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The 'Warsaw' Pact died. Who will substitute him? N.A.T.O.


    Thanks to Hristo Stiliyanov for the info.

    Figure it out.... even Israel supports now the quartering of Ukraine, abstaining from the vote on the territorial integrity of that country... 

19 April, 12:15

NATOs next Secretary General Stoltenberg is responsible person - President Putin

NATOs next Secretary General Stoltenberg is responsible person - President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday he had good relations with NATO's next Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who is a serious and responsible person.

"We have very good relations, including personal relations. He is a very serious, responsible person. Let's see what kind of relations [we] will have when he takes his new office," the president, who appeared on the Vesti v Subbotu (Vesti on Saturday) TV show, told its host Sergey Brilev.
Ambassadors of NATO countries voted unanimously Friday to appoint Stoltenberg to the post. He will take office on October 1, 2014.
Relations between Russia and NATO soured after Crimea rejoining Russia last month.
On Wednesday, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen pledged to step up patrols and boost its military presence along the alliance's eastern border in Europe, citing Russia's alleged involvement in the Ukrainian crisis.

    So Western taxpayer are paying for a military force at disposition of the same adversary which  should be contained by the same military force. Not only. Western taxpayer has been constrained by their government to give to Putin the control of Arctic sea resources and soon to the China the control of the routes in the China sea which, as the name it is bearing, it is a property of China:

 BEIJING — China accused the Philippines on Monday of illegally occupying Chinese territory after a Philippine vessel outmaneuvered the Chinese Coast Guard and resupplied a ship that has been stranded for 15 years on the Second Thomas Shoal, a tiny reef in the South China Sea.

 Obama will next visit Philippines. To aid Chinese take over on the islands?...

 So you, Western taxpayers, are paying and becoming even more impoverished for the Jesuits' global policy of expansionism, South and Eastern European are paying a two-speed Europe, Germany has been induced to not claim the Eastern protestant territories in exchange of a great economical power inside EU, and this economical crisis is practically financing the mantaining  in Europe of the Counter Reformation Oder-Neisse borders. Because NATO is the military of the Western Roman Empire of the Cushites, to be merged with the army of their Eastern Roman Empire - Russia.

Q.E.D., or: quod erat demonstrandum:

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Within N.A.T.O. [Smolensk and Utøya are linked?] 

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"US 'surprised' Israel did NOT support UN vote on Ukraine's territorial integrity" [link]

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Keep in mind an old news but very revealing with the perspective of the evolution of the contemporary facts - practically a NATO given at disposition of Putin, under the command of his ally Jeans Stoltenberg. 

Do you remember the NATO cyberwar?

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 By ahmed ibrahem ibrahem Buray send a private message

Moscow : Russia | Jun 08, 2010
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Reported fears of "cyber-warfare," a

new level when it announced the

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

(NATO) it is considering using

military force against those who

considered them "enemies" of

launching attacks on

NATO members via the internet

       Oh yea, and with Stoltenberg as head of NATO, ally of Putin,  the enemies of Putin in the Western world will be considered the Stoltenberg's enemies and therefore hit by NATO cyberwarfare.

[go in References to see/read the entire historical post]

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Russia Duma approves bill with restrictions on bloggers [from online news]


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> control information, mind & souls!


Douglas A. Willinger said...
Some relevant links:

Follow the various links within regarding the defense contractoring for domestic spying:
Since the article about the contractor is deleted, here's the contractor's web site:

And of course the new "fusion' centers linking federal and local criminal law enforcement:

Its all part of Rome's growing web...
12:18 PM


Cyber-warfare scare NATO

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Views: 47

Reported fears of "cyber-warfare," a

new level when it announced the

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

(NATO) it is considering using

military force against those who

considered them "enemies" of

launching attacks on

NATO members via the internet





user posted image

Home News Previous General Filiberto Cecchi, Chief of Staff of the Italian ArmyGeneral Filiberto Cecchi, Chief of Staff of the Italian Army

Written by Royal Deputation

The promotion of Generale di Corpo d'Armata Filiberto Cecchi, Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, to Knight Grand Cross of Merit has been announced.


In 2001, he was Deputy Commander of the NATO troops in Kosovo (KFOR 5) and later Deputy Inspector of the Army TRADOC Command.

From 2002 to 2005 he served as Commander of the Italian Joint Operations Headquarters. Since 23 July 2005 he has been holding the office of Chief of the Army General Staff.

General Cecchi obtained a degree in Strategic Sciences and a Master of Arts in Strategic Sciences at the University of Turin, and attended the Horseriding Military Instructor Course and the NATO Course for Psychological Warfare.



Remember that the country involved in the Barak's Planned Fiasco of the failed raid on the Jihadist Flottilla is TURKEY, a member of N.A.T.O.

Remember the WORLD COORDINATED INFORMATION CAMPAIGN on that Planned Fiasco, aimed to further spread anti-semitism with the use of the PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, as curtain for the Holy See's international religious expansionist campaign

Remember on how the 'official' information works in coordination with the 'alternative' information

(the first one instigates with coreographed falsity and exhibited partiality the spectator to search other sources of information then offered by the 'alternative' information)

First: they create "ad hoc" events.

Second: they present them with the 'official' information.

Third: you are unsatisfied and then you search for the 'alternative' information

The N.A.T.O./Information Awareness Office/Cyberwar-Jesuit-censorship/etc. war then "cleans" internet from the undesired disturbing elements.

Remember that if NATO is so scared of the cyber-warfare, it means that they could have in mind for the near future a dirty (fake) war against their the same 'alternative' web-soruces of information, a cyber-911 in order to "victimize" and to further legitimate the web-sources of Jesuit lies.


Turkey is a NATO member - and it is evident that the interests of the Holy See in to grasp those Schismatics of the Balkans (Serbians, Romenians, Bolgarians) and to convert them in Roman Catholic sheep, are too among the most important reasons for this NATO supported Fiasco of the Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara (from I.T.T. blog):

"........While you read that report, notice how Peter Sutherland, the OFFICIAL financial adviser to the Vatican, who also happens to be BP's outgoing CEO, and Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, joined the board of KOC HOLDINGS, THE LARGEST TURKISH CONGLOMERATE, in 2009, just about a year ago. Interesting??? And why did he do this just now? What is happening?......

After reading the next few links, you will find out that Koc Holdings, an enormous conglomerate covering a huge part of the Turkish economy, is partner with the Italian bank to the Vatican. Now do you see how Turkey and the Vatican are joined at the hip through finance, business interests and directors? Why did the Vatican decide to send their man Peter Sutherland right into the belly of the beast? What is their interest? Is Peter Sutherland only there to LOOK AFTER THE VATICAN'S MONEY, now that the bank is under Turkish control? Or is there more to it?......

I want to remind you of the relationship between the Vatican and Hitler during WWII; the Vatican was a full partner in the Holocaust.

This is no different, Turkey and the Vatican each have their role to play, and it is a happy marriage, it seems, albeit with squabbles here and there, such as the archbishop killed a couple of weeks ago in Turkey. But overall, there is solid cooperation between Turkey and the Vatican, solid business ties, commonality of spirit, a wonderful partnership. And what is even better: the Vatican can operate with impunity, under a different flag. IT doesn't get blamed, Turkey is. Not that Turkey doesn't fully agree, mind you. They are working very well together. But Turkey gets the blame, and the pope comes out smelling like a rose.... as usual.... until we find out what is REALLY going on.

Now you see how it is possible to operate a flotilla against Israel under a Turkish flag, while it is also a covert Vatican project?............


"In 2001, Koç Financial Services is established as a joint venture with UniCredito Italiano, one of Europe's leading banks."The Unicredit bank was a 1998 merger of three Italian banks, Credito Italiano, Rolo Banca 1473 and Unicredito. Unicredito and Rolo Banca 1473 ran a number of regionally titled banks across northern Italy. After this there were a couple of mergers with smaller Italian regional banks in 1999. In 2006 Unicredit merged with the German HVB which itself was the result of a merger of the two largest Bavarian banks. HVB also bought in Bank Austria Creditanstalt, the largest bank in Austria. In 2003 it took over Capitalia the third largest bank in Italy which had among other banks owned the Il Banco di Santo Spirito, which was founded by Pope Paul VI and
as the banker to the Vatican States was one of the first national banks in Europe."....."



NATO/Information Awareness Office cyberwar against bloggers - some examples:

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stephen DeVoy

Stephen DeVoy became best known for reporting on John Poindexter “Information Awareness Office” of mass computerized data mining surveillance of the general public, turning its technologies against Poindexter, by posting some of Poindexter’s personal information.
Cyber citizen spies on a Pentagon spook

The man who heads the Pentagon's efforts to develop a computer program to keep an electronic eye out for terrorists is himself the object of scrutiny.

Although the John Poindexter Awareness Office was launched as a joke website on November 29 it has attracted thousands of hits and hundreds of responses.

"I would like to eliminate the surveillance of Americans from the war on terror equation," said Stephen DeVoy, the computer scientist who set up the Poindexter page as part of his site of disorganized resistance at

The site focuses on Poindexter, who is developing a program to sift through enormous amounts of individual data to detect patterns that could indicate terrorist activity. Visitors to the site are urged ... "if you see Mr Poindexter purchase something, travel somewhere or do, well, anything, send us a tip describing your observations."

And, while the site contains information on others who work with Poindexter, Mr DeVoy said he has received no reports on any of them.

Much of what he has received on Poindexter, a former national security adviser to president Ronald Reagan and convicted felon of the Iran-Contra scandal, has not been posted, Mr DeVoy said, because it appeared libellous or not legitimate.

Mr. Devoy, 40, a "rational anarchist," said he is self-employed and will not reveal where he lives because he has received death threats. He said the Government should not be involved in individuals' lives, and his site is an example of individual dissent against his country's tendency to spy on on its own citizens who do not conform.
So where is his site?

So, I begin further internet research, and find such things as:

5. Break Your Chains! Someone is harassing myself and my family. They are engaging in cyber crimes to do so. My family has been through enough. I'm shutting this website down. - Last modified: 6 July 2004 @ 12:40

Where did go? 19.10.2004 20:00

I am happy to see that Mr. DeVoy has contributed to an indymedia group. His work has been thorough and compelling on issues that matter to all of us interested in our liberties. I wish I could find that site. Any help would be appreciated.
matthew e-mail::
Anarchist becomes subject of Federal Probe
by Keanu Hamilton Saturday, Mar. 06, 2004 at 6:17 PM
Boston anarchist becomes subject of Federal Probe
Stephen DeVoy, anarchist, subject of Federal Probe
Illegal merchandise sales, defamation of corporations, suspicion of domestic terrorism
By Gabriela Herrera
American Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 7, 2004; Page A01
CAMBRIDGE, MA (Reuters) 13:30 - Stephen R. DeVoy, owner of websites at, ,, and has become the subject of a Federal Probe in regard to illegal merchandise sales and sales tax evasion. In addition to Federal action, a civil lawsuit has been filed by the Austin-based corporation Cycorp, Inc. in connection to defamation and libel published on DeVoy's websites. Preliminary investigation reveals some substance to the investigation, authorities said.
Although Mr. DeVoy denies any wrongdoing, it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that there has been more than casual defamation of several companies and individuals. Telephone records as well as files subpoenaed from EarthLink Hosting, (Mr. DeVoy's web host), contain cached web pages containing the libel as well as names of individuals who have accused Mr. DeVoy of harassment and defamation. In early 2003, Mr. DeVoy fled Austin, Texas shortly after being sought in connection with a computer store robbery in a southern California establishment. Mr. DeVoy, an unemployed programmer began his harassment campaign after being terminated from Cycorp, Inc. due to lack of performance and excessive absenteeism. DeVoy was also suspected of stealing company secrets for possible sale to unknown foreign parties. After the firm became aware that Mr. DeVoy was involved in an anarchist movement responsible for domestic terrorist activities, his termination was hastened.
In addition to defamation charges, the Federal Probe will investigate Mr. DeVoy's bumper sticker sales and online merchandising campaign. According to the Internal Revenue Service records, Mr. DeVoy failed to report income coming from such sales as well as failing to provide a return policy for defective merchandise. One customer reported that upon requesting a refund for bumper stickers he did not receive, Mr. DeVoy blocked e-mail messages from the sender. The stickers reportedly faded within days of being placed on the bumper of the purchaser's vehicle. In other reports, Mr. DeVoy's stickers began to appear on police cruisers owned by the Cambridge Police Department. The campus authorities have reported incidences of being forced to remove them from vehicles and building facades as well.
Mr. DeVoy is known to be suffering from a mental condition known as Paranoid Personality Disorder, for which he takes medication and is required to see a therapist. The mental health facility which has been assigned to Mr. DeVoy has reported that he has failed to keep appointments.
Given Mr. DeVoy's criminal record as well as his inclusion in the Department of Homeland Security's list of potential domestic terrorists, it is possible that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will play the biggest role in the investigation.
American Post
Stephen DeVoy Never Has Been Indicted for Any Crime
by Observer Sunday, Jun. 11, 2006 at 1:25 PM
More than two years have past since this libelous article was published. Not only has DeVoy not been indicted, but he has never been arrested, tried, or even questioned about any of the accusations published in the article. Time proves that Stephen DeVoy was the target of a deliberate cyber stalking harassment campaign.

Concerned Group of Activists WHERE IS STEPHEN DEVOY?

A group of us are trying to reach Stephen Devoy but his website is down and all other lines of communication have also been stopped.

We seriously wonder if he has been murdered by the Government because of a message that was sent below... and of course because he tried to fight them single-handedly regarding ELECTRO-MAGNETIC weapons.

They had to tread lightly and not cause too much of an uproar as everything he said was 100% TRUE apparently.

All the criminal government could do was send out a phony email from him to try to discredit him...

The post below is regarding Stephen DeVoy. Obviously this was posted by someone in the Bush administration... as the person is illiterate...

This persons 'fearless leader' WILL BE IMPEACHED shortly...
(hush, hush... don't let George know... he might O.D. on the antidepressents he's been shoving down his throat)

Anyway this is the POST REGARDING STEPHEN DEVOY that has us deeply worried!


..I hope you are feeling better..we will turn the power down on the impulse generator if you will just come outside and talk with us..SLOWLY approach the black Tahoe parked down the street..with your hands in sight at all times..when the agent in the passenger seat rolls down the window..say "I need to speak to Steve" will then be taken to an undisclosed location where Steve is waiting for you to join him..He is in a soundproof room lined with renyolds wrap..we have a tin foil helment in your size that will block all impulses into your brain..your mom is doing fine and likes her new room..she has adjusted well (as we're sure you will) to her new meds AND HAS AN UPBEAT OUTLOOK!! must get back to taking your vitamins..the agent in the Tahoe will have a fresh supply for you..Steve says "Hi"..Do not worry..everything will be fine..if you do not do as instructed your health will continue to deteriorate 10:04 pm tonight blink your light on the patio twice to let us know you are ready to relocate and be with Steve..DO NOT speak to anyone about our plans..we will know if you do.
I have found this later post, with his name; hopefully he is OK.
Ubiquitous NSA Telephone Call Logging: The Practical Significance
by Stephen DeVoy Friday, May. 12, 2006 at 7:52 PM
The significance of NSA spying.
Ubiquitous NSA Telephone Call Logging: The Practical Significance
Author: Stephen DeVoy
Recent revelations that the NSA is logging all telephone calls of all Americans, while blatantly illegally and outrageously anti-democratic, are far more significant than the media leads you to believe. These revelations are not really new. An earlier article made it clear that a defense contractor was being paid to build "a system to identify calling patterns between suspected terrorists." The new article states that the NSA "is using the data to analyze calling patterns in an effort to detect terrorist activity." Since it has now been revealed that the goal is to log and database ALL telephone calls between Americans and analyze them to detect terrorist activity, we can conclude that the Bush Administration considers ALL Americans to be terrorists.
According to act"Administration propaganda network" Fox News, the Almighty Decider Bush declared, "Our intelligence ivities strictly target Al Qaeda and their known affiliates. Al Qaeda is our enemy and we want to know their plans." Bush is telling the truth. You see, there is no Al-Qaeda, at least not in reality. "Al-Qaeda" is just a term the Almighty Decider uses to signify everyone who opposes Him. As Bush Himself said, on November 6, 2001, "You are either with us or against us." Since "Us" means Bush, and since nearly 80% of the American population opposes Bush, 80% of the American population is "Al-Qaeda." That means that nearly every American IS IN FACT a member of "Al-Qaeda" (at least in Bush's fantasy world). Bush, therefore, is telling it like it is (to Him) when he says that the new NSA program is targeting Al-Qaeda only (read 80% of Americans). And why is it important to monitor this "Al-Qaeda"? Well, to protect the other 20% from the 80%. Who would that 20% be? Well, it appears to me that that 20% would be the kernel of his fascist state which, for the most part, is comprised of the ruling class and men with low IQ's (and yes, a few women who like men with low IQ's).
That said, lets get to what this really means. Bush is targeting everyone who disagrees with him. What could he possible gain by having a database of the relationships between each American and every other American as well as the relationships between each American and every business? You must keep in mind that Bush wants this information so that it can be used to protect the 20% of Americans who now rule over the other 80%. That means, he needs this information to keep 80% of the population from doing what they could easily do without some means of restraining them (e.g. overthrow the state, arrest all members of the corrupt regime, put the criminals on trial, etc).
How can one restrain 80% of the population by maintaining a database of all relationships (and face it, nearly all relationships are discernable through identifying who telephones whom)? Isn't it obvious? If you still can't guess, let me spell it out for you: BLACKMAIL, HARASSMENT, THREATS, INDUCEMENT OF LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT, DISINFORMATION and so on. Basically, all of the things that dictatorships do to keep the masses from overthrowing the elite. Indeed, all Bush and his STASI need do is make an example out of everyone who speaks up. In short shrift, no one will speak up. Many of us know first hand that the Bush Regime has interfered in our lives already using the aforementioned list of black deeds. I could name a long list of online writers who have already experienced these black deeds and I would be on that list.
What the Almighty Decider is doing is a direct and major threat to your liberty, your happiness, your future, and everything you value in life. Do not take it sitting down.
Stephen DeVoy's internet store is at:

So "cute" how the media ignores people as Stephen DeVoy, instead feeding us a fluff of things such as John Mark Karr. How about an interview by Larry King!

Is anyone in the government or the media looking out for the safety of blogs and of bloggers?


Douglas A. Willinger said...
A thing that makes me suspect that Douglas Lenat is perhaps Knights of Malta or some other criminal Romish order, is how 'easily' a supposed Stephen Devoy email got read on air by FOX aposate suck up Bill O'Reilly:
Douglas A. Willinger said...
Douglas A. Willinger said...
Here's a link mentioning the Devoy - O'Reilly email:

When I click on the links, such as the statement by Devoy, all I see is a totally blank page (no error message, and with the url at top, but the page simply entirely blank- hmmmm.

I think I saw just what many but not all people may see when they attempt to visit our blogs.

Interestingly, Douglas Lenat's work centers around artificial intelligence, which of course would have applications in Rome's supression of knowledge.
Douglas A. Willinger said...
Here's an interesting article with Lenat's name, concept of AI and the idea of detecting anticatholicism:

cached version:

original version:
Douglas A. Willinger said...
For example take a look at the DB-pedia web page here about the Mother of God:
The web page at the link just above contains quite a lot of claims about Our Lady in human-readable form not necessarily from a Catholic perspective, but rather from a religiously indifferentist perspective.

Stepping aside from the Catholic-bashing and/or erroneous information issue, the CYC knowledge-base also contains a Terrorism Knowledge Base under development, as the Wikipedia article on CYC states:

"The comprehensive Terrorism Knowledge Base is an application of cyc in development that will try to ultimately contain all relevant knowledge about terrorist groups, their members, leaders, ideology, founders, sponsors, affiliations, facilities, locations, finances, capabilities, intentions, behaviors, tactics, and full descriptions of specific terrorist events. The knowledge is stored as statements in mathematical logic, suitable for computer understanding and reasoning.[8]"

I found two references to Catholicism as a terrorist organization at a CYC-related web page:

("OpenCYC" is the title for the freely-downloadable, open-software version of CYC.)
If you go to this web page, and type in the word "Catholic" in the text box under the phrase, "Searching for OpenCyc Content", a list of nine concepts stored in the OpenCyc knowledge base is then displayed and the seventh and eighth concepts displayed on the list have these titles:

"Catholicism terrorist organization [Catholicism group]"

"Catholicism terrorist"

There are four associated URL links from these two highly offensive and anti-Catholic knowledge-base entries. All four are disconnected links, so we cannot see what else the man or men who first typed in these offensive characterizations of Catholicism as "terrorist" may have claimed.

So perhaps this suggests that whoever is developing the comprehensive terrorism knowledge base (some agency or agencies of the U.S. government?) has been putting data into that knowledge base claiming that Catholics of one sort or another are terrorists.

Of course this would be the ultimate hate crime against a segment of society, based on religion—the Catholic religion.
Douglas A. Willinger said...

Christophobic Artificial Intelligence

Daniel Offutt


(Posted 03/1/10 CYC is a computer "knowledge base" in an artificial "knowledge-representation language" called CYCL. CYC comes from the word "enCYClopedia". The original idea of CYC was to encode a single-volume English desk encyclopedia into a language of symbolic logic so that the semantic content or meaning could be more easily manipulated by computers.
By "manipulated" I mean to include things like making logical deductions from premises in a manner analogous to the third operation of the intellect studied at least up until the 1960s by every Catholic seminarian in his foundation in scholastic/Thomistic/Aristotelian logic.

On the order of 1,000 man-years (i.e., the unit measuring the work of one person in a year, based on a standard number of man-days) has been invested in the development of the CYC knowledge base. The original estimate in 1986 by Mr. Douglas Lenat, was that 350 man-years would be required. A consortium of corporations contributed financially. And now, 24 years later, researchers are still working on adding knowledge to the CYC knowledge base. A more-recent account of the effort already expended is 700 man-years.

CYC has been linked to Wikipedia in a project called "DB-pedia". Moreover, the elements of the CYC knowledge base have been connected or integrated with the development of the so-called "Semantic Web".

So what does this have to do with us, God and His Church?

As with any one-volume desk encyclopedia, a portion of the CYC knowledge base concerns Roman Catholicism, and aspects of other religions. Such knowledge bases may contain errors. So there is potential for error in the CYC knowledge base, in DB-pedia, and in other such knowledge bases. For example, if you look-up "Jesus of Nazareth" in the CYC knowledge base, you will find good information, inaccuracies and even blasphemies concerning Our Lord (for example, Our Lord, described as and a "clairvoyant") all mixed together—but no mention of the fact of His divinity. Not surprising since the entries in the knowledge-base may not have been made by a Catholic let along a competent Catholic theologian. Nevertheless, there is now a very real potential for the propagation of global error and blasphemy against Our Lord or Our Lady through artificial logical knowledge-representation (artificial-intelligence) language.
Douglas A. Willinger said...
The facts are these: Catholic Church teaches that we, as Catholics, are not even to become involved in sedition; that one sufficient condition for a war to be unjust is that there is no hope of victory; and that in ancient times, Christians would cooperate with the government peacefully and obediently, but would refuse to cooperate in sin if commanded by the government to sin, even going off joyfully to their executions as a result. Hardly the basis for terrorism!

In the Ukraine, even Mr. Josep Tyrelia did not do any violence, but would do things like kneel down and pray out loud in front of his Communist interrogators. He let the Blessed Virgin defend him, not unlike St. Maximilian Kolbe, Cardinal Mindszenty, Cardinal Kung, etc.
Douglas A. Willinger said...
A few days ago, I finished downloading a copy of OPENCYC onto my laptop computer. The compressed file that I downloaded was about 220 megabytes, which is to say about 220 million characters, about the equivalent of the number of letters in 500 books. OPENCYC took about 90 minutes to download. After decompressing this file, it occupies 775 megabytes of space, about the equivalent of the number of letters in 1,500 books. I believe this is on the order of what a single audio CD will store. OPENCYC, then, will fit easily on a cell phone possessing 1GB (1 gigabyte) of memory, since 1 gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes, as compared to the 775 megabyte CYC knowledge base, that is, 77.5% of the storage space on a 1GB storage device. I have next to me a small 4GB USB storage device for which I paid a mere $13. Here is what the Wikipedia article on CYC claims is contained within these 775 megabytes:

The latest version of OpenCyc, 2.0, was released in July 2009. OpenCyc 1.0 includes the entire Cyc ontology containing hundreds of thousands of terms, along with millions of assertions relating the terms to each other, however these are mainly taxonomic assertions, not the complex rules available in Cyc. The knowledge base contains 47,000 concepts and 306,000 facts and can be browsed on the OpenCyc website.

CYC contains millions of assertions in a language of symbolic logic, each assertion being the equivalent of some corresponding declarative sentence that could be written in English. These assertions, expressed in the artificial language "CYCL" rather than English, can be true or false. Ideally, all of the assertions would be true. But human error causes some of them to be false. And anti-Catholicism and/or ignorance of Roman Catholicism, harbored in the hearts and minds of those manually composing these assertions may lead to anti-Catholic errors spreading, again, in a large percentage of the electronic devices throughout the world, including web servers. We can expect websites of all different kinds, including non-Catholic/anti-Catholic religious websites, to employ the CYC knowledge base towards evil ends such as support for anti-Catholic apologetics software.

On the other hand, the knowledge base could be used in defense of Roman Catholicism, insofar as it contains true assertions on the relevant subjects (theology, philosophy, history, the Church hierarchy, Latin, the Bible, Patristics, Doctors, saints, etc.). For good or evil, such knowledge bases are different from static books and documents because computer programs can simulate the third operation of the intellect, drawing conclusions from premises (two or more of the millions of assertions which make up the CYC knowledge base).

For example, general inference rules embodying syllogistic reasoning could be applied to (1) CYC assertions representing general principles of ISLAM and (2) specific data collected from an 8-year-old Muslim boy's interaction with tutorial software that is designed to interactively brainwash the child. Or the same kind of thing could be done to teach truth to an 8-year-old Catholic boy.

It becomes easy to see why someone should oppose existing errors in these knowledge bases and why someone should oppose the introduction of additional errors as these knowledge bases grow.

Catholics, especially orthodox Catholic theologians, historians, philosophers, etc., should be encouraged to become the people composing and adding the assertions pertaining to Roman Catholicism to these knowledge bases. Atheistic scientists, or adherents of the 30,000+ false religions plaguing the world, who will skew and distort the truth, should be prevented from adding anything pertaining to theology, philosophy, history, etc.

Please pray.
Douglas A. Willinger said...
Still, such Catholic bashing is not a simple thing to undo. Perhaps, if we do what we can to expose the fact that reference is made to Catholic "terrorism" in OPENCYC (the free version of CYC), all such references will quickly be withdrawn from public view on all CYC-related websites, but then the data on Catholic "terrorists" will be carefully hidden after that. So if someone wishes to make a case against those who contributed these errors and blasphemies to the CYC knowledge base, and wanted the evidence to remain in place until the right moment, we may want to wait.

Global Ramifications

One might say that blasphemies against Our Lord and Our Lady, and other anti-Catholic errors abound in all manner of anti-Catholic publications in a wide variety of natural languages such as English, French, German, etc. So why is there special reason for alarm when some computer scientists who want to create an "artificial intelligence" (a man-made "mind") may write anti-Catholic blasphemies and errors into an artificial knowledge-representation language such as a language of symbolic logic?

Perhaps the most important reason to pay attention is the very low cost with which a knowledge-base containing such anti-Catholic errors can be duplicated and distributed in large numbers. Consider how many copies of Microsoft Windows exist in the world. Because of the potential utility of the true knowledge inside of the CYC knowledge base to the common man, the CYC knowledge base could end up inside of almost every cell phone, PC and video-game device five or ten years from now.

We cannot let blasphemies and anti-Catholic errors be copied into a large proportion of the electronic devices in the world. (EMP. ADDED!!!)
Douglas A. Willinger said...
In reference to your two latest posts on your other blogs; please see my CCR post earlier this year "Steering Poland and Russia Towards War"
avles said...
avles said...
Saturday, July 17, 2010

"I'll tell you honestly what I think of the MVAC. I'm not Slovenian, but also watch the Slovenes and their struggle: MVAC helps us Italians very much ... but among the Slovenes it creates such hatred that in fifty years you will not be able to overcome it. "

Italian general Ruggero conversation with the bishop Rožman in the autumn of 1942
avles said...
From the introduction of the book:

“Again, after more than fifty years, the legendary book “Belogardizem” of Franček Saje has been published. The first edition in 1951 sold out within weeks. Saje wrote the book as a full blooded chronicler and analyst. At more than 600 pages there is: - thoroughly analyzed the pre-war social, political and party image Slovenia; - precisely described and documented the development and work of the Slovenian collaborationist organizations and their supporters; - documented the relationship of the Roman Catholic Church, of the clergy and of the bishop Rožman with the Italian occupants; - All this is seasoned with a number of interesting documents and testimonies which show the hindrance of the political and religious leadership of the Slovenian collaborationism at home and in the London 'exiled' government, knowing that they were collaborating in front of the eyes of the their own suffering nation and of the world anti-fascist coalition.”
avles said...
tangel476 said...
The internet is the last attempt to single out dissent thought.
avles said...
Single out dissent thougt is only the element of the building of approved consent. Internet subliminally managesto build 'normalized' streams of thoughts which then are used in an Jesuit/Hegelian storm of clashes.

I am sure that what I write is known by people in my job surrounding. I am in proximity of people from South Italy (Campania regions) and I exposed Mafia and Camorra as Counter Reformation tool. I bet what do you want that now some of them are reading this comment.

This is a mix of: internet, Camorra, Mafia, intelligence, Jesuit-Masonic circles, Fascist and/or extreme left wing circles.

I feel every day intimidated.

"Kaliningrad" given back by Putin to the Teutonic order [possible scenario]


Putin: The Internet Is a ‘CIA Project’

Friday, April 11, 2014

The anti-German propaganda at one of the Kremlin's TV station.

Anti-German propaganda at Russian TV (Ren TV). The program called "The Fourth Reich". That lie aired throughout Russia. At the 20m00s of that video about Königsberg, our friends, me and even about our celebration of the Silvester in Danzig. My words in an interview they mistranslated on purpose, for their Kremlin`s propaganda.

"......A member of the Brandenburg-Ansbach branch of the House of Hohenzollern, Albert's election as Grand Master had brought about hopes of a reversal of the declining fortune of the Teutonic Knights. He was a skilled political administrator and leader, and did indeed reverse the decline of the Teutonic Order. However, Albert, who was sympathetic to the demands of Martin Luther, rebelled against the Catholic church, and the Holy Roman Empire by converting the Teutonic state into a Protestant and hereditary realm, the Duchy of Prussia, for which he did homage to his uncle, the King of Poland. The arrangement was confirmed by the Treaty of Kraków in 1525. Albert pledged a personal oath to the King and in return was invested with the duchy for himself and his heirs."

    A possible variation of what will soon happen. Before a Jesuits' king on the Kremlin's throne.

    The next phase Putin will declare to all the world that "911 is an inside job" and those who were telling CIA and Mossad were behind were right. This would led to a collapse of the political unity of USA and Western world in general. Civil wars maybe arising. What matters is the void of power which will be filled with the anti-Americans and anti-Israeli men of the pope in at the new regimes in the Western world, under direct control of their mastermind and often substituted by them, church of Rome/Jesuits. The others will be punished in various ways, from chronic unemployment to the torture and murder.  Of course such hypothetical (for now) post-911 regimes will persecute true Christians and Jews who respect Torah instead Shabtai Tzvi/Queen of Heaven religious agenda, and generally all the ones who refuses to submit to the new creed aligned with the Vatican and Jesuit paganism.
    In Europe the South Catholic countries (Confederates) will do a secession which will immediately lead to the economic collapse of Germany and the declaration of the Great Catholic Bavaria. In exchange of the North Pole, of Ukraine and maybe of further parts of Poland and Lithuania, Putin - the secular head of next terrorist regime in Russia -  will give back 'Kaliningrad' to the restored Teutonic Order which will reign over the Baltic countries under the formal protection of the Great Catholic Bavaria. Then the Jesuit pope will visit Oslo and end the schism with the (apostate) Lutherans.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 

Russia Duma approves bill with restrictions on bloggers [from online news

 Thursday, April 24, 2014

ROMAN CATHOLIC Romanov soon on the throne of Jesuits' Kremlin [H. Stiliyanov confirmed]
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reformation in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth