Saturday, August 31, 2013

31 August 2013 - i


I open this public blog as my activity on my obscured blog continue to be disturbed and boycotted. 

I don't want to re-open my blogs. And I don't want to destroy them. Simply they remain obscured. I've got from 150 to 300 readings every day on the only ABE blog but even when I sent some mails to Douglas Willinger I had no response (so it is useless he writes to me - I'll not answer to him) and all seemed to me parasytic reading. Parasytic no more or less than the general 'humanity' I encounter in Italy and Slovenia everyday. 

I could die no one would care so my dear readers, make for yourself your "avlesbeluskes" blogs if you want to read them.

And may be done the Will of the Lord.  


Above image - a sticker I found on my car after picking it up after a trip at Opatija (I left it parked in front of the pub "Dimnice" - 29/30 July 2013).

References: avlesbelukesexposed blog. (ABE blog)

Yesterday: published post about Dwight Yoakam (ABE) against gun control laws in America: the work on blogger was not disturbed.

Today, 31 Agust 2013, the work on blogger seriously disturbed (ABE). I tried to post something but the edit page was impossible to call. All that is happening even if I obscured my blogs and they are no more accessible to anyone except me. In working on the post the editing activity enormously slowed down.