Infant Jesus remained intact.
In the face of this, one of the Hussites took a sword and struck the right side of Our Lady's face twice, and when he raised his sword for the third blow, he fell fulminated by a bolt of lightning.
His companies fled in terror, but the chiefs of the band were caught and put to death by the sword. So profaned by the heretics, and abandoned in the midst of the slime, the holy picture was found by the Paulist friars....etc. etc. etc.


"Holy picture" or "1947 Roswell UFO Impact":  only a Gnostic Circus. But the finality?

Read here, quoted in Stiliyanov's post (above in the intro linked):

Opening his eyes, he [the drakonic Archon] saw a vast quantity of matter without limit [spread through the galactic limbs], and he became arrogant, saying "It is I who am God [the sole deity of these regions], and there is no other apart from me." (Hyp Arch, 94:20)
But who are these Archons? I tell you who they are. They are YOU.

Surprised? But whose else is that wicked rapacity of the "Archons" if not of the humans?
Yes, Archons are very near to you, are you also:

[Romans, chapter 1]

"Archons"  are simply sinners who believe they have to worship their sins as form of submission of their master, Satan [be they aware or not of this]. And their deadly enemies are the ones who are remembering to them they will be judged for having become servant of the Shemale who loves to be called "Holy Mary".
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UFO are special operations to manipulate humanity