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Bach's wife [Gnostic Front/Jesutism attacking the Reformation]


"Behind every great man there's a great woman"

[adopted as a feminist slogan]

  "17This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, 
that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind," 

 *   *   *

Above image - did really Martin Luther hammer his 95 Thesis at the Wittenberg Cathedral's door or the event has been fabricated  in order to infiltrate the figure of the Reformer with the microchips of Gnosticism? The Cathedral and the door are powerful female symbols, the womb and the female genital organ. Did gnosticism find also for doc. Martin Luther the perfect wife,  SOPHIA?
Reformation Day is a religious holiday celebrated on October 31, alongside All Hallows' Eve, in remembrance of the Reformation, particularly by Lutheran and some Reformed church communities. It is a civic holiday in the German states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia as well as in Slovenia (since the Reformation contributed profoundly to that nation's cultural development, although Slovenes are mainly Roman Catholics). It has also been a national holiday in Chile since 2009.[1]
According to Philipp Melanchthon, writing in 1546, Luther "wrote theses on indulgences and posted them on the church of All Saints on 31 October 1517", an event now seen as sparking the Protestant Reformation.[6] Some scholars have questioned Melanchthon's account, since he did not move to Wittenberg until a year later and no contemporaneous evidence exists for Luther's posting of the theses.[7].......
The parish order for the New Church in Regensburg states that the Reformation of the city is to be observed the first Sunday after October 15, every year. This document may be from 1567, however the dating is uncertain.[citation needed] The 1569 church order in Pomerania states that the Reformation was to be observed on St. Martin's Day, which falls on November 11. The hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, celebrated throughout the Protestant areas of Germany, was observed from October 31 to November 1, 1617, but a standard annual observance began much later, sometime after the two hundredth anniversary commemoration in 1717..........."
[= Masonry Foundation Day - another Gnostic mocking against the Reformation]

    Below article: beside the origin of all, at the age of the Babel's Tower (Cush, Nimrod & Semiramis), here there's a further confirmation of Stiliyanov's research about Sophia/Gnosis/Samaritan/Simon as true origin of Catholicism. Final completion of the work: by Origen.....:

"...Did Bach’s wife write his finest works?

Martin Jarvis, professor of music at Charles Darwin University in Australia, claims some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s best-loved works were actually written by his wife 


10:00PM BST 25 Oct 2014


Forensic analysis of some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s best-loved works proves they were actually written by his wife, an academic has claimed.
Martin Jarvis, professor of music at Charles Darwin University in Australia, argues that Anna Magdalena, Bach’s second wife, was actually the composer of some of his major works, including the Cello Suites. 
(........) blah blah blah
Anna Magdalena Bach, born in 1701, was Bach’s second wife, an accomplished singer and known copyist. The pair married in 1721.
According to Prof Jarvis, they could actually have met as early as 1713, after he found handwriting matching hers on documents from the period.
Many of her papers are said to have been destroyed after her death, leaving little trace of her legacy.  [....OH - really????]
Prof Jarvis, from Wales, said people felt threatened and embarrassed by his revelation, as well as being “frightened of ridicule” if they publicly back him.
The documentary, entitled Written by Mrs Bach, argues that Anna wrote the Cello Suites, the aria from the Goldberg Variations, and even the first prelude of the Well-tempered Clavier: Book I.
Ms Harralson said: “I think she is the author. The evidence is more in her favour than it is in Bach’s.”

Charles Darwin University:

 From a comment of Christo Stiliyanov in

But for the despicable gnostics, there is no fear of death, neither the judgement day. They all think its a video game (matrix), where they get "restarted" again and again until they figure out how to defeat God and go to heaven. Students of Origen, who introduced gnosticism, egyptian mysteries and greek philosophy into the church.
Joseph W. Trigg has aptly remarked that "[t]he fall, for Origen, did not impair an already existing material world but brought it into existence. The material world for him is God's provision for rational creatures who have failed to abide with God." [49] Rather than being a prison in which souls are unjustly contained, as the Gnostics insisted, or a mere shadow or image of the pure intelligible realm, as the Platonists believed, the cosmos, for Origen, is a realm distinctly tailored to (and by) the existential situation of free rational beings. However, far from being a neutral realm, the cosmos is a tool - the most powerful tool - of divine pedagogy;.....".

      Evolutionism and the Marx_Hegel Gnostic doctrine of the history 'evolving' through the war between economical social classes (dialectic materialism) are true legitimate Catholic daughters of Origen's Gnosticism. They are that 'divine pedagogy' traced back to Origen.

Where else did we see something that could allegorically resemble the Bach's "hidden secret" revealed just-in-time for the Reformation Day?

  Wednesday, October 22, 2014
The pope and his harlot: Meridiana.
The lover of the Pope

Female demon that is claimed was loving the chief scholar and mathematician Gerbert of Aurillac, who would become the "millennium Pope" because he held the pontificate between 999 and 1003 under the name of Sylvester II.

During the four years in which the wise presided over the church, struggling with fervor and unsuccessfully against the growing simony that annihilated the institution, [Meridiana] accompanied him and remained his succubus and also attempted to defeat the spirit merchants.

The legend says that her love and respect for him were so intense, that she gave up immortality to follow him to the grave, and to rest on a side of the coffin containing the remains of Sylvester, in the Roman basilica of St. John Lateran.

From time to time, as a sign or testimony that no one has been able to interpret, from the common grave of the lovers emerges a kind of sweat....."

 петък, 3 октомври 2014 г.

Now the sect of the Samaritan Simon, from whom all the heresies took their origin, was composed of the following materials.
He took round with him a certain Helen, a hired prostitute from the Phoenician city Tyre, after he had purchased her freedom, saying that she was the first conception (or Thought) of his Mind, the Mother of All, by whom in the beginning he conceived in his Mind the making of the Angels and Archangels. That this Thought, leaping forth from him, and knowing what was the will of her Father, descended to the lower regions and generated the Angels and Powers, by whom also he said this world was made. And after she had generated them, she was detained by them through envy, for they did not wish to be thought to be the progeny of any other. As for himself, he was entirely unknown by them; and it was his Thought that was made prisoner by the Powers and Angels that has been emanated by her. And she suffered every kind of indignity at their hands, to prevent her reäscending to her Father, even to being imprisoned in the human body and transmigrating into other female bodies, as from one vessel into another.[7] She also was in that Helen, on whose account the Trojan War arose; wherefore also Stesichorus[8] was deprived of his sight when he spake evil of her in his poems; and that afterwards when he repented and wrote what is called a recantation, in which he sang her praises, he recovered his sight. So she, transmigrating from body to body , and thereby also continually undergoing indignity, last of all even stood for hire in a brothel; and she was the "lost sheep."  (You can see who is going to repair this great indignity)
3. Wherefore also he himself had come, to take her away for the first time, and free her from her bonds, and also to guarantee salvation to men by his "knowledge."........... ...................... For as the Angels were mismanaging the world, since each of them desired the sovereignty, he had come to set matters right; and that he had descended, transforming himself and being made like to the Powers and Principalities and Angels; so that he appeared to men as a man, although he was not a man; and was thought to have suffered in Judæa, although he did not really suffer.........".
 [Edited post 31 Oct 2014, three hours later after publishing it: added Stiliyanov's The muse(s) of Jeromepost: ]

"......Jerome's enemies found that his denunciations of clerical indulgence and advocacy of self-denial were odd when they considered his close relationship with Paula.[8] An amorous relationship between Jerome and Paula was suggested as having occurred.[9]
Paula helped Jerome in his translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin. The work was done at her suggestion, and she provided the reference works necessary for the undertaking. Being versed in Hebrew, she edited Jerome's manuscripts. She and her daughter Eustochium copied the work for circulation.[10]......" [Wikipedia on S. Paula]

петък, 31 октомври 2014 г.
The muse(s) of Jerome

On the theme "Sophia"/Gnosticism I warmly suggest to you the blog of Christo Stiliyanov:


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pope Millstone S.J.


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Above image - pope Millstone S.J.

"..........the complaint
Pope Francis: "Life imprisonment
is a hidden death penalty »

"All Christians are called to fight for the abolition of the death penalty, but also for the improvement of prison conditions," he said to the International Association of Penal Law

October 23, 2014 | 15:06
Abolish the "death penalty, legal or illegal, and that is to improve prison conditions in respect for human dignity." The Pope asks Francis and adds: "life imprisonment is a sentence of death hidden." The complaint he made in his speech to the International Association of Penal Law. "All Christians and people of good will - he says - are called today to fight not only for the abolition of the death penalty, legal or illegal it is, and in all its forms, but also to improve the conditions prison, while respecting the human dignity of persons deprived of their liberty. And this, I connect it with life imprisonment. "In his speech, the Pope recalled that "for a short time, in the Criminal Code of the Vatican, is no more, life imprisonment."

"A form of torture is sometimes one that is applied by imprisonment in maximum security prisons." The Pope Francis said in concluding his speech in front of a delegation of international criminal law. ............".
 etc. etc. blah blah blah.

    Ask a robber or a thief if he would abolish the prison and wait the answer....

    How many Roman Catholic priests, rapers of children, have to face the sword?.....

     For a priest, to be only hindered from the rape of children is a 'torture'. Therefore let's abolish the secular punishment  for the priests. Starting in to demand a "more human justice". What do you believe? this adulterous, wicked humanity, plenty of violence inside, plenty of homicidal feeling in his rotten heart, and just for this reason continually with the nightmare of the secular punishment.... isn't wishing this humanity the abolition of the threat of the sword, in order to let pull out free his instincts, raping, murdering and stealing? The Jesuits are cunning and they created the sufficient economical crisis to transform every citizen in a potential psychopathic killer. In exchange of  the "green light" to the proper instincts (abolition of the most severe punishment for felonies) the Jesuits and the Catholic Roman church may claim in exchange his support in the complete total remission of any judicial procedure against pedophile priests. Because life is a compromise. With Satan:

Sunday, March 30, 2014

"For us, the moral obligation is far stronger than legal obligation".

PUTIN - committed to a better world.

Original picture in: "French Eurasianists join (pro-)Russian extremists in Eastern Ukraine" -
See also: 
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Putin's boot [a-la-Parisienne].

     Try it again, Putin!
     How can you involve Poland in the same crimes you perpetrated against her? Its simple, exactly as the way of Satan teaches: you offer Poland to commit a similar crime together with you, and to share the benefit of it:

Thanks to Douglas Willinger who quoted the recent article in:

  Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Putin 2008 Offer to Split Ukraine With Poland?!

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's parliamentary speaker, Radoslaw Sikorski, has been quoted as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to Poland's then leader in 2008 that they divide Ukraine between themselves.
Sikorski, who until September served as Poland's foreign minister, was quoted telling U.S. website Politico that Putin made the proposal during Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk's visit to Moscow in 2008 - although he later said some of the interview had been "overinterpreted".

"He wanted us to become participants in this partition of Ukraine ... This was one of the first things that Putin said to my prime minister, Donald Tusk, when he visited Moscow," he was quoted as saying in the interview dated Oct. 19. 

"He (Putin) went on to say Ukraine is an artificial country and that Lwow is a Polish city and why don't we just sort it out together," Sikorski was quoted as saying.

Before World War Two, Poland's territory included parts of today's western Ukraine, including some major cities such as Lwow, known as Lviv in Ukraine. "
etc. etc. etc....

Above image - April 2010. Donald Tusk & Putin at Katyn. See:

      BUT there was an obstacle: Lech Kaczinski and his entourage. Kaczynski would have never consented the payment for the amputation and shift of Poland with the money of another brutal amputation of an old country of the old Commonwealth. And he was an Euro-skeptic friend of Israel, respectful of the memory of the Holoacust and a stric ally of USA. Therefore Kaczinski had to go. He was THE obstacle for what is happening now in Ukraine (Eurasia) and he was got an one-way-ticket to Katyn:

  "..........- perpetrator
Both tragedies are the result of Russian activities – the only unknown elements are the degree of guilt and true intentions of those responsible for the destruction of both aircraft.

The Polish TU154M disintegrated over Russian territory, and all of the key pieces of evidence were immediately taken by Putin’s people. Prior to the disaster, the aircraft was repaired in Russian facilities belonging to businessmen allied to the current Russian President and the tragic visit of Lech Kaczyński was organised by former communist agent Tomasz Turowski. The Russian air traffic controllers issued erroneous information to the pilots, and the last stage of the flight was closely monitored by General Vladimir Benediktov, who was based in Moscow. The investigation into the Smolensk disaster is being overseen in Russia by the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika and the Minister of Defence Sergei Shoiguboth of whom are, according to the American intelligence agency ‘Strategic Forecasting’, associated with the GRU (Russia’s military intelligence agency). Key roles in the Russian committee responsible for investigating the events of 10 April 2010 –led by Vladimir Putin – are being played by ministers Rashid Nurgaliyev and Sergei Ivanov, who are former employees of the KGB and FSB.

"......All the orders were given either by the US embassy or by Jan Tombinski, a Polish representative who worked in the EU mission in Kiev. Poland played an invaluable role in the coup. It has always dreamt of restoring its former power and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. ......"
Friday, March 21, 2014 - Aleksandr Yakimenko's open confession of EU-Putin Pact 2014

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The pope and his harlot: Meridiana.

The civil airline company Meridiana is going to lose many workers. 

On October 24 meeting at the Ministry of Labour
Meridiana appeal of Pope Francis: "No to the families without work"
[Notice the "work" of the Council of Trent's doctrine. Jesuits jackals as ever]
The Pope greeted the workers of Meridian in St. Peter's Square. For their situation called for "that one can find an equitable solution that takes into account first of all, the dignity of the human person and the essential need for many families." It will, however, the General Assembly convened in Olbia for tomorrow afternoon, to say the last word on the agreement

The Pope in St. Peter greets employees of Meridiana (ANSA)
 Vatican City October 22, 2014 "Please, I appeal to all those responsible, no family without work." The Pope Francis said during the general audience about the employees of Meridiana, for which the situation called for "that one can find an equitable solution that takes into account first of all, the dignity of the human person and the essential need for many families" . Shortly before going to the churchyard of St. Peter, Francis fell from truck to greet a large group of workers, all with red t-shirt with the words 'I am a redundant of Meridiana': many were holding the red balloons. Pope Francis has talked to some of them, greeted them, and when he arrived in the square, which in turn was greeted by the waving of red balloons.

And just in Olbia, the strong mistral wind has forced Andrea and Alessandro Mascia Santochini, pilot and flight attendant of Meridiana who from a week are living on a lighting tower to protest the
of the Aga Khan company's decision to initiate the procedures  for mobility, to descend from the tower of 20 meters, looking for a makeshift shelter at mid-height. With gusts during the night have near 120 miles per hour was impossible for them to stay on top of the pylon, at 35 meters. That passed was a difficult night for them, but that has not made ​​them desist.

They are so feverish hours for employees in excess of Meridiana. I live on the front of the case, next Friday at 11 am there will be a new and definitive Roman appointment to the Ministry of Labour for the dispute of the second Italian airline. The employees will have to say yes or no to the draft agreement presented yesterday by the Government. Will be the workers, therefore, to decide their own future, but even now from the 35-meter mast lighting gets a fierce 'no' to that agreement by the two employees Meridiana. It will, however, the General Assembly convened in Olbia for tomorrow afternoon to say the last word.
Sorry for the not perfect translation, but I believe it is quite understandable. 

And now, ladies and gentlemen, who is Meridiana? Maybe the female demoniac version of SOPHIA?

The lover of the Pope 

Female demon that is claimed was loving the chief scholar and mathematician Gerbert of Aurillac, who would become the "millennium Pope" because he held the pontificate between 999 and 1003 under the name of Sylvester II.

During the four years in which the wise presided over the church, struggling with fervor and unsuccessfully against the growing simony that annihilated the institution, [Meridiana] accompanied him and remained his succubus and also attempted to defeat the spirit merchants.

The legend says that her love and respect for him were so intense, that she gave up immortality to follow him to the grave, and to rest on a side of the coffin containing the remains of Sylvester, in the Roman basilica of St. John Lateran.

From time to time, as a sign or testimony that no one has been able to interpret, from the common grave of the lovers emerges a kind of sweat

As pertain the gnostic allegory I will not deepen the matter here and will leave you to another source where all is completely exposed. 

I want to focus on the French origin of Sylvester II and his attempts to a sort of 'reform' of the church. All that speaks loud about  how much the Catholic institutions were at pains in to deal with the various Christian anti-Catholic denominations, Paterni, Vaoudoises, Albigenses etc. A French pope, coming from an area near the hotbed of anti-Catholicism, a pope fighting against the sins of the church was an attempt to appease the great opposition from the Christians in the society, who were gaining scores against the propaganda of the Catholics cause the depravation of the Catholic church, presided by an Anticrist named "the pope". 

 A century after, in 1095, there was the first crusade against the Islam and also this was a significant event. The practically censored existence of the anti-Catholic Christendom, parallel to the official church of Satan (of the popes) would explain the crusades also as way to aggregate the Catholic monarchies, at least partially influenced by the existence of Patareni, Vaudoises, Albigenses, and to try to divert their attention from the issue of the genuinity of the Catholicism as pertain the attainment of that doctrine to God's word. 

Only some decades later the Catholic gnosticism receives a military form with the creation of the Templars:

".......The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici), commonly known as the Knights Templar, the Order of the Temple (French: Ordre du Temple or Templiers) or simply as Templars, were among the most wealthy and powerful of the Western Christian military orders[4] and were among the most prominent actors of the Christian finance. The organisation existed for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages........"

That reference to Solomon and hence to Proverb:1:7 you find on the header of this post, was a perversion of the God's doctrine trying to manipulate the God's word in the attempt of Gnostic worship whose beatiful example is that Masonic fable about the lover of pope Sylvester II. 

Worth to note how neo-platonic gnosticims (intellectualization of Satanism) started to officially persecute the Christians not far from that period of time:

"......The Inquisition is[1] a group of institutions within the judicial system of the Roman Catholic Church whose aim is to combat heresy. It started in 12th-century France to combat the spread of religious sectarianism, in particular the Cathars and the Waldensians. Among the other groups which were investigated later were the Spiritual Franciscans, the Hussites (followers of Jan Hus) and Beguines............."
Also today the pope declared an holy war on a kind of Islam, the ISIS, and if you observe also this could be partially a sort of answer to the previous difficulties coming from the pedophilia issue. The images of beheaded Iraqi children to make forget the ones raped by the priests of the Catholic church. 1000 years before the crusades had to put in oblivion the total depravation of the church, covering the Satanism of the priests with the tales of bloody battles with the infidel Muslim. The techniques of the Synagogue of Satan (Saint Peter church) are not changed in 1000 years.

But we can say more about. Sylvester II is not 'second' for a case. It alluded to the second millenium. And today we have a pope which is alluding to the first true pope of Rome, the emperor Augustus, who was also Pontifex Maximus, two millenumns before:

"......Thus, from the time of Augustus, the election of pontifices ended and membership into the sacred college was deemed a sign of imperial favour.[3] With this attribution, the new office of Emperor was given a religious dignity and the responsibility for the entire Roman state cult. Most authors contend that the power of naming the Pontifices was not really used as an instrumentum regni, an enforcing power.......". URL:
[excerpt quoted in my: ]

Pope Augustus, Sylvester II and Francis I now. I mean: does pope Bergoglio SJ believe to be the same incarnated soul of his two previous colleagues? Being his church based on Origen's neo-platonism and being Origen a reincarnationist,  it could be true [I am  not a reincarnationist but resurrectionist]. The question is: if the Vaudoises and all the other Christian persecuted denominations, as pertain my knowledge, were never accused to believe in the Reincarnation, was maybe exactly for the opposite reason that Catholicism raged on them? Because they denied what popes and bishops secretly considered a central dogma of their gnostic religion?

"Meridiana. The lover of Pope Sylvester II - Beings of the Night - World of Fantasy"
I suggest to you, if you want to get a clear image of this Catholic neo-platonic gnosticism where "Meridiana" may represent Gnosis or SOPHIA, to check the blog of Christo Stiliyanov:

петък, 3 октомври 2014 г.

The [false] fall of the Harlot - Simon Francis ( part1 )

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Putin's boot [a-la-Parisienne].


 Above image - Napoleon Augustus. The agent of the Jesuits Napoleone Bonaparte thought to be the [at least political] reincarnation of emperor Augustus. Notice on how the reign of the first pope of Rome, the emperor and Pontifex Maximus Augustus lasted from 27 bC to 14 AD therefore 41 years, meanwhile the period of strategical retreat of the Society of "Jesus" in that period of time signed by the French copy of Augustus, from 1773 to 1814 was.... of 41 years too. For the emperor Augustus (the original first guy) see:

 *   *   *

      Below the "X" you find a post I prepared on 5th July but then never published. I leaved it Total-ly untouched. There, I wanted to speak further, about the connections of Germany with Turkey, the Kurd question seen as a key to destabilize Turkey for the sake of Putin's Russia imperialism but at the same time the Kurds as a nation to keep under control as it could obstacle the joining in the Middle East between the Western and Eastern Roman Catholic/Byzantine empires. The original title of the post was "Germany, Turkey and Kurdistan ISOLATED".

       Well, for what reason last night Putin did murder a friend of his in Moscow? Yes, I said: Putin, because it is requested a very savage wickedness in order to believe that "it-was-CIA-to-murder-the-CEO-of-Total". Does CIA control the airport of Moscow?.... Really?!?!!?... A day we will discover that CIA even control the FSB the same and the Kremlin, and Putin, who copied his degree examination test from an American source, is another covert CIA agent. OK, let's put jokes aside. 
Yea, I too can stab myself in order to accuse you. Of course I will only wound myself because if I kill myself how then I could cry against you? As a Zombie from the cemetery? For this reason FSB stabs .... himself? Satan forbid. FSB stabs a friend of him, a not Russian friend of course, in order then to cry "the persecution by American oil corporations". But miraculously those stabbings never kill the regime enthroned in Moscow. If they would destroy it, how then it could cry " I am a victim of Exxon!!".??...:
".........  International Business
Christophe de Margerie, C.E.O. of Total, French Oil Giant, Dies in Accident


OCT. 21, 2014
MOSCOW — The chief executive of the French oil company Total, Christophe de Margerie, one of the most powerful and colorful figures in the energy industry, was killed when his business jet collided with a snowplow late Monday night on a runway of Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow.
Mr. de Margerie, a staunch defender of Russia’s energy policies during the conflict over Ukraine, went to Moscow to attend a meeting of corporate executives with Prime Minister Dmitri A. Medvedev and was returning to Paris.............".

      Ahhhhh Paris, Les Champs Elysees,....  

      But the gangster have not to waste time only in the Moulin Rouge. They must sacrifice one of them in order to save the group, in this case to save their credibility in front of the the world opinion. This is Putin's Russia: ruled by assassins. As Russia is fully involved in the mass murder of the flight MH17, it is plausible that her buddies in the Western world, those French (Jesuit-oriented?) energy companies supplied Putin with a perfect hidden card to play  in the eventuality he would have faced some, er,... 'problems'. If they  would have been caught with their  fingerprints on the MH17 wreckage, FSB would have laid down on the international information table the Jolly of a "CIA assassination of a strict friend of Moscow". Smoke is smoke and is good to blind the spectator.

      And Putin's Russia surely is very very at pains recently. To be exact just only from the previous day. Well, if one in this world dares to affirm that FSB is not the most quick rapid intervention force to save the credibility of that gangster named 'Putin' at the Kremlin, he or she must have the courage to face this:

 "........Separatists stole and fired the MH17 missile, German intelligence claims
    Jacquelin Magnay
    The Australian
    October 21, 2014 12:00AM

GERMAN intelligence has uncovered evidence that the BUK surface-to-air missile blamed for downing Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was captured by pro-Russian separatists from a Ukrainian military base.

The chief of Germany’s BND intelligence service, Gerhard Schindler, told Der Spiegel magazine the missile — which killed 298 people, including 38 Australians on July 17 — was Ukrainian in origin, and had been captured and fired by the pro-Russian ­separatists.

The revelations may have an impact on Ukraine-Russian talks over a new gas deal before the European winter, and on next month’s G20 summit in Australia.........".

      Well, the DVD (which is not the big brother of CD) made a statement; the day after FSB answered. Simple and logical. Crimea can go back to 'mother' Russia. But Eastern Prussia with Koenisberg, pardon, 'Kaliningrad', forever buried in an ecumenical Eurasian (Orthodox-Catholic) grave. What probably you didn't yet consider are two other factors.

1) Marine Le Pen is an habitué of the Moscow Duma:
Saturday, August 30, 2014
Sophia [Rome] and her three popish whores.

2) Does really CIA possess such power over the Russian FSB in order to impose on him to keep the wreckage of the Polish TU 154 M outside the hangars,  under the rain and the snow,  in order to cancel any possible trace of explosive from it?
Smolensk and Donetsk: similarities and differences

See also: 

четвъртък, 16 октомври 2014 г.
Putin Augustus, Tiberius ( )?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Putin 2008 Offer to Split Ukraine With Poland?!
     Have a nice reading below (i apologize if it a rough scheme the following post) and never forget the sweet ideology of Eurasianism: a Putin's  boot eternally stomping on your face; with the blessing of the Jesuit pope in Rome.




If in order to enlarge the borders of the Western Roman Catholic empire towards East and South the Eastern Roman Catholic empire (Putin's Russia) must - before the merging -  absorb the Southern Provinces (Iran, Syria, Iraq) in order to let the Czar (Putin) to "wet his boots in the Indian Ocean" [see References], it is obvious that you must liquidate any obstacle between imperialist Kremlin and the Southern Shia provinces, and this obstacle is KURDISTAN. Now you have explained the TRUE reason why since centuries Kurds were  always denied a nation for themselves: for the sake of the world dominion of the Roman Catholic church:

 Above image -  Source quoted at bottom of the article. URL image :

  *   *   *
   It is happening now after the European elections. All this was scheduled far time ago in advance, to fit with the 100th anniversary of the First World War start. Diplomatic war between Renzi and Germany's Bundesbank:

Matteo Renzi hits back at Bundesbank chief

A simmering battle between Italy and Germany over Rome’s push to ease EU’s budget rules burst into public on Friday when the Italian prime minister lashed out at the head of Germany’s powerful central bank, accusing him of improperly intervening in Italian politics.
Italy’s Matteo Renzi, who has spearheaded an effort by centre-left European leaders to gain more flexibility in the rules, said it was not the role of central bankers to weigh in on budget matters. Mr Renzi’s remarks come less than 24 hours after the Bundesbank’s president, Jens Weidmann, singled out Mr Renzi in a speech and criticised countries seeking to loosen the rules.
“The Bundesbank does not have among its tasks to take part in the Italian political debate,” Mr Renzi said. “Europe belongs to European citizens, not to bankers, neither Italian nor German bankers.”....".
     Jesuits now have their guns in their holsters: 1) Beppe Grillo 5 Star Movement in Italy, deeply anti-German. 2) European electoral victory of French far right wing nationalism, Catholic to the bone and anti-German, headed by Marine Le Pen. 3)  Poland of Tusk, friend of Putin's Russia (Eastern Roman Catholic empire) whose only preoccupation is to boycott the research on the truth about the Smolensk 2010 Air Crash, elsewhere Norway (strict ally of Putin's Russia) will not use the Polish shipyards to build her ships. 4) thanks to CIA agents like Snowden  there's also Cold War between Germany and USA, in order to render impossible an alliance between Washington and Berlin ("learning from the lesson of the past history", when Bismarck's Germany was the natural ally of anti-popish USA):

Germany arrests man suspected of spying for US


An employee of Germany's intelligence service has been arrested on suspicion of spying for the US, reports say.
The man is said to have been trying to gather details about a German parliamentary committee that is investigating claims of US espionage.
German authorities have asked the US ambassador for "swift clarification".
The US National Security Agency (NSA) was last year accused of bugging the phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel as part of a huge surveillance programme.
The scale of the agency's global spy programme was revealed in documents leaked last year by a former intelligence contractor, Edward Snowden....".

     Note: I am thinking to the recent negative talking about Germany by Craig Oxley of The Unhived Mind forum, on which he continually brainwashed about the DVD Germany intelligence as "over the CIA and NSA". I firmly believe The Unhived Mind & Craig Oxley deeply involved in this Roman Catholic operation in to present Germany as "bad guy", a psycho-ideological brainwash aimed to the next definitive Catholicization of Germany:
End of note.

     So all this guns have practically isolated Germany from the rest of the world. Now Germany has only a 'friend', Renzi, who is spiritually advised by the Jesuit order via SJ Enrico Deidda. The Vatican and the Jesuit order will use now Matteo Renzi in order to extort concessions from a Germany isolated and under pressure. This is the best way in order to make one to bow down, as teaches the Sun Tzu manual of war: never close all the ways of escape to the enemy but offer him one in order to get important concessions in exchange. Fearing the loss of the economic supremacy in Europe, Germans will allow even more Vatican and Jesuit control on their country than the one one they already have (in consequence of the same extortion happened at the end of the IIWW when a destroyed Germany it was presumibly only a great pillage for the Vatican banks).

     Noteworthy on the Italian site immediately starts the propaganda-smoke which is directed to focus the attention of the reader in the opposite direction. Meawhile EU (Western Roman Catholic empire) and Putin's Russia (Eastern Roman Catholic empire) are going towards a RELIGIOUS merging (end of 1054 Schism), the propaganda must divert the attention from the religious perspective in a perspective of fictional conspiracy, whose labels, terminologies, categories are all but religious ones, and in themselves must contain as oblige an ecumenical significance:


 ".....I should mention that we are witnessing a decisive shift in political Eurasia. History tells us that there has always been a tendency to fight long wars between maritime empires and continental empires. Think of Athens against Sparta, Carthage against Rome or to Great Britain against Napoleonic France. The last great war was between the United States and the Soviet Union and ended in favor maritime empire. As a result, since 1989, we lived in one order, ultimately, managed by the U.S. Army........."

The enemy remains always RELIGIOUS one, well hidden by political, and geo-political terminology: the Protestant USA. All that have not to be perceived by the reader, because then the RELIGIOUS war would be openly declared. The RELIGIOUS enemy must be fought NOT in the open name of a religious war, but in the name of political, economical, sociological (this one preferred to handle religious issues), cultural and antropological war. 

 "....But after some unpleasantness in the role of policeman of the world, the maritime empire [USA] is now in retreat.
The consequence of this shift towards isolation is that a group of "continental empires" are starting to compete to secure the "legal monopoly" that the international violence the United States has exercised in the past 25 years. The
more evident challengers that appears are Sunni Muslims, throughout the Middle East and China, in the East-Asia, which increasingly confident and assertive is asserting its supremacy.......".

      Also here you have a perfect reversing of the truth, vie her hegelian dialectic opponent. Sunni have been declared death sentenced simply tying them to the bloody circus of the Wahhabbi Fundemantalism in order to bury them with the corpse of the Wahhabbi in the next Stalingrad in Iraq:

      Why Sunni have been linked in the same sentence with China? Well maybe because China visited as financial brooker the most exposed Sunni monarchies of the Gulf right two weeks before the final veto of Russia and China against the international intervention in Sirya?

BEIJING—China signed billions of dollars in deals with key U.S. allies during its premier's visit to the Persian Gulf, forging ahead with long-term efforts to rely less on its traditional oil suppliers, including Iran—even as it publicly brushes aside U.S. and European pressure to cut its Iranian imports.
Premier Wen Jiabao on Thursday wrapped up his trip to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Though Mr. Wen didn't visit Iran, his trip came as China faces questions over its apparent support for Tehran.

Monday, February 06, 2012

China & Russia buying the Arab consent for their veto with purchasing of oil and massive investments? [the Stalingrad of Western world is coming]

      Another example of dust-in-the-eyes from the 'alternative' propaganda? Here, Sarkozy's arrest presented like "in connection with the murder of Ghaddafi" [allegedly ordered by French intelligence]. Is this the ultimate truth or, like an onion, a rotten onion, its only one of the most superficial layers which, with their stench, must divert away the nose of the observer?.... 

       Maybe the arrest of Sarkozy is not linked with the murder of Ghaddafi, (pls., whom do you think could interest this now???), but maybe because the guy Sarkozy was (is) the best friend of Germany in the entire French:

 By Philip Aldrick, Economics Editor

5:15PM BST 09 Jun 2012
Perhaps they’d had a little too much to drink. Or perhaps it was foolhardy bravado provoked by French President Francois Hollande’s decision to side with the eurozone’s Latin bloc — a symbolic switch of allegiance following his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy’s diehard solidarity with Germany.

 [ironically I copied the above excerpt from The Unhived Mind page "

...." at the URL:]

     Well, now you have explained the true reason for the Strauss-Kahn sexual scandal; in fact this destroyed the center-right area with suspicions about a conspiracy by the  candidate Sarkozy against candidate Strauss-Kahn, for the elections in France. The winner was of course the popish candidate, the socialist and friend of  "Latin block" (= Southern Catholic Europe Confederation + Eurogendfor) Hollande....:


In an interview with Libération on April 28, 2011, Strauss-Kahn stated he was "worried his political opponent, Nicolas Sarkozy, would try to frame him with a fake rape".[70][71] Paris politician and advocate of gender equality Michèle Sabban said she was convinced there was an international plot to frame him.[72][73] A few days after his arrest, a poll showed that 57% of the French public believed he was the "victim of a smear campaign".[74][75]
On May 15, Strauss-Kahn's political opponent Henri de Raincourt, a minister for overseas co-operation in the ruling UMP party, stated, "one cannot exclude thinking about a setup."[76][77] Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin expressed his personal doubts about the allegations.[78][79]



OMG!.... We have also.... Putin, backing the whispers about conspiracy... Another evidence on how Putin's Russia is the natural ally of the popish South European Catholic Confederation.  Well, yet  not convinced that this scandal was meant to influx French election?

 Sarkozy rebuffs Strauss-Kahn's claims of conspiracy behind sex scandal

In interview with U.K.'s Guardian, former IMF chief says 'political enemies' sabotaged his presidential bid by ensuring his sexual encounter with a New York maid was made public. 

By Reuters | Apr. 28, 2012 | 10:20 PM  


And give a look to the dates, what a timing!....:

 A presidential election was held in France on 22 April 2012 (or 21 April in some overseas departments and territories), with a second round run-off held on 6 May (or 5 May for those same territories) to elect the President of France (who is also ex officio one of the two joint heads of state of Andorra, a sovereign state). The incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy was running for a second successive and, under the terms of the constitution, final term in the election.


      Then the same Hollande was weakened with a sexual scandal, in order to give free-space to popish and hyper-nationalist (= anti-German) radical right wing party of Marine Le Pen. But this is chronicle you already knows....

    Stop here with the exposition of the propaganda of this site, it is simply the counter-altar of the EU's geo-politic, it is the ideology of the Western Roman Catholic empire, man like Barroso, Van Rompuy etc. dare not to speak out of the mouth. 

 Therefore isn't  it not strange the kidnap of the three Jewish youngs in Israel right when the staged "Fundametalist" army of ISIS is entering in the media of all the world?...:

 Israelis blamed for kidnapping and burning to death Palestinian teenager in suspected revenge attack

In an apparent revenge attack for the murder of three Israeli teenagers, Mohammed Abu Khiedir, 16, was spirited away from his Jerusalem neighbourhood 

 By , Jerusalem

7:23PM BST 02 Jul 2014


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict stood on the edge of a dangerous precipice on Wednesday night after an Arab youth was abducted and murdered in a suspected revenge killing for the deaths of three Jewish teenagers......"

      Uh, what a surprise, isn't it?  Just right when the Sunni Islam is suffering another blow, given to what implicitly the media are presenting as his "representative", aka the Wahhabbi fundamentalism, in the presumibly next Stalingrad where the "von Paulus" of the Sunni Islam will surrender to Putin's Shia (or totally massacred), it is need to make arise a cloud of dust to be threwn in the eyes of the world's spectators, iginiting again the "Israeli-Palestinian" conflict.

       Hamas is only a bunch of Nazi-Islamic terrorists who gets the tyranny, more than on the Jews, on their the same submitted Arab Islamic civil society, who is under the terrorist heels of Hamas. Hamas doesn't want peace because her task is to supply the World Democratic Government with the blood of innocents, especially of children, in order to fuel the monstrous machine of the hate against anything smelling "Israel" and "Zionist", as the same Italian Massimo Mazzucco explains - of course in total un-awarness - when he's  asking himself why Hamas is such a masochist and self-victimizing organization, when that terrorist Nazi-Islamic organization always is boycotting the peace-talks with launches of Kassam. Mazzucco is playing the false fool, he knows well why Hamas has the task to block any peace-talk: it is called "the policy of provoking the enemy to perform  monstrous and bloody deeds" [in Italian language]:

 ".....Here we go again. Every time I loosen the tension in Palestine and is taken a step forward towards peace, that's the Palestinians are invented something terrible to pull the foot and unleash against themselves the wrath of Israel........" [by Massimo Mazzucco © ]


Putin will hang on to power, even if he has to ditch his own party
By Alexander Boot

Mr Zhirinovsky's party stands for 'washing Russian soldiers' boots' in the Indian Ocean, and he once made a racially abusive remark about Condoleezza Rice . He then compounded the insult by implying she should come to Russia to be sexually assaulted by Russian soldiers.  Miss Rice's response hasn't been recorded, but it's a fair assumption that she turned the invitation down.

 Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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