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Time Machine - II


It may have fallen to the attentive reading of some visitors of this blog the fact that the date of discovery of the Piltdown man (hoax) was between 1909 and 1910:

"Relating the incident later in December 1912, *Dawson said that that walk on the road took place "several years ago." This would put it in 1909 or 1910." [source: the Evolution Handbook as above. The text freely available also from the site ].
All converge to a more fine allegory referred to the synodic month which can be fully represented in the 29 years going from 1881 to 1910:

The average duration of the anomalistic month is:

AM = 27.55454988 days[3]
The synodic month has an average duration of:

SM = 29.530588853 days[4]
[ ]

 A pair of final observations. The 400 millions year claimed by  Big-bangology science to be about the age of universe when appeared the first stars has a reflex in the s.c. "beat period" of Moon; and again from the above page of Wikipedia:

".....The full moon cycle is the beat period of these two, and has a duration of:
 FC = \frac{SM \times AM}{SM-AM} = 411.78443 d
[if above image not visible the beat period FC is 411.78443 days]

 Of course Satan hides himself in the details and the detail of that "about" in " a cycle of about 14 lunations ..." gives another almost perfect numeric copy-carbon of itself in the exact (in the imagination of Big-bangology) age of the fantasticated universe (about 13.82 billion years old), which is assumed to be little less than 14 billions year (synodic months):

There are 13.944335 synodic months in a full moon cycle, the 251-month cycle approximates the full moon cycle to 13.944444 synodic months and the 767-month cycle approximates the full moon cycle to 13.9454545 synodic months.

[always from the above quoted page]

    Transforming months of synodic months in billion of years, the difference is about (with the "most accurate" measured age of universe) about 120 millions of years. This is Evolutionist science, the Science of Cush aka the Numberer...


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"...of about 14 lunations" [on the age of the universe]

"...of about 14 lunations" [on the age of the universe]


".......Meni, or Manai, signifies "The Numberer." And it is by the changes of the moon that the months are numbered: Psalm civ. 19, "He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth the time of its going down." The name of the "Man of the Moon," or the god who presided over that luminary among the Saxons, was Mane, as given in the "Edda," and Mani, in the "Voluspa."....."

[from The Two Babylons by Free Church of Scotland minister Alexander Hislop ]

"....The full moon cycle is a cycle of about 14 lunations ..."
[from Wikisource:  ]

"...The best measurement of the age of the universe is 13.798±0.037 billion years

"...NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) project's nine-year data release in 2012 estimated the age of the universe to be 13.772±0.059×109 years 

"... In 2013, the European Space Agency's Planck spacecraft team estimated the age of the universe to be 13.82 billion years,

"...The first reasonably accurate measurement of the rate of expansion of the universe, a numerical value now known as the Hubble constant, was made in 1958 by astronomer Allan Sandage 

"...Sandage and other astronomers repeated these measurements...(...)..and thus increase the resulting age for the universe....(....)....using these new models for stellar evolution, the estimated age of the oldest known star is 14.46±0.8 billion years.

[  ] 

It may interest also...: 


Time Machine - I


Keep in mind the two layers which articulates the Cult of Time-Travel science fiction. Here i quickly expose the first one, the most superficial and apparent one, the tactical layer.

Above image -  blog "The whited sepulchre" in the typical sport of the Evolutionist mocking. The author of the article mocks the Creationists as convinced that the footprint is only an artificial sculpture or a "fraud". Of course he forgot the faked fossils produced by Evolutionist science but an Evolutionist will never recognize it as to be coherent with the professed Evolutionist religion the only thing matters is to WIN the "EVOLUTIVE competition" and to extinguish Creationism aka a "not fitted specie/theory", and all that at any cost. ... In Evolution science what matters is not to participate but to WIN...  Evolution is a matter of particles, atoms and molecules there's no space for moral and ethic among the Schroedinger equation solutions. In fact moral and ethic are only an obstacle against the effort to win the evolution race. ...   As usually people fearing of God (aka the authors of "evangelical kitsch.", see that post) are not so acccustomed to build frauds as the ones who feel emancipated from the burdens of the God's Judgement usually are,  it is not so far from reality that the Evolutionist ethic, in to magnanimously teach the truth to the Creationist "troglodites", is supplying them (and this since long times) with purposely fake articles as a way to demonstrate them that the concept of "false", being God not existing, is absolutely relative (or in order then to put the blame of falsity on the entire theory??)....  Not honest way to proceed? But my darling candid ingenues!! Honesty is only a moral category and what matters is intelligence in the Evolution race for the survival of the Most Fitted Scientific Theory. Pardon, cunningness of Satan, the most modern evolved form of intelligence since Babel's Tower times.  [screen shot from 'libertarian' blog The Withed Sepulchre:  ]

This is the most urgent reason pushing for the fabrication of the "time travel" science fiction. 

From the once site Cassiopaea of Laura Knight Yadczick & husband to – traveling in the past – the notorious 1800's SF romance about the Time Machine which, even to the most ingenuous and candid soul, appears no else than linked with the satanic Evolutionist "War on Creationism" exploded with Darwin in the same century:

...The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895. It is generally credited with the popularisation of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel purposefully and selectively. The term "time machine", coined by Wells, is now universally used to refer to such a vehicle. This work is an early example of the Dying Earth subgenre. [Wikipedia source: ]

It suffices to us only to take in considerations the dates of some events.

14 years before (1881) the exhibit of the Guadelupe woman, a skeleton of a normal woman found in Limestone layers dated by Evolutionist science 28 millions years old (note the finesse of those 28 replied in their exact half, 14 years, but we can imagine that such a number, very near to Moon days phases number is also a reference to Manai aka The Numberer) was "quietly taken down to the basement and hidden there" [from the Evolution Handbook – Evolution Facts Inc.].

The perfect allusion to Cush worshiped in the alleged time-line-manufacturing of such events, appears again at the eyes of an honest researcher when he appreciate the fact that after other 14 years (completing so a cycle of 28 referred to the Moon/Manai/Cush) from the date of the romance "the Time Machine" we have the fabrication of a later admitted hoax, the famous Piltdown man evolutionist fraud: "Relating the incident later in December 1912, *Dawson said that that walk on the road took place "several years ago." This would put it in 1909 or 1910." [source: the Evolution Handbook as above. The text freely available also from the site ].

If we take the first date (even if we can imagine it another fantasy) as the most important, from the symbolic perspective, we get other 14 years, 28 years from 1881...:

Above image – historical seat of Il Piccolo, newspaper of Trieste, founded in 1881. Trieste is one of the best examples in the world as regard urban satanic architectural map and the center of many satanic manipulations on humans to create sufferance and hate through the nationalism clash between Slovane, Italians and Germans as sacrificial tribute to the Evolutionist goddess of competition between species/races/nations. To be remarked the not secondary importance of this city as regard Freudism, (whose role in to pollute Protestant faith in the America of the fifties and sixties will never be sufficiently appreciated), with the presence of an important fellowman of Sigmund Freud, Weiss, in the last years of Austrian government of the city. As clearly reported in the same above creationist quoted sources, Freudism is proven to be a  product of the satanic Evolutionist philosophy.

"....The full moon cycle is a cycle of about 14 lunations ..."

[from Wikisource:  ]

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Morgan Freeman the NUMBERER... [short trailer Italian version]

Morgan Freeman the NUMBERER... [short trailer Italian version]


Above video - "Morgan Freeman the NUMBERER..." - URL: 

Published on Dec 29, 2013
Taken from the Italian version but I think the trailer is the same for every country.
Morgan Freeman chosen to lead the program about the "Origin of Universe" because CUSH was of black skin.
"Scientific" documentary involving math because CUSH was also known as THE NUMBERER.
See the time-travel as RELIGIOUS satanic parody under scientific costume of the pre-Flood/after-Flood age:
"...We in the present (symbol of PRE-Flood age) are wicked and to be destroyed by the coming 'Flood' [= Apocalypse see Revelations st. John the Divine, and judged by the Lord] but from the FUTURE aka from the AFTER-Flood age it comes to rescue us (and to rescue from His judgement upon our wicked evolutionist rebellion against Him) CUSH the NUMBERER, father of NIMROD the DELIVERER".
For further references on the allegory see the powerful work of Alexander Hislop THE TWO BABYLONS [book from Chick publications or various free download pdf] and, of course, over all, the Bible.

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I expected it


What happened to doc Biglino (threat mail + bullet), i expected it since long, since I started to see the truth behind the "Alien created the Bible" religion. I would be not so cynical in to say that a threat to life is the better means to sell what remained in the bookstore which crisis drags away from purchasers. But, for hypothesis, if tomorrow a mail + bullet would arrive to me, you can everything imagine about that, but surely not the fact that I have many books with Macrolibrarsi that must be sold.... And stay sure also, beside those three or four reading my blog, no other would ever know about that. 

Well, what can we expect in this country in the future? It is not far from reality to expect a shooting at a conference on the "truth" which is "behind" the Bible held by doc Biglino. If with only wounded people or also with murdered people it is a secondary detail. What matters is to find an opportune Grynszpan to trigger the "Italian Kristallnacht" against 'bad' Jews (Zionists) and 'bad' Christians (the ones who doesnt recognize the pope as vicarious).  All that has to occur in contemporary with a deepening of the economical crisis...
     An opportune apparently leftist government led by the Jesuit adviced Matteo Renzi (who practices also spiritual exercises...), with providential government decrees hitting the wallets of the middle class, should, for the Hegelian law of the opposite forces, make rise in the society a raging radical far right wing popular rebellion whose unity would be maintained by the motto "Down with Jews who rules the finance!". 

Of course there are some incompatibilities among the subjects of such peasants' war but what matters is that they are "marching together against your enemy". Then no fear, "we'll get rid of the components no more useful for our goals"....  All that would happen in the general explosion of the "Latin" belt, or in other words of the Roman Catholic south Europe in order to make gulp down also to North Europe a larger influx of the Roman Harlot inside their countries. The Jesuit pope then would arise over the chaos to ask the 'peace' and (like his cunning colleague cardinal Ruffo in Neaple) to be "magnanimous" with those Jews ('good' Jews) who recognizes the international sovereignity of popish UN over Jerusalem and with those Christians ('good' Christians therefore quite also Fascists, atheist positivists, Communists, New Age guys, etc.) who recognizes the falsity or the secondary importance of the Bible respect the material power of the church of Rome and therefore recognizing the importance of the head of it, the pope. Who, don't forget it, is the leading world figure in the future diplomatic contact with the Aliens (as stated in a science fiction 'documentary' seen in FOCUS channel). 

Below, an excerpt from Evolution facts site about the probability organic molecules can be assembled by statistic games  from the mud (a "*" before the name means an evolutionist scientist or organization; numbers followed by other smaller character numbers represent exponential, therefore 1028 means ten elevated at twenty eight, an 1 followed by 28 zeros]

"Here are some other big numbers to help you grasp the utter immensity of such gigantic numbers: Ten billion years is 1018 seconds. The earth weighs 1026 ounces. From one side to the other, the universe has a diameter of 1028 inches. There are 1080 elementary particles in the universe (subatomic particles: electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.). Compare those enormously large numbers with the inconceivably larger numbers required for a chance formulation of the right mixture of amino acids, proteins, and all the rest out of totally random chance combined with raw dirt, water, and so forth..." [from page 1: ]
After using the above method to obtain ONE protein molecule, what would it take to produce ONE hemoglobin (blood) molecule which contains 574 specifically coded amino acids? On page 279 of their Introduction to Protein Chemistry, *S.W. Fox and *J.F. Foster tell how to do it:

First, large amounts of random amounts of all 20 basic types of protein molecules would be needed. In order to succeed at this, enough of the random protein molecules would be needed to fill a volume 10512 TIMES the volume of our entire known universe! And all of that space would be packed in solid with protein molecules. In addition, all of them would have to contain only left-handed amino acids (which only could occur 50 percent of the time in synthetic laboratory production)..." [from page 2:]

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013



Do yo remember  my old surrealist collage? Title: ''GO and destroy the Bible!''. From left to right in order: Zecharia Sitchin, David Icke and Mauro Biglino. Hope you dont need of explanations to understand the very fine surrealist message contained in such cryptic photo-collage [kidding]:


I always imagined what happened. Biglino, like Sitchin and Company are great haters of the Bible and of the Jews. How to start the persecution of Jews, Bible-believers etc.? Well, pardon me if the receipt is monotone, but with a Reichstag fire or killing, by an exhibited Jewish hand, an "ambassador" of the "truth". No doubts that Evolutionist Science which is Satan's science is disposed to use every dirty means to destroy the Bible and the ones who believe in God's Word.

Above image - "Spiritual Bullets" surrealist composition of mines. If you want to see the original pic of the threat mail (below i translated the text) received by doc Mauro Biglino "cause his work to expose the truth of the Aliens behind the Bible", go to the site of Massimo Mazzucco who promptly published it in "Minacce a Mauro Biglino" etc.:

"Egregious doc Biglino

"we are tired of your ideas, of the attempt to plagiarize the people with your theories at the limit of the madness, we are exorting you to suspend any conference starting with the one of thursday 12/13/2013 in Milan which MUST NOT BE HELD AT ANY COST.

"If the case you would continue and we would verify the conference occurred in the above date, we will provide to eliminate your person considered, not only by our group, but by many people, scum of a cultura society founded on the fraud, on the deception and control of weak minds.

"After this letter, in the case you would still have the inspiration to do such conferences, prepare yourself to live under guard both You and every single member of the family. A guard which, unfortunately, will be not forever."

The only thing I dont subscribe, except of course the deadly threat to him and the family and against his freedom of expression, but with which now Biglino is become an “hero” of the Bible-haters, is that expression “by many people” which I can easily refute. 
    “By many people”???? Really???, ah, just imagine you, even at Christmas' eve I heavily disputed with the man of my sis to whom I gave a book on Creationism ("How Life Began" by Thomas Heinze). He at the beginning was enthusiast but then after having read it, he became skeptical. You'll never guess why, or maybe yes? But because in the book “...they talk about the Bible which I belive a total fraud!” and because “...I hate the Jews!!”.

No, no one in the family supported me in defense of Young earth age and Divine creation of life in a single instant, etc. (at least the rest of my family fortunately is not moved by anti Jewish sentiments like that guy). So that “by many people” is a TOTAL falsity, the today society is a an anti-semite pot of hate against the Bible and against Jesus the Savior and the ones not conformed must hide themselves. And that pot needs to explode, maybe a providential bullet is one among the detonators. What happened to Biglino make me to think how the bullet + mail scheme offers many points to see it linked with the popish and anti-Jewish movement “Pitchforks” just boiling in the Italian streets in the same days...

..And now it is easy to argue that I am surely under the control of Carabineers and other police forces,  as I exposed doc Biglino's theories [see an example in References] evidently sharing part of the critic of the letter of “threat”, therefore i am among the "instigators" of the "threats" against the "ambassadors" of "truth" in a society oppressed by "Jewish banksters".  
      And this is a great success for you, Evolutionists and haters of Jews, Christians and Bible-believers.

But there's more. Mauro Biglino always  boasted to be "friend of Jewish scholars" etc. Smell nothing? Just for coincidence recently the Jesuit pope exhibited the ethernal Romish Bad Jew - Good Jew  policy of intrigue inside Jewry (more secular term: divide et impera/divide et rule). Not very far from reality to argue that a bullet sent to the "greatest authority on the Bible in the world" (Biglino, sic), show ideally impressed on itself the Israelian flag and therefore it is not far from the truth (i ask pardon to her would-be "ambassadors") to imagine it as coming from the Vatican spiritual ammunition depot for the conquest of Jerusalem:

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Replacement pope


 Biglino's Crusade Against the Bible:

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From Origene to Biglino


".....Mauro Biglino translated for the Edizioni San Paolo nineteen books of the Bible. Twelve published in the book "The Minor Prophets", five in the book "Five Meghillot."

In relation to his work as an official translator of the Bible, Mauro Biglino was interviewed by the Italian National Television and on many national radio stations, also holds conferences and seminars throughout Italy.

The Bible Hebraica Stuttgartensia is the first printed edition of the Masoretic text, the Leningrad Code deducted from the year 1008 AD which is the original text of the Bible reference of the Roman Catholic Church,
for the Bible of the Protestant Christian Churches  (the King James Version), and the Torah of the Jewish religion.....
Publications after the release of the Edizioni Paoline
He has published four books in Italy with the publisher Uno Editori, two of which are dedicated to research and the work of re-translation of the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament, set with the Hebrew text and the literal translation of the Bible Hebraica Stuttgartensia, reported word by word with a simple, understandable for every type of player.

The two publications of Mauro Biglino dedicated to the Old Testament are "The Book that will forever change our ideas about the Bible" and "The Alien God of the Bible" (Uno Editori), preceded by the books, "the Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry" and "Resurrection reincarnation". Before turning to writing, the author has worked ten years for the publishing house Edizioni San Paolo, as a translator of ancient Hebrew Masoretic text of the original Bible.

".....The collection Interlinear Hebrew Bible, San Paolo [ Edizioni - publishing house], is published since 2001. Till now  have been published the first 21 books. Edited by Piergiorgio Beretta, contains the Hebrew text of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, with interlinear translation of Christian Duties OCD and Mauro Biglino (the 12 Minor Prophets and Meghillot 5), the greek text of the Septuagint ["of the Seventies" in the original text], ed. Alfred Rahlfs, the Latin text of the Clementine Vulgate, the Italian version of the newest version. Notes and tools that are particularly rich backdrop to an interlinear translation that has caused 'confusion' in scholars such as Monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi...".
From: Traduzioni della Bibbia in italiano/Translations of the Bible into Italian


 "...First of all, thank you to dedicate a bit 'of your time. To start I think it is interesting to explain who he is and how Biglino Mauro has approached these issues.

Thank you for your interest. In summary I say that for many years I worked in the publishing world for thirty years and I am interested in the history of religions, I studied Hebrew to get closer to the original text of the most important religion of the West and then I started translating for Edizioni San Paolo who have published seventeen books of the Old Testament translated by me literally for the necklace of the Hebrew Bible Interlinear. The relationship was interrupted when I began to publish essays in which I analyzed the literal translations.
...... Seem to understand that the Vatican has not taken well this  your "turning point". Besides halting the professional relationships with you showed other signs of impatience?

In concrete terms were Edizioni San Paolo that I have given more assignments, disrupting the relationship, because obviously they can not agree or
also indirectly endorse what I write. If they had continued with the tasks someone would have thought that in some way they could support what I say.

Typically those who have most strongly opposed to your searches and what claims?

Undoubtedly, the Catholic fundamentalism which claims the custody of the indisputable truth revealed.



"...The history of the Edizioni San Paolo is closely linked to that of the Society of St. Paul, the religious congregation founded August 20, 1914 in Alba (CN) by Giacomo Alberione. The idea of ​​Father Alberione was to create a "Catholic organization of writers, technicians and librarians" composed of consecrated persons, members of a religious congregation ad hoc.
 Edizioni San Paolo are managed by the male branch of the Society of St. Paul and should not be confused with the Paulist that belong instead to the women's branch of the congregation. Even the libraries, specialized in religious publishing, we distinguish between St. Paul Libraries, managed by the fathers Pauline, Pauline and Libraries managed by nuns....."


"........The Società San Paolo (Latin Societas a Sancto Paulo Apostolo) is a male religious institute of pontifical right: the members of this clerical congregation, commonly called Paolini, postpone their name to the acronym SSP [1]
 The origins date back to the foundation of the institute in 1914 at Alba [city of Piedmont - remember the Vaudoises and their by-Rome cursed Old Latin Vulgate] of a printing school by the work of blessed Giacomo Alberione; around it it arose a congregation of priests dedicated to preaching through the press and other means of social communication, which received diocesan approval in 1927 and the final one by Pope Pius XII in 1949..........."


In 1949 Pious XII consecrated the "Virgo Fidelis" - or: Lady of War - to Carabineers' army. Remember that the army was founded in 1814 in Piedmont by staunchly anti-Protestant, anti-Jewish Savoy king - see link in References].



"......"[Evolution] had little political effect until rapid urbanization in the 1920s in Europe and North America radically changed social structures and caused anxiety about moral standards among conservative Christians. In Europe, people found political or ethnic targets for these anxieties. But in the US, conservative Christians blamed belief in "godless evolution"........" [from:]

     The concepts in bold underlined are perfectly clear and intellegible from the Biblical and Creationist perspective if we light them with the following excerpt taken from The Two Babylons of A. Hislop:

"...The exploits of Nimrod, therefore, in hunting down the wild beasts of the field, and ridding the world of monsters, must have gained for him the character of a pre-eminent benefactor of his race. By this means, not less than by the bands he trained, was his power acquired, when he first began to be mighty upon the earth; and in the same way, no doubt, was that power consolidated. Then, over and above, as the first great city-builder after the flood, by gathering men together in masses, and surrounding them with walls, he did still more to enable them to pass their days in security, free from the alarms to which they had been exposed in their scattered life, when no one could tell but that at any moment he might be called to engage in deadly conflict with prowling wild beasts, in defence of his own life and of those who were dear to him. Within the battlements of a fortified city no such danger from savage animals was to be dreaded; and for the security afforded in this way, men no doubt looked upon themselves as greatly indebted to Nimrod. No wonder, therefore, that the name of the "mighty hunter," who was at the same time the prototype of "the god of fortifications," should have become a name of renown. Had Nimrod gained renown only thus, it had been well. But not content with delivering men from the fear of wild beasts, he set to work also to emancipate them from that fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom, and in which alone true happiness can be found....".

If you read the "Conservative Christians" as those men fearing God in the immediate after-Flood age, where records of Biblical events was still freshly transmitted from generation to generation, you not only understand how the "wild beasts" yesterday, the economical crisis hitting farm economy today, were and are used to push God-fearing people ("Conservative Christians") inside the Walls of the Cities where they praise the temporal 'deliverers' for having emancipated them from hunger and from the fear of God, but, underlining that word "conservative", also how much Darwinism and Evolutionism generally intended is simply a religious concept born after the fall of the Babel's tower.

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An Overview of the Flood


"....The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: 
but fools despise wisdom and instruction........" 
[Proverbs 1:7, KJV]

   I was reflecting on the counter of visits, if they are reliable or maybe (hypothesis) they can be used by an hacker to psychologically tune the author of a blog etc.:

Above image - dec 19, 2013

Above image - dec 21, 2013

And now an interesting overview linking the Flood with asteroids:

"....Interestingly enough secular science acknowledges these craters, but of course places the impacts within a 600 million year time period. Over those great lengths, 71 impacts are minuscule. However, 71 mega impacts...
  global flood crater-history-chart
...striking the earth within a single year’s time would be astoundingly significant. Physical evidence supports that asteroids surely contributed greatly to the horrific and violent geologic events that took place during God’s year of judgment of the earth...."

[ From  ]

*   *   *

Above image - Deep Impact movie (theatrical release poster) - URL:

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Black Hole


Above image - prof. Michio Kaku. In a world of general unemployment, hunger, poverty it is important to drag away from the people's awareness the Word of God in order to transform the poor classes in the desired Darwinian Evolution landscape of competition, ferocity, aggressiveness and cynicism of pitiless "descendents of the ape-men" (or "ape-aliens" of Nibiru). Evolutionist Religion will do the job. To aid Economical crisis as the Satan's tool to transform people in Satanic beings. Without the Bible, this is an easy task for the Prince of the World and his spiritual 'scientific' vassals. [ULR pic: ].

Michio Kaku /ˈmi ˈkɑːk/ (加来 道雄 Kaku Michio?, born January 24, 1947) is an American theoretical physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City College of New York, a futurist, and a communicator and popularizer of science. He has written several books about physics and related topics, has made frequent appearances on radio, television, and film, and writes extensive online blogs and articles. He has written two New York Times Best Sellers: Physics of the Impossible (2008) and Physics of the Future (2011).
Kaku has hosted several TV specials for the BBC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and the Science Channel.
........" [   ]

"Ruler of universe", "masters of universe", "to them we owe our lives"... of whom is talking about the usual 'scientific' format with guest star the prof Kaku? But about the Black Holes. Does it recall something? But it recall the praising terms with which the Rebel against God, Nimrod, and his many mythological faces, was described, assuming the qualities of the Serpent of the Paradise on himself: Supreme Benefactor of Humanity.

This is the Black Hole for Evolutionist Science Religion: Benefactor of Universe and of humanity - period.

Therefore "every galaxy", like the every Chaldean Babylonian city, "must have a Black Hole, ruling her life at her center" more or less those cities had their copy of Nimrod covering with benefits their happy lucky inhabitants....

Let's see the usual visual description of a Black Hole:

Above image -  the "Black Hole" - URL:

Revelation 9:2-12 (King James Version)

2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit....

If you will, search for yourself the rest of the story.... just use the key words "revelation kjv bottomless pit".

Well, the 'Black Pit' of Revelation is famous for erupting the Beast. Suddenly, in order to not  appear inferior, also the Black Holes of such 'scientific' serials are erupting something... New Universes...

Ok, the hypothesis of universes born from Black Holes i dont remember how many decades ago i heard about for the first time when there were not yet all the technologies of the virtual reality with which today scientists can build fake Alien invasions, fake Dinosaurs,..... 

      Build??? but in that Evolutionist serial they told that scientists (evolutionist of course) are building an image of the Black Hole at the center of the Galaxy and it will take years before its completion... 

Now, it could interest the  listless and bored reader that the label "Hidden One" - for his friends: Saturn - (a label which is the most perfect to nickname a Black Hole completely wrapped and hidden by millions Celsius degrees plasma, - so our evolutionist scientists are telling us), was given, in the pagan/heathen intent to reverse the Biblical  allocation of Evil and Good, to the Head of the crew which pierced the Horizon of the Deluge, escaping the Old World to land in the New World....a certain Noah, "hidden" in an Ark....
Just check chapter "Baptismal Regeneration" in "The Two Babylon" of Alexander Hislop.

The Beast arising from the bottomless pit is re-elaborated by Evolutionist Science as a New Universe going to born from a Black Hole, and the New Universe arising from Black Hole is no else than the Tyrannosaur-like extreme wickedness of the before-Deluge Old World landing in the New World to continue the work of Satan. Black Hole - a Black Ark.

Weird weird weird beings are these evolutionist scientists. They work perfectly together in that experiment with tens of coordinated telescopes shooting a Black Hole ("cheeeeeers!"), with the typical hived mind of LEGION (as a reader of mines noticed it to me in his comment - thanks).

Ops, sorry, i forgot. "Hidden One" aka Saturn aka Lateinos aka the Beast is the pope (see Alexander Hislop), the head of that church in Rome which, in the 'documentaries' praising the Cult of the Alien, is presented, among an interview and the other with a priest about "Alien skeletons [hidden?] under  the Vatican" , as the one pursuing the world leading role in to contact other "Alien extraterrestrial civilizations", of course other "creatures of God" (who - you can stay sure about that! - traveled by us using Black Holes/Arks space-time gates)......
    Or other pagan/heathen reversal of terminology to describe the fallen angels and LEGION???

[below two images: "Carnotaurus inside Black Hole", a personal surrealism]