Friday, October 11, 2013


Yeah, "nor buy nor sell". After the eBay stubborn refusal to admit me as seller, hear pls this other one.

Yesterday a person of my job environment, with symptom of flu, interacted with me for a reason which could have been plausibly constructed. I was worried beacuse the season of vaccine against flu is not yeat began. It starts in middle of Oct.

Today i feel strange. Is coming flu also to me? But why should i care about?

For only a little particular. I have just spent 964 Euro for a ticket to Philippines. And my Etihad Airlines flight  (to which it will follow a domestic Philippines Airlines flight ) takes off from Milan (Malpensa airport) Sunday 20 (twenty) October. This year. At local hour 11:55.

I dont go in Philippines for simply holyday "fun, eat & drink". I go there for my life, to arrange a future marriage and just in the day of my 50th birthday. In this travel I have spent nearly all my savings (i'm poor), and i dont know if the airlines company, in case i am constrained to remain here and to not embark on the flight, will be so happy to re-fund me the ticket.

Yes, at least i can have some places where to try to apply for a refunding of the lost money for a travel cancelled cause a probable flu. The San Giusto hill and via (street) del Ronco 12.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

nor buy nor sell.....


"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."  [Revelation:13:17 from King James Bible]

I worrying if what happens to me is not linked with Revelation 13 17. Listen: i have to afford a marriage and have to sell some of my things at home in order to not suffer the costs. Well, i cannot sell. First, i tried at a local magazine of advertisements, Il Mercatino, where you can publish even gratis your announce with which you sell something. I didn't see my offer published on the site as "i had to pay". But then my online cart, where the bill should have been found, was always empty. No possibility to contact anyone from the web. I had to go personally to the seat of the magazine to be informed in a confused way that i could use another possibility to see published gratis my ad. I used it, and i'm curious if the 11 October, when the magazine is issued, my ad will appear in it.
Second, eBay. Since middle of September I, with unsuccess, am trying to open an account as "seller" on that site. Theoretically I could. But I am constrained to stop me. At the moment when you have to accept the "Contract for Billing" of eBay, which is accessible only on the Paypal pages, the only page they link you with is the classical "404 – page not found". It is since middle of September I'm trying to access the Contract of Billing of eBay. I wrote many times to them receiving always evasive answers. Last week a person qualified as technician of eBay even telephoned me to make sure they "were working to understand what's wrong"!

WHAT'S WRONG???? Even from the IP of my parents i cannot access to that page, not only from mine. But they "still have to understand what's going wrong with their server". ORGANIZATIONS LIKE EBAY AND PAYPAL!

Revelation 13:17 was right: without the mark of the Beast on your forhead or your hand you cannot buy nor sell....

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Illuminati Origins Jack Chick Tracts, Kiss The Protestants Goodbye!" [video]


i m a sinner and not saved (may God have mercy on my soul), but this is not a good reason to NOT help the diffusion of the video [at the bottom page].

A little consideration about Italian themes. In the Val di Susa (Susa Valley) there's the European wide famous opposition and movement against the building of high speed train line to be built there, a project called "TAV".

Since years the chronicles are plenty of the facts related to the demonstrations against the building of TAV by the local inhabitants. Very often the protests are violent with attacks to the structures of the yards for TAV. Recently the government moved there even the army to protect the building of the TAV. And some days ago a journalist who wrote in support of the building of TAV receied a bomb via mail.

Why? But the true attack is to the valley, one of the originary Vaoudoises valley who in the 2nd century brought the Bible, the true Bible of Antiochia, in Europe. The same Bible at the basis of the Reformation and KJV Bible of 1611. The Old Latin Bible.

But are they attacked (i mean the inhabitants) with the building of TAV? 

NO, error, if you think so! they are attacked with the demonstrations they the same are doing to protect their valley from the devastation created by the high speed train line TAV. Because the protests are the golden opportunity to destroy the last remain and memory of the Bible among the descendents of the Vaudoises.

In fact many anti-Christian and anti-Biblical ideologies now are imposing themselves OVER the historical and religious conscience of the descendents of Vaudoises destroying any little remains of Christianity, and this is done with the alibi of the "resistance against the TAV": anarchism, radical leftism, marxism, revolutionarism, and even the terrorits Red Brigades are completing the Satanic job wich started with the Ancient Roman empire and went along the Middle Age with the Roman Catholic ferocious persecution of the Bible Believers in the Alps. 

The satanic plan consists in to transform the inhabitants of the valley in followers of one of the above ideologies and therefore to transform they the same in the best gravediggers of their the same Christian history.

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